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MDMCS 2019 R2 & GAMES 5 Race Report.

MDMCS 2019 R2 & GAMES 5 Race Report.

Gentle ripples, glorious sunshine and a hearty welcome greeted the Marblehead skippers for this round of the Midland District M series, although only a low key series, more aimed at participation than the glory of winning, the addition of GAMES 5 to this event and the upcoming ranking added a couple of names to the entry list.

It has to be said that messing about on the water with an early summer sunshine in the UK has to be one of the most pleasant ways to start a Sunday, the sun on your back and the gentle sounds of the local wildlife going about their business are fantastic, the nearby church bells playing give their call and the occasional leather clad biker rushing down the road adding to the feeling that all is well with the world; however, if you are the race officer or competitors for a sailing event you want this to muted by the sound of sails flapping and water lapping on the shore but with the forecast 2 to 3mph (you can usually halve the forecast wind at Manor Park) kicking in from all directions the morning was going to be more suited to chat and discussion than serious racing, but slightly delayed the RO Eric Finley working with the members of MPRSC set a course with a reach, run and beat and set things going at about 10.25am.

Unfortunately for competitors and Eric, the run was mainly on the beating leg, the beat was on the run and most legs had a reach or two between the lulls… Can you have a lull in a 2mph breeze?

Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the setting, or maybe it was the coffee, but no one seemed to mind, the racing was competitively undertaken with everyone accepting that the races themselves would be a little hit and miss. Although general in the right direction the switches from East to West with the occasional bit of North that continued throughout the day gave big gains and losses to all skippers at various stages of the racing. As is always the case the levels of concentration shown by the top skippers can be seen in the results, with what seemed magical powers they managed to claim a decent finish out of adversity, and just eeked out the extra speed required to cross the line ahead of others. Watched by more people than normal, both radio sailors and visitors to the MPSC Push the Boat out weekend it was great to see so many at the club and the boats and skippers demonstrated the sport superbly, even if it did appear in slow motion at times!

You will notice that we haven’t mentioned any names or designs so far, that’s because the day was about so much more than the names and boats, it was as much about the fun and banter had by the competitors and the (slow) action on show for the visitors, something MPRSC are grateful to the skippers for.

So now is the time to mention the skippers, Chris, Darin and a revitalised Rob Vice were normally near the front, with Phil Holliday and Steve Haywood not far behind, John (black flag) Smith showed his usual occasional flashes of brilliance and Tracey, Andy Soars and Grenville Thornhill enjoyed their days sailing. Colin Walton however appeared to be suffering from jet lag and the effects of a week’s pampering in the Italian lakes and probably will not want to remember the days sailing, but was chuffed seeing the visitors and club being used, this along with his news that the club has been awarded a grant from Sport England to complete our new jetty will have made up for the lack of sailing success.

Thanks to all the race team, competitors and members of MPRSC for a grand day out.

See Rob, I didn’t mention your boat once in the report.

The full results can be seen here: MDMCS 2019 R2 & Games 5

Now we have completed the 2nd round of the MD M Champion Skipper Series you can see the see the series standings here: MDMCS 2019 R2 Skippers Results with discards.

With no weed and great facilities and a beautiful place to spend some time, Manor Park RSC is a great place to be during any summer, why not try it out at the next MD M series race which is scheduled for 30th June and it is also round 8 of the GAMES series 2019, see you there.

Darin Ballington.

Pictures by Eric Finley.

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IOMMDCS&C 2019 R1 Manor Park RSC Race Report.

IOMMDCS&C 2019 R1 Manor Park RSC Race Report.

Sixteen MD skippers gathered together at Manor Park RSC yesterday for the first round of this years Midland District Champion Skipper and Club series. On arrival we noticed that the host club had been doing more work around the control area by clearing some more space at the top of the hill, painting the railings and smoothing the grass surface, and the slipway is continuing to be developed.

I wandered into the club house to find Nancy had put the kettle on and was making tea for everyone whilst the skippers were being booked in.

The wind initially was a gentle Easterly and it was warm enough to get away with a light weight jacket, this was not to last though as by the time the briefing was called the wind had picked up and it started to have teeth, not enough to think about changing down from the ‘A’ rig yet though.

Graham Whalley the PRO called the skippers together at 9:55am to explain the club rule of all people going onto the slipway or stairs down to the platform must wear a lifejacket, most skippers had bought their own but there was a couple of spares available. Graham explained that he had two new club members on the finish line, and he would be the main observer, after that he explained the course and as it was an Easterly the course was parallel to the control bank, sailing right to left.

Race 1, the whole sixteen boat fleet got away on starboard with Chris H (21) pulling away from the middle of the line to reach the windward mark first which was taken to port and then onto a spreader mark before the run down to a gate. By the gate Chris H had extended his lead and the rest were being lead by Steve H (57) and Laurie B (69), all boats decided to take the port end of the gate and work their way up nearest the bank, by the finish line the whole fleet were spread the length of the course. The top 5 at this stage were 21, 57, 17, 69 &14.

Race 2, a good strong top suit wind was now evenly across the course and again all boats away on starboard, leading the pack this time was Don C (77) and Steve H both pushing hard for the bank on starboard before taking away onto port and up the centre of the course to the first mark. By the spreader Steve H was leading from Chris H, who had slotted in between Steve and Don. By the windward mark for the second time Chris H was leading from Steve H and so he went on to score his second race win.

Race 3, The wind went slightly more to the ESE with another clean start for the fleet, Don C and John S (43) leading to the first mark. Steve H then came off the water having had an issue with the jib slot having disappeared, so he scored a DNF. On investigation it appeared that the jib sheet had somehow managed to wrap itself around a fitting thus reducing the travel available. He quickly fixed it and would be ready for the next start. Meanwhile back on the course Don C continued to lead from John S, Dave A (11) and Chris H. Don C then went on to take his first win.

Race 4, Garry B (1) had to withdraw from the start as he was having an issue with his rudder, and so he spent the time making a repair. 21, 57 & 43 were the first to the windward mark and the pack were being headed by Colin W (3) and Don C. These numbers were to feature a lot during the day.

Graham W then called a break and most of the skippers gathered back to the club house for a brew, meanwhile Chris H, then set about retrimming both Nancy’s and Roy’s boats, both had been struggling at the back of the fleet with the wind being at the top of the rig range.

Tom Cairney and Joyce arrived to see what was going on, Tom had raced with Market Bosworth RYC many years ago and has recently returned to the fold, so it was good to see you both.

I checked and it was showing that the wind speed had picked up further and it was cold with it. For those who do not know of this website it is linked from the MD website and you can put in the location of your nearest town then zoom in on the map to find your lake, once the lake is on screen click on “Wind” in the tabs along the bottom of the screen and it will overlay the wind direction onto the map. It will also show the readings from the nearest weather stations. Take a look at the link here for what I used for Manor Park RSC.,-1.834,15

Race 6, started at 11:45 and David A (11) got off the pin end to a great start, the boats that had started nearest the bank then tacked over to port, and by the time they had reached the windward mark for the first time both sides of the course had merged together. Leading the second beat was Jen H (169) followed by John S, most of the leaders then broached on the final run, and by the finish it was John S that managed to get his nose in front for his first win.

Race 7, and the wind was almost at the limit of the ‘A’ rig and the boats were washing the deck and bottom of the rigs regularly.  By race 8 it was feeling a lot colder, and Graham W had decided to use a different start line. Steve H was leading at the windward mark closely followed by Chris H, both clear of the pack. Jen H (169) and Laurie B (69) collided just after the start line and the boats could not be separated, luckily both got blown towards the slipway and so were able to be collected without the need of the rescue boat. Jen then told Graham W that it was her error and so she would retire, and Laurie applied for and got given redress which at that time was 6.1 points. Graham W called lunch after the end of this race.

After lunch we were all called back to the water for 13:00 and Graham W decided to return to the original start line, I again checked and it was now showing a 12Knt Easterly with gusts of 18 Knots.

Race 9, saw 21, 69, 57 & 43 very closely matched with Chris H taking his third win in a row, followed this time by Laurie B getting his best result so far of second.

Race 10, Rob R (17) was called over at the gun and this was the first of the day, he should be commended as he then slowly headed up to wind and let his sails flap until the boats closest could get past allowing him to return to the start line. 21 & 57 then lead the way again with 43 leading the rest. On the second beat Steve H decided he would split tacks with Chris H so he went out to the right on port tack from the gate and into a good strong breeze, it was looking good until Chris H got a slight lift on port at the mark and was able to shade him out. John S had played the centre of the course and was right up behind them both on the run. By the line it was 21 making this four in a row, and 43 just beating 57 at the line. Jen had pulled out mid race, she was having an issue with a winch that appeared to sheet in on its own. She mentioned that she had a similar issue before and had already changed the receiver.

Race 11, Jen H, Don C, & John S came towards the bank after the start and tacked over to take a long port tack towards the windward mark to head the fleet. The run was close all the way down to the gate. Steve H then got a good port lift and played the centre of the lake to get amongst the leaders. By the line it was 43, 57 & 169, giving Jen her best result so far. Where were the contenders? Both Chris H and Laurie B were back deep in the pack after getting boxed in at the start and not able to break clear to make any impression on the leaders, in fact it was to be a discard for both.

Race 12, and normal service was resumed 21, carried on where he left off with another race win.

Before race 13, Martin T (691) retired for the rest of the event with an electrical failure, he did say he had enjoyed his day and so would stay until the end to assist if required. Just a note what are the chances of having a 16-boat race and having jib numbers 69, 169 & 691 all from Midland clubs and sailing together in the same fleet.

David A made another good start to lead the pack up the first beat closely followed by the other contenders. A contact occurred at the leeward buoy and this allowed the pack to close in. The middle of the fleet was tight and the one chasing hardest was Jen H who finished second. By the end of race 13 we had a tie for second place between 43 & 57 both on 30 points and another tie for 6th between 169 & 3 both on 76 points. The top seven places were filled by Britpop’s that appeared to be handling the conditions best.

Race 14, and when the results came in it was Steve H who had won his first race thus breaking the second placed tie, but 43 was second so it was only one point in it. After the scores were input to the HMS 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th were only separated by a single point each.

Graham W called a tea break, so he could set out in the rescue boat to retrieve Nancy’s boat which had decided to head off towards the far side of the lake.

Race 15, and the wind had dropped but it was no warmer and the usual contenders were again at the front of things.

Race 16, and we were at three discards, and this could have a real influence on the final places. Unfortunately, the finish line crew miscounted the laps and so when the boat crossed the line, they did not blow the whistle or call out the finishes. The only decision then was to re-run the race.

Graham W then told the skippers that the next start would be the last one of the day as it was 15:45, and Steve Hodgkinson (14) got his best start and reached the windward mark in third, which he managed to maintain on the run. The wind was now the lightest it had been all day and the top skippers managed to work themselves to the head of the fleet.

The skippers were called together, and the results were declared, the top skipper having achieved 13 first places from his 14 counting races was Chris Harris (21), the other counting score was a second. The earlier second place tie break was split in favour of Steve H (57) who had beaten John S (43) in the last couple of races making the gap five points after race 17. This obviously left John S (43) in third. Laurie Brown (69) finished fourth. Prizes were presented by Graham Whalley.

Colin Walton then stepped up and mentioned that he had a bottle for the lowest place finishers, these went to Nancy & Roy Johnson, which was very appropriate in so much as Nancy had arranged to bring all the tea, coffee and milk that we had helped ourselves to all day, and Roy for clearing the bankside before we arrived. Thanks for all your help in making the event.

For a full set of results click here: IOMMDCS&C 2019 R1 Manor Park RSC R17 final results

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2019 RG65 Travellers Series 2 Bournville RS&MBC Race Report.

2019 RG65 Travellers Series 2 Bournville RS&MBC Race Report.

The RG65 circus came to Bournville and what a cracking do! 18 skippers from the length and breadth of the country, Keigthly, Birkenhead to Portsmouth and most places in between.

To say Bournville was surprised and delighted was an understatement, there is a burgeoning fleet of RG’s growing there and after seeing how these cracking little boats perform it will grow again. So, a win win for all. The wind was a nice top suit breeze from the far end of the lake allowed RO Peter Moore to set a course that used the lake fully in a two-lap figure of eight configuration.

There was a good spread of the current designs, Scurry’s, Sledges, Syth’s and the odd Pocket Rocket a mix of carbon and glass hulls, most had swing rigs. Using the long race format Peter got in 12 races during the day with not too much time out. John Tushingham lead the way to come out the winner on the day, Clive Cockayne was second, Mark Dicks third and Liz Tushingham fourth.

For a full set of results click here: RG65 Travellers Series 2- Bournville Results

The racing, as always, was tight throughout the fleet and it was excellent sailing across the board. It can all be wrapped up with that very apt but totally applicable “A jolly good time was had by all” and Bournville is looking forward to the circus coming back again next year.

Thanks to Bill Green for the race report and Peter Moore for the pictures.

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R36 District Championship Bournville RS&MBC 07.04.19. Race Report.

R36 District Championship Bournville RS&MBC 07.04.19. Race report.

Nine of the Midland District R36 skippers turned up at Bournville RS&MBC lake to be met by a warming kettle and a promise of a brew at booking in. The wind direction was a North Easterly, so it was blowing across the park, wind strength was about 5mph.

A few skippers had had the opportunity to have a quick practice and during the skipper’s briefing conducted by the PRO Phil Watkins, Peter Moore decided that he would change the rig to a slightly smaller one.

Racing got away on time with all nine boats on the water sailing an interesting course. The start line was between a pole on the bank and a buoy about three quarters of the way across the widest part of the Bournville lake, from there the boats sailed up to the narrow end where they rounded the first mark to starboard, a short spreader again to starboard and then a diagonal run down to the port end of the start line. From there to another spreader mark and then two laps, followed by a short beat back to the finish line. This worked well and made the maximum use of the lake.

Race 1 and Peter Moore (24) quickly emerged from the pack to lead the first beat closely followed by John Burgoine (35) both sailing their Sybora’s. At this stage both boats looked quick and they were followed home by John Humphries (53) sailing his Raptor.

Race 2 and Stephen Hodgkinson (14) got the drop on the fleet to windward and notched up his first race win. He was followed by the two protagonists (24 & 35).

I missed the third race as I had to assist with the race management, setting up the HMS computer scoring, and loading the first two race finishes. When the race results came in it was Peter Moore once again at the top of the sheet. We then had a short tea break.

Phil Watkins then called the skippers back to the water to be met with a lighter breeze. Phil called John B (35) over at the start and he then quickly set about clawing back Peter’s lead making it back up to third by the end of the race. This allowed Mike Ewart (33) to get second. Peter Hopkins (69) was leading the pack but they were not making much impression on the leaders.

The wind picked up again so the racing continued at a steady pace for the rest of the event.

By race 6 Mike Ewart had to replace a deck patch as one had lifted and the boat was taking on a lot of water, there was quite a lot of running around whilst he grabbed a new patch and some Sellotape to seal the edges. You cannot get a good seal on a wet patch, so a bit of belt and braces was required. He then managed to finish fourth in the race, so it was worth the effort.

From race 5 to 9 Peter M bettered John B in every race, taking first and second on each occasion. John Burgoine did finally get the better of Peter M in the final race of the day taking his first race win of the event.

Phil Watkins then called an end to the racing and we all collected in the club house for the prize presentation. Looking at the results, with a score of 8 points after two discards, both of which were a second and District Champion for 2019 was Peter Moore. Second with twice as many points was John Burgoine and in third was Mike Ewart, the furthest travelled skipper.

For a full set of results click here: MidlandDistrictr36Championship

Thanks to Bournville RS&MBC for hosting the event.

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