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Furness MBC update

David Foster has sent in the following update on Furness MBC

Furness Model Boat Club sails on the pond in the municipal park. It has no problem with weed – large and vicious fish, branches, shopping trolleys etc. can be a different matter, but this summer, with the dry weather, the level got so low that we initially fell back to Dragon Force, then with short fins and eventually even Footies were going aground, so for a few weeks, sailing halted. The level has only just risen enough to resume IOM sailing in the last month.

Several of the MYA members are also members of another, non-affiliated, club (South Lakes Model Club, sailing at Kitridding Farm, near Kirkby Lonsdale) and race there every week, mostly IOM, DF65 and DF95. We do have a weed problem there, but have been using the food dye to suppress it. This year, the dye was unavailable when we needed to start with it and, because water levels were low due to the dry weather, the weed got a hold because of the easy access to sunlight. Once we got the dye, I spent hours hanging over the side of a dinghy, cutting the weed back below the surface and the dye then did its job well and kept the weed down from then on.

 Several members sail long keeled, traditional type boats which are almost untroubled by weed unless it is really solid and on the surface. Boats sailed are the Moonbeam gaff-rigged ‘pond yacht’ and the Canterbury/Nottingham J Class. Recently, I have obtained an example of a boat called a Mini 8, which is sailed by the Poole Club along with its bigger brother – 8 Metre, made by one of their members. It is ideal, being about 28″ long with a long keel and attached rudder and a bermuda rig about the size of the A+ rig on a DF65 and shrugs weed off.

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