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RG & DF 65 Club Sail At Bournville RS&MBC 24.02.19

RG & DF 65 club sail at Bournville RS&MBC 24.02.19

Sunday 24th February saw me with an Invite to Bournville RS&MBC to their club RG & DF65 event. The day started off really foggy and I was a little worried about the motorway journey, having passed through several thick patches I keep reminding myself the forecast was for it to clear into a bright day. I arrived at the lakeside by 9:15am to be met with a layer of fog and no wind to blow it away. By 10:00am 11 skippers had arrived with a variey of RG & DF65 yachts and all were  awaiting the word from John Humphries the PRO for the event.

He had set a basic windward/leeward course across the wide end of Bournville lake and said we would do 1 lap and a beat, most of the skippers were doubtful they would be able to even get a race away. See picture of race 1 in the fog. The majority of the fleet did complete a drift which took almost 25 minutes, good job the course was short.

John convinced the skippers to get back on the water for race 2 which also was a long drawn out affair. After some further thought and seeing the smallest sliver of sun behind the cloud he said the course remains the same and get ready for the race start. This was slightly better in so much as most of the fleet had steerage way, I say most as there was a shout from Vic saying that Bill’s boat was sailing backwards. He had stalled the swingrig and was having issues getting way on again. By the end of race 5 the wind had cleared the fog away and was creating some ripples on the surface, and this allowed Mark Dicks to put in some really good performances getting 3 race wins from the 5 starts, closely followed by John Burgoine with 2 wins.

A tea break was called after race 5 and all gathered in the Bournville RS&MBC for drinks and biscuits, very civilised. Back out to the lakeside and we were all greated by a change in wind direction and strength for the better, which allowed John to extend the course and make it 2 laps plus a beat. There was some close RG 65 racing between Mark and John with Peter’s DF65 keeping them honest.

The wind shifted more to the South East and this allowed John to change the course again so the first beat was to the narrow end of the lake, and subsequantly the course was a lot longer. With the better wind though the race course could remain at 2 laps plus a beat. Local knowledge appeared to pay off for Mark with him getting the better of John in the last 4 races. The RG65 is quite a bit quicker most of the time so the DF65’s were having their own race within a race. See attached score sheet for a full results breakdown. RG & DF 65 Bournville Club Sail

10 races were completed by 13:00 which was the finishing time as the lake was going to be used by the power boat section during the afternoon, but there was sufficient time for a few of the Bournville club members to give over their boats to hopefully some new young skippers of the future to come a have a go at Radio sailing.

Thanks to John & Martin for doing the race committee duties and Rita for keeping the skippers refreshed with tea & coffee during the break.

If you would like to have your club featured, contact the MD webmaster with details of the event and I will see if I can attend, if not you can always put a few words together with some pictures and I will happily publish them for you. If you have just published something onto your club website and would like a wider audience to see it just send me the link and again we can let more of the MD skippers know.

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