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Welcome to the new site

MYA Northern District website.

Firstly, a big thanks to Austin Guerrier for doing all the work in designing and getting the site up and ready for me to add some content.  I know it will have taken him many hours, literally hundreds to do this work, thanks.  He is still responsible for any changes to the nature of the site.  He has also downloaded all the ND Events from the main MYA site, as well as all the Getting Started section, the District Clubs info and all the Contact Us info.  This is a one off happening, from now all our data is independent of the main MYA site.  So, if you wish to send me appropriate details of events, reports, photos, news, tips or articles, they will go onto this site only, and not to the main MYA site – unless you copy to Austin at same time as sending them to me if you want them on both sites.

A couple of features I am particularly keen to have on this site are interesting articles, and we will be kicking off with an interview with one of the Districts long serving members, Brian Anderson.  You can find this in the Articles & Interviews section.  Similarly, I have added an article about Ripon SC.  There is a section on tips which will hopefully build up with useful ways to keep your boat in good order.  That does not mean I don’t want Results & Reports, I do.

It will take me a while to get fast and accurate with this site, it is my first go at a blog type site.  I would also very much appreciate you letting me know (politely) any errors on the pages.  I feel sure there will be more than a few.  But, I will be away the last 2 weeks in May, so may not be able to do everything instantly.

Happy reading

Simon Robinson

PS My own personal tip is to remember to take your transmitter with you when you sail.  And yes, I do have a list of what to take, but that pesky transmitter somehow just doesn’t like the car journey!

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