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RG65 at Bournville RS&MBC 5th September 2021.

Bournville were hosting a club RG65 event this morning and so I decided to go along, to have chance to catch up with a few skippers and get some pictures. Earlier in the week it had been grey and overcast with very little promise of there being any useful breeze and having arrived at 09:10 I was pleasantly surprised to find a gentle easterly on the lake, things were looking up.

There was a selection of designs present with quite a lot of swing rigs in evidence, interspersed with a couple of conventional rigged boats there was also a DF65. Josh Beardshaw was the PRO for the race, and he got the group away at just after 10:00, with a square course appropriate in size for the conditions. It was quickly evident that the top boats to beat belonged to Peter Moore, John Burgoine and Mark Dicks, they all appeared to be able to lock onto a better wind angle on the beat that the others were not able to access, this led them to be at the front of the group each time.

As I mentioned earlier, I was taking some pictures when I noticed that Bill Green’s boat needed a retrim, so I helped or hindered and that was to be decided in the next race. So, with four races complete the skippers gathered in the club house for coffee and a chin wag. It is amazing what gets done along side the lake at a club meeting, more of that later.

It was at this point that Bill thrust the transmitter into my hands and said have a go mate, a quick trim again and straight into race five. I did not get the best of starts but was at the starboard pin end and once through the light patch I was able to get into the front group, first conventional rig home.

I was looking for Bill to give him the transmitter back, but he was in the club house, so I carried on racing, until we had completed the allotted eight races at around 12:45, a perfect morning racing in the bright sun and a gentle breeze.

So, thanks to Bill and the Bournville RS&MBC for making me welcome and allowing me to join into their club race.

Back to the lakeside chat, we as the Midland District are already planning for the 2021/22 winter racing with the hope that we can at least get something completed and hopefully we do not go back into a Covid lockdown. With that in mind this winters IOM series will consist of three rounds, and the provisional dates for these are:

Date:                                                     Venue:

5th December 2021,                         offers to host please

16th January 2022,                            Bournville RS&MBC.

13th February 2022,                          offers to host please

Below are a few pictures that I managed to early in the morning.

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