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Askern RSC Wooden Hull event

I was lucky enough to spend a thoroughly enjoyable day down at the newly formed / merged Askern Radio Sailing Club, who were holding a Wooden Hull event, which was sailed in the true Corinthian spirit.  Jo Sharp has produced the following report:

A fleet of 11 skippers turned out for the first event for the newly formed Askern RSC, an Open for wooden hull IOMs with a second class for other wooden hull boats.

We were blessed with lovely conditions, clear blue skies which posed their own problems as the day developed and enough breeze from the south to give good racing. As often happens with blue skies thermals come through and the wind can come from anywhere on the compass and change quickly – and it did, keeping skippers on their toes.

Boats that showed particularly well were Simon Robinson’s lovely planked V8, a very neat Corbie sailed by Brian Cheetham, and a Vector sailed by Ray Baskerville. In class 2, we had a Nimbus, shrunk to 31” built and sailed by Mick Hebden and a gorgeous Jiff, build and sailed by Bert Whitehead. Another very nice boat to mention is an Alternative, built and sailed by Dave Tuckwood. Still at the sorting out stage, it showed a very decent turn of speed at times – lots of promise there Dave.

Class 2 sailed a slightly shortened course and brought them well up in the fleet throughout the day, in the middle of the IOM fleet, and at the front once or twice.

After some very close racing that saw a number of finishes with three or more boats within a metre on the line and after 12 races, Simon Robinson ran out a very worthy winner, with Brian Cheetham in second place and Ray Baskerville third among the IOMs. In overall second place and taking class two was Bert Whitehead’s Jiff, really good sailing on a day when at times the wind was a bit much for the boat.

A compliment to all the skippers who took part. Jo Sharpe asked for a ‘dignified’ approach to dispute resolution in her briefing and the fleet behaved impeccably all day. There wasn’t a raised voice and people did their turns without a grumble. Really enjoyable racing for everyone.

Thank go to Dave Darwell, Phil Read and Paul Rudkin (scores) on the race team, oh and of course, the Lakeside café performed to their usual standards of excellence at lunchtime.


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