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Jubilee Cup team event at Wheecher 2018

Jubilee Cup (inter-club team racing for IOMs ) at Wheecher – 26th Sept 2018

After a bright early start, we found ourselves in a one hour traffic jam on the A19, ruining our planned journey time.  But in the best spirit of the event, Race officer Norman Rowley and his team delayed the start to await our arrival.  And true to Wheecher form, the wind was strong.  We all donned rig 3, and early in proceedings wondered if we might get away with Rig 2.  A blast down the lake at that moment rapidly put that one to bed for the rest of the day, and I suspect gusts of 35 mph came through at times.

The course consisted of a long beat from one end of the reservoir to the other, with a spacer mark followed by a run down to near the start line, 3 times round.  Many of the competitor there almost never use Rig 3, so time was sensibly given to tune the boat between races and sort out problems.  Most of the competitors had some form of “issues” with their boats at one time or another, the unluckiest being Roger Errington who saw his boat capsize, only to realise that the keel had disappeared. 

5 races were sailed before lunch, and a further 5 after lunch.  During lunch, everyone crowded into the clubhouse to have a very sociable chat, regaling each other with tales of near misses, nose ploughs, or whatever.

The star of the show was John Tushingham, who gave a master class in how to sail in those conditions.  It was also noticeable that he did not need to come ashore to adjust anything or drain the boat.  He won 9 of the 10 races, only being beaten by Roy Stevens in the last race.  John Hardisty sailed well in the morning and very well in the afternoon and came a clear second.  The team prize for the day went to Wheecher, well sailed lads.

Prizegiving was presided over by Sam Gill who epitomises the spirit of the event.  Overall for the whole Jubilee Series 2018, counting the best 4 out of the 5 events, Scarborough proved to be worthy team winners, congratulations to them.  A very enjoyable day sailed in excellent spirit with turns being done as requested.

Thanks again to Norman and the team, and to Paul Rudkin for coming specially to do the scoring.  And a final comment:  I travelled with Roger Errington for the event and made the mistake of asking him why he has taken his keel off for the journey home.  A senior moment, and one that should have got me a good slapping or at least having to walk home!

(SR, Sept 2018)

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