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Luff Adjuster Cunningham Line Lead Eye

Colin Mason from Scarborough MYC has submitted a gadget that can help anyone setting up a Bantock type rectangular main boom.  Details below:

Application: For standard goose neck (i.e.not for Ball Raced type) and SAILSetc spar section booms

When assembling a main boom assembly have you ever wondered how to best lead the luff adjustment arrangement.  Here’s a reasonably simple way to create an eyelet lead that gives a reasonably friction free operation.

Parts Required (From SAILSetc)

  1. Main boom forward end for SAILSetc spar – Product code. 103-SE
  2. Tang. Stainless steel, (As provided with many SAILSetc gooseneck/kicking strap units. A hole is available to insert the modified hook). Product code. 103T-100
  3. Hook – wire. (Formed from 1.2 mm dia stainless steel wire). Product code. 087B
  4. Line and Bowsie of choice.

As you will see the Hook (III)has been altered with a little plier work.  This alteration makes it possible to put through small hole in the Tang (II) and align with the centre of the Main Boom forward end fitting (I).
Use masking tape to mark where the re-shaped hook arrives at the front end of the forward end (I) fitting – mark and drill a 1.2mm hole (1mm for a tight fit) – assemble and apply cyano’ if required.

Its straight forward once the mod is assembled – if you have any questions please feel free to contact me (Colin Mason, Scarborough MYC – see club details page).

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Mast Tie Spacer

This month we start with Brian W Anderson’s little device for helping tying sails onto the mast at a constant distance from the mast.  Thanks Brian:

To make device first cut base to required size. For 11 mm mast it should be 5.5 mm thick. Mine is 30 * 40 mm (only the 5.5 mm is critical for 11 mm thick mast).  I used balsa, 6mm ply is often 5.5 mm so would work well. Then cut the upright, in this case I decided on 2 mm gap, so cut wood into 40 * 30 mm. I had some 1 mm birch ply glued 2 together.  I cut a slot in the upright about 4 mm wide, 25 deep (leaving the bit to glue onto the base. Glue together – I used superglue.

To use, thread sail tie material through sail eye / hole and feed one end under the mast.  Slide the device under the mast with the thread through the slot. Now you can tie the thread as normal, several reefs work well.  Slide the device out from under the mast and superglue the knots.  Cut off excess tie material.

That’s it. “Simples”.

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