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Health and Safety – Personal Medical Information

As discussed at the 2018 MYA Scottish District AGM, the principle was unanimously accepted that whilst medical information is confidential – “Your health is your responsibility”.

In line with this and based on the experience of hill walking clubs, it was agreed that the form (Personal_medical_info_form) would be provided to all MYA-SD Club members with the intention that individual skippers:-

  • would complete it with their personal medical information;
  • keep it in their personal sailing tool boxes in a waterproof zip-lock plastic bag for quick access by first responders/Emergency Services in the event that something serious should occur whilst at a club or Scottish District event.

Please note that whilst all skippers are strongly recommended to do this, it is NOT a condition of sailing imposed by the MYA SD Committee.


Happy New Year Everyone

From John Owens (District Councillor)

Happy New Year everyone!

Planning is progressing with the organisation by Richard Ennos (PRO) and his team of the UK IOM Ranking 1 & 2 at Castle Semple on 6th and 7th April. This is a premier event in the UK sailing calendar with many top skippers attending. It would be great to see a strong Scottish contingent of skippers. As such, you are encouraged to enter as soon as possible.

If you are not going to sail, then could you lend your support with the event race team? If so, please contact Richard Ennos as soon as possible. Whatever your circumstances, it would be great to see as many Scottish skippers at the event (competing, race team or spectating).

All the very best

AGM 2018 Proposal

At the AGM, it was proposed by the Chairman that all members of the District should carry a Personal Medical Information form in their tool box or other convenient location at all times while sailing or taking part in District and/or Club activities. The form holds essential contact information and relevant personal medical information. Personal_medical_info_form

Change of date for 2018 AGM

Following consultation with the SD Committee and MYA-SD Club Secretaries, it has been agreed that the MYA Scottish District AGM will be held at the Royal Tay Yacht Club, Dundee on Saturday 10th November 2018 (not 27th October as shown in the 2018 calendar).

Doors will open at 09:30am and the AGM will start at 10:00am. Further details and request for motions will be forthcoming from Cathy Reid.

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