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May 1994

Scottish District is inaugurated with 3 member clubs – Buchaness, Edinburgh (now Levenhall), and Drumpellier.

January 1995

Paisley MYC affiliate to the District.

May 1995

The RM national Championships is hosted by Drumpellier MYC at Drumpellier Park, Coatbridge. Best Scottish boat is 16th out of 18 entrants. Robert Brown is Race Officer.

1995 Best Results

Robert Brown – 12th in 1M UK Nationals and best position 3rd in UK 1M Ranking List.
Richard Rowan – 2nd in UK R6M National Championships

January 1996

Greenock MY & PBC and Buidhe Island MYC affiliate to the District.

September 1996

The first Karachi Cup team race between Scotland and England was held in R6Ms at Paisley to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Paisley Club. England won.

1996 Best Results

Richard Rowan – 2nd in UK R6M National Championships.

April 1997

A new Scottish Club was formed – Brechin Castle Centre. Unfortunately, the Drumpellier and Buidhe Island Clubs cease to exist. District now comprises 5 Clubs.

May 1997

Richard Rowan commissions one of the first TS2 1Ms to reach the UK. He went on to take 2nd place in the UK 1M Nationals in August.

August 1997

The 2nd Karachi Cup event was held at Greenock. England won by a narrow margin.

June 1998

Greenock hosts the R6M National Championships. Gordon Price achieves 2nd place. Richard Rowan is Race Officer.

August 1998

3 Scottish boats in top 10 of UK 1M Nationals:-
Richard Rowan 5th, Gordon Price 8th, Alastair Law 10th

September 1998

Scotland wins 3rd Karachi Cup at Milton Keynes.

April 1999

Richard Rowan manages 9th overall in the 1M World Championships held at Ramla Bay in Malta. Other Scottish results – Alastair Law 20th, Gordon Price 32nd.

June 1999

Richard Rowan wins the UK R6M National Championships held at Chelmsford. Gordon Price comes 3rd and David Loomes 5th.

August 1999

Greenock and Paisley clubs co-host the UK 1M Nationals at Greenock. Unfortunately, the first two days of the event are badly affected by weed and the final day of the event is moved to Paisley.
Scottish places – Alastair Law 15th, Guy Taylor 18th, Gordon Price 19th. Richard Rowan is Race Officer.

September 1999

4th Karachi Cup held at Paisley. England win by a considerable margin.


In retrospect, not a good year for Scottish model yachting. At the start of the summer, the water level at Greenock was lowered to allow maintenance to be carried out and was not restored until late September. Low water levels at Paisley caused the cancellation of the Scottish 1M Ranking Race. The Scottish 1M District Championships at Peterhead was cancelled due to lack of entries and finally, at the end of the season, the Levenhall pond succumbed to weed.

The net result of all this was that in UK competition Scottish sailors produced their worst results for many years.

October 2000

Worse still, England won the Karachi Cup at Aylesbury by a considerable margin again.

2000 Best Results

Richard Rowan
Alastair Law
Alastair Law
Richard Rowan

UK R6M National Championships
European 1M Championships
UK 1M Nationals
UK 1M Ranking Race at Birkenhead

1st Place
22nd Place
15th Place
1st Place


Over the course of the spring and summer Brechin Castle Centre MBC expands its membership rapidly, with an influx of full size sailors from the River Tay.

May 2001

Two Scottish sailors travel to Croatia to take part in the 1M World Championships at Omisalj from 12th to 19th May. Richard Rowan achieved 16th place with the help of winning the last race of the event, and Alastair Law came 29th. Both agreed that the competition was much higher this time.

June 2001

Richard Rowan, Gordon Price, Alistair Law and Robbie Buchan travelled to Fleetwood to take part in the Northern District ranking race weekend. The event was held in light to drifting conditions. Despite that, Richard Rowan managed 3rd equal with 2 other boats on the Saturday and 2nd overall on Sunday.

September 2001
Richard Rowan, Neil Graham and Pete Berry travelled to the Bournville Club in Birmingham to take part in the R6M Nationals. Richard Rowan retained the trophy and Pete Berry came 5th in his first RC Yachting Championship.

November 2001

The Karachi Cup was held at Greenock on Saturday 10th November. Unfortunately, England won again. The Boussy Medallion was sailed for on the Sunday of the weekend.

May 2002
Gordon Price and Alistair Law take part in the European Championships at Fleetwood. They finish in the middle of a very competitive fleet. Richard Rowan is Principal Race Officer for the event.

June 2002
Gordon Price, Richard Rowan and Neil Graham travelled to the Broads Radio Yacht Club at Filby near Great Yarmouth for the R6M Nationals . After 2 days of interesting sailing, Gordon Price came 2nd, Richard Rowan 3rd and Neil Graham 5th.

September 2002 The Scottish National IOM Ranking race was held at a new venue – Castle Semple Watersports Centre at Lochwinnock. 26 IOMs took part. Graham Campbell managed 8th overall on the Saturday in his first National level event. David Loomes came 7th overall on Sunday.
June 2003

Paisley hosts the R6M Nationals at Castle Semple Water Sports Centre. Local R6Ms finished in 2nd to 5th places but the Championship Trophy went south.

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