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IOM Scottish Travellers 2018 Event 1 – Forfar – 10th March 2018

The first Scottish District 2018 IOM Travellers event was held under the auspices of Aberdeen MYC at Forfar Loch on 10th March 2018. Despite a poor weather forecast there was a good turnout of 16 boats from 7 Scottish Clubs.

Full report from Ian Dundas (pdf format)

Top placings were:

1Ali LawVisionBuchanness10.0
2Brian SummersBritpopTayside20.0
3Colin McGinnisBuzz 2Tayside23.0
4John TaylorRubix Greenock23.0
5John OwensCorbieAberdeen25.0
6Richard EnnosEquus Levenhall38.0

Full score sheet (pdf format)

Race Team
I Dundas (RO), Boyd Baird, Cathy Reid, Keith Furnace, Alan McKechnie, Bill Odger, Ewan Reid, George Whelan, Murphy

Photos from Ian Dundas

IOM Travellers Series 2017 Event 3 Greenock – 16th September 2017

The third and last Scottish District 2017 IOM Travellers event was held under the auspices of Paisley MYC at Greenock on 16th September. A poor turnout saw only 8 boats from 4 Scottish clubs taking part.

Full report from David Smith (pdf format) – photos in report

PosSkipperClubHull designPoints
1.R RowanGreenockCheinz24
2.G RaeGreenockSadicci35
3.R EnnosLevenhallEquus35
4.G AllisonAyr BayBritpop36

Full score sheet (pdf format)

Race Team
Robert Rooney (RO), David Smith (Scorer), John Mason, Hugh Shields, Pat Johnston, John Mathieson

RM Championship 2017 hosted by Ayr Bay at Greenock – 2nd September 2017

Race report by Pat Johnston

Beautiful weather on Saturday 2nd September greeted everyone attending the re-run of the RM Championships hosted by Ayr Bay. The event had previously been postponed and subsequently transferred to Greenock as Irvine was still weeded. The wind was classic Greenock, being light north-easterly flipping to moderate south-westerly and eventually flipping back to easterly at the end of the last of the twelve races that were completed. This contributed to the race team led by PRO Pat Johnston having an interesting day!

Four boats were entered. Unfortunately, Gordon Winton was unable to start having suffered electrical gremlins. This left John Taylor, Robert Rooney and Gordon Neil battling out the day. The boats were closely matched and by the lunch break after race six, the scores were level between John and Robert, each with three wins.

The afternoon belonged to John Taylor who magically found wonderful lifts at key moments and scored six more wins. This score might suggest a walk-over but in reality, all the races could have been won by any of the competitors with plenty of lead changes all afternoon, great battling and good spectator sport.

Final positions were:
1 John Taylor
2 Robert Rooney
3 Gordon Neil

IOM Scottish District Championship and Travellers Series 2017 Event 2 Kinghorn – 10th June 2017

The combined Scottish District 2017 IOM Championship and Travellers 2 event was held at Kinghorn on 10th June. 18 boats from 8 Scottish clubs took part .

Full report from Sandy Mackay (pdf format)

Top placings were:

PosSkipperClubHull designPoints
1.I DundasAberdeenBritpop11
2.B SummersTaysideBuzz 221
3.John OwensAberdeenCorbie27
4.G AllisonAyr BayBritpop29

Full score sheet (pdf format)

Race Team
Sandy Mackay (RO), Ali Law, Cathy Reid (Scorer) plus others

IOM Scottish Wooden Hull Championship Forfar Loch – Saturday 6th May 2017

The Scottish District IOM Wooden Hull Championship was held at Forfar Loch under the auspices of Tayside RSC on 6th May. 13 boats took part.

Report from Brian Summers (pdf format)

Top placings were:

PosSkipperClubHull designPoints
1S TaylorAberdeenCorbie 531
2I DundasAberdeenCorbie 541
3 B SummersTaysideAlternative41
4A LawBuchannessNip & Tuk51
5R EnnosLevenhallEquus78
6J OwensAberdeenCorbie 178

Full score sheet (pdf format)

Race Team
Boyd Baird (RO), Cathy Reid (Scorer), Bill Odger, Carl Burrows, Scott Graham, Keith Furnace

Photos by Bill Odger and George Whelan (click to enlarge)

Scottish IOM National Ranking Race Weekend Castle Semple – 1st and 2nd April 2017

The first IOM National Ranking Race Weekend of 2017 was held at Castle Semple on the weekend of 1st and 2nd April under the auspices of Buchanness RYC. Up to 36 boats took part from clubs all over the UK.

Full report from John Owens (pdf format)

Results sheet day 1 (pdf format)

Results sheet day 2 (pdf format)

Race Team
John Owens (PRO), Richard Ennos, Nick Cowern, Bill Odger, Carl Burrows, David Smith, Cathy Reid, Bill Reid, Ian Thompson, Steve Herridge, Pat Johnson, Sandy Mackay

IOM Scottish Travellers 2017 Event 1 – Levenhall – 11th March 2017

The first Scottish District IOM Travellers event of 2017 was held at Levenhall on 11th March. 18 boats took part, including 3 visitors from the Killingworth MYC club in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Full report from Richard Ennos (pdf format)

Top placings were:

PosSkipperClubHull designPoints
1.S TaylorAberdeenCorbie 513
2.S RobinsonKillingworthV814
3.I DundasAberdeenCorbie 517
4.P JohnstonAyr BayBritpop18

Full score sheet (pdf format)

Race Team
Richard Ennos (RO), John Handley, John Wyllie, Nick Cowern, Tom Milne, Douglas Thornton

Karachi Cup 2016 – Paisley – 9th October 2016

The Karachi Cup was held at Paisley on 9th October. This was the first time it had been raced for since 2005 and was competed for by IOM skippers from three groups of Scottish clubs – the NE group, the SE group and the West group.

Full report from Richard Ennos (pdf format)


Steve Taylor2Ali Law7Richard Rowan1
Bill Odger3Robert Brown8Robert Rooney4
Ian Dundas5Chris Nichols11Pat Johnston6
John Owens10Jeremy Nichols12Gordon Allison9

Race Team
Richard Ennos (RO), David Smith, and others

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