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Scotts of Greenock (IOM) Open – 18th May 2019

Many thanks go to the Greenock Club for hosting the event including the Race Officer Gordon Rae and his team. Despite the challenging wind conditions there was some very close and competitive sailing.

The main challenge throughout the day for the established local and across the border skippers was the “wind speed” stubbornly remaining between 0-4 mph throughout. Racing began with arguably the best of the wind during the morning session, concluding after 16 races in somewhat frustrating conditions. The results were:

    1. John Taylor 23 pts
    2. Robert Rooney 33 pts
    3. Damian Ackroyd 35 pts

A full report from John Taylor can be found here (pdf) and race results and photos are shown below.


SD Training Day – 27 April 2019

14 Scottish skippers enjoyed a training day at Forfar Loch on Saturday the 27th April. The forecast was for rain in the first half of the morning clearing as the day progressed with a moderate easterly breeze which is exactly what transpired. 

It was particularly encouraging to see some very new members having only taken up our sport in the past couple of months. Obviously the newer you are to radio sailing the more there is to learn but even the most experienced sailors took something away from the day.

Thanks to all who attended, those who contributed and to Forfar Sailing Club for opening up their main clubroom for us making for an ideal venue. 

A full report (by Tich Summers) can be viewed here (pdf file) and the photographs below have been kindly provided by Nick Slane.

Scottish District 2019 IOM Travellers Event 1 Full report and Scoresheet

The Scottish District Travellers – Event 1 took place in Greenock under the auspices of Greenock MY&PBC on Saturday 9th March 2019.

PositionSkipperClubHull designPoints
1Ian DundasAberdeenBritPop!24.0
2Brian SummersTaysideBritPop!31.0
3Stuart TeasdaleKinghornBuzz54.0
4Malcolm WorsleyTaysideBritPop!56.0
5Robert BrownLevenhallBritPop!64.0
6John OwensAberdeenBritPop!66.0

Scottish District 2019 IOM Travellers Series – Event 1

Event 1 of the Scottish District Travellers took place in Greenock under the auspices of Greenock MY&PBC on Saturday 9th March 2019.

Eleven skippers travelled to Greenock in the face of an extremely adverse weather forecast. However, the fleet had a good days sailing with conditions that weren’t too extreme but which required a lot of skill to get right. Ian Dundas was placed first with Brian Summers second and Stuart Teasdale third.

Full report to follow.

Scoresheet to follow.

IOM Scottish Wooden Hull Championship – Kinghorn Loch – Saturday 15th September 2018

The 2018 Scottish District IOM Wooden Hull Championship was held at Kinghorn Loch under the auspices of Kinghorn RSC on 15th September. 12 boats took part.

Report from Sandy Mackay (pdf format)

Top placings were:

PosSkipperClubHull designPoints
1S TaylorAberdeenCorbie 530
2I DundasAberdeenCorbie 541
3 R RowanGreenockRubix56
4R RooneyAyr BayCorbie63
5G AllisonAyr BayCorbie65
6B SummersTaysideAlternative66

Full score sheet (pdf format)

Race Team
Sandy Mackay (RO), Allan Court, David Marrs, Robert Brown, Hutch Grant and John Sadler

Photos (click to enlarge)

Scottish District IOM Travellers Series 2 – Greenock, Saturday 19th May 2018

Report by John Taylor Photographs by Hugh Shields

The second race of the series got underway during the weekend. Local skipper Richard Rowan was determined to better his last result, from race 1 at Forfar Reservoir. His boat previously suffered radio failure, in which allowed his final score to be masked from his performance. Therefore, this was a chance to make amend from the first event. It was pleasing to see skippers willing to make the journey from all over Scotland to Greenock.

In all, 12 skippers arrived at the lakeside only to be greeted by a lake, which had virtually no wind. What little wind there was came from the north which became a challenge for the Race Team when setting a fair course. Mindful the event had to continue, the first race was started on time and by the lunch break 6 races were completed. At this stage Ian Dundas and Robert Rooney, both sailing versions of the Corbie design were sailing consistently. In the light, variable wind conditions skippers struggled to find space at the start line, knowing a good position at the start would potentially give them the advantage when sailing to the windward mark.

However, after the lunch break the wind changed and strengthened to the expected South Easterly direction. The Race Team immediately changed the course to the opposite side of the lake and motivated the skippers to return their boats to the water.

It was at this stage the competition started to become more interesting. Richard Rowan began to achieve more consistent scores. Ian Dundas continued to race conservatively. Brian Summers was never far away from the leaders and kept his challenge alive with a number of second places in the afternoon session.

After 19 rounds of sailing, congratulations went to Ian Dundas who won the event by 6pts, to second place Richard Rowan. The event was sailed with a positive and a fair competitive spirit. The wind conditions improved throughout the day, which allowed for a very enjoyable event hosted by the Greenock Club.

Many thanks goes to the race team of John Taylor, Hughie Shields, John Mason and David Smith.


1. Ian Dundas 38 Corbie 5 Aberdeen MYC 38
2. Richard Rowan 85 Cheinz Greenock MY&PBC 44
3. Brian Summers 7 BritPop Tayside RSC 45
4. Robert Rooney 71 Corbie Paisley MYC 58
5. Richard Ennos 84 Classic II Levenhall RYC 66
6. John Owens 33 Corbie Aberdeen MYC 93
7. David Stewart 30 Goth Tayside RSC 103
8. Ian Davidson 39 Ska Greenock MY&PBC 108
9. Gordon Rae 36 Sedici Greenock MY&PBC 115
10. Sandy Mackay 58 BritPop Kinghorn RSC 138
11. Tony Mitchell 15 MX14 Kinghorn RSC 143
12. Lindsay Odie 13 Goth Levenhall RYC 171

IOM Scottish Travellers 2018 Event 2 – Greenock – 19th May 2018

The second Scottish District 2018 IOM Travellers event was held under the auspices of Greenock MY&PBC at Murdieston Dam on 19th May 2018. 12 boats from 6 Scottish Clubs took part.

Full report from John Taylor (pdf format)

Top placings were:

1Ian DundasCorbie 5Aberdeen38
2Richard RowanCheinzGreenock44
3Brian SummersBritpopTayside45
4Rober RooneyCorbiePaisley58
5Richard EnnosClassic IILevenhall66
6John OwensCorbieAberdeen93

Race Team
John Taylor (RO), Hughie Shields, John Mason and David Smith

Photos from Hughie Shields and other

IOM Scottish District Championship 2018 Levenhall @ Castle Semple – 28th April 2018

The Scottish District IOM Championship was held at Castle Semple under the auspices of Levenhall RYC on 28th April.
13 boats took part.

Report from Richard Ennos (pdf format)

Top placings were:

PosSkipperClubHull designPoints
1.R RowanGreenockCheinz18
2.S TaylorAberdeenCorbie 518
3.B SummersTaysideBritpop27
4.I DundasAberdeenIdiom37
5.R BrownLevenhallBritpop38

Full score sheet (pdf format)

Race Team
Richard Ennos RO (Levenhall), David Smith (Paisley), Nick Cowern (Levenhall), Lindsay Odie (Levenhall)

IOM Scottish Travellers 2018 Event 1 – Forfar – 10th March 2018

The first Scottish District 2018 IOM Travellers event was held under the auspices of Aberdeen MYC at Forfar Loch on 10th March 2018. Despite a poor weather forecast there was a good turnout of 16 boats from 7 Scottish Clubs.

Full report from Ian Dundas (pdf format)

Top placings were:

1Ali LawVisionBuchanness10.0
2Brian SummersBritpopTayside20.0
3Colin McGinnisBuzz 2Tayside23.0
4John TaylorRubix Greenock23.0
5John OwensCorbieAberdeen25.0
6Richard EnnosEquus Levenhall38.0

Full score sheet (pdf format)

Race Team
I Dundas (RO), Boyd Baird, Cathy Reid, Keith Furnace, Alan McKechnie, Bill Odger, Ewan Reid, George Whelan, Murphy

Photos from Ian Dundas

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