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Coronavirus and Model Yachting – Update No 7

The attached guidance MYA Scottish District – Guidance for Return to Competitive Sailing (2020-12) dated 17th December 2020 is intended for club sailing and open events including MYA Scottish District Traveller Series and Championships.

Cognisance should also be taken of any local restrictions/lockdown. The introduction of Protection Levels applicable to local authority areas is now well established as is the guidance regarding travel between these areas. To check what level of measures apply in your area or venue where you intend to participate in activity, please check the postcode on the Government webpage.

Coronavirus and Model Yachting – Update No 6

The MYA Scottish District covers the geographic areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Different government regulations and guidance apply in these countries. Updated guidance has been compiled in liaison with the RYA. The document “MYA Scottish District – Guidance for Return to Competitive Sailing (2020-10)” reflects the regulations and guidance as of 9th November 2020 in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Contained in the document are links to relevant websites and documents.

It is the responsibility of each participant (club and individual) to apply the government’s rules and guidelines. Participants should also assess their own risk and make their own decision whether or not to participate or continue to participate. It should also be noted that it may not be possible to implement the regulations and guidance at every venue where model yachting is enjoyed.

2020 MYA Scottish District IOM Wooden Hull Championship

The 2020 MYA Scottish District IOM Wooden Hull Championship was held on Wednesday the 7th October 2020 hosted by Tayside Radio Sailing Club at Forfar Loch, the home of Forfar Sailing Club. The event had been postponed from the previous Saturday due to an amber weather warning for extremely heavy rain (a month’s rain in 2 days), bad road conditions with flooding and a very light (almost non-existent) northerly wind.

A consequence of the torrential rain was it had raised the water level by almost a meter and hence the launching jetties were completely covered in water. A portable jetty was deployed to make launch and recovery possible without getting wet feet albeit with one person on it at a time. (NB Learning: securely tie the jetty to the bank … it started floating away with a skipper on board!) The low autumnal sun was very welcome although the bright reflection off the water was frequently another challenge for skippers.

As in previous years the event attracted a good number of Scottish-based skippers with their beautifully home-built wood planked IOMs, some by recognised designers and others self-designed.

The racing was run under the MYA Scottish District COVID-19  ‘field of play bubble’ protocol with the skippers standing at markers 3m apart and the race team 3m behind them.

Although standing in one spot does bring its own challenges with the boats further away than normal at times, it does allow events and club sailing to take place during these times of restrictions.

The racing commenced at 10.00 in a moderate westerly with all skippers choosing their A rig. As per the forecast, after a couple of races the wind increased to the top of A rig testing both heavy weather sailing skills and rig strength. Consequently, everyone changed down to B rig which they stayed with for the remaining races. Forfar Loch lived up to its reputation for providing top class sailing conditions with its wide open waters giving close racing in a true breeze and big waves.

Skippers enjoyed boats moving very quickly in the strong wind and trying to make fine judgements whilst dealing with the low sun reflecting off the water and having to stand in one place when the boats were quite distant. However, wind shifts were there to use as well. Most skippers had some issues to overcome and in a very competitive fleet it was difficult to come back from even the smallest mistake. All of these factors made for a great day’s sailing.

Ian Dundas sailing his new Corbie 6 (Sail # 38) came out on top as a worthy winner after 17 races by a single point from Tich Summers sailing his self-designed Buzz 3 (Sail # 07). Similarly, there was a tight finish with a single point separating third place (Richard Rowan sailing an Alternative, Sail # 85) and fourth (John Owens sailing a Corbie 5, Sail # 33).

Credit must go to the race team led by RO Boyd Baird for running a first class event and making the bold decision to postpone until a date when the forecast was already known to be perfect for radio sailing.

(Report: Brian Summers, Photos: Brian Summers/David Williams)


Not the 2020 MYA Scottish District IOM Championship!

Six skippers arrived at Forfar Loch on 19th September for the 2020 MYA Scottish District IOM Championship. Initially, we were met with a very atmospheric scene of a mist that made it look as if the loch was gently steaming.


Following skippers checking into the “field of play bubble”, boats were weighed and their certificates checked. Markers had been laid-out at 3m spacing for skippers to place their deck chairs and help maintain the minimum 2m social distance spacing. The skipper’s briefing was held at 09:45 which included a brief reminder of Covid-19 protocols.

It was then a case of waiting for the mist to burn off and a breeze to appear. The former did and the latter did not! During the waiting the opportunity was taken to present the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup to Ian Dundas as the winner of the 2019 MYA Scottish District IOM Travellers Series.

Following sorting-out of many current societal challenges in the very warm sunshine, we took an early lunch and agreed to make a go-no go decision at 13:00. At that time some movement of air kicked-in (wishfully termed a sea breeze) and a “practice race” was completed. Given the extremely light airs, large holes and direction swings, it was decided to postpone the Championship (date to be confirmed). We packed-up and went home with more of a sun tan and having enjoyed meeting-up with some of our sailing pals.

Coronavirus and Model Yachting – Update No 5

Following new Scottish government guidance, on Thursday, 10th September updated COVID advice was issued by sportscotland, Phase 3 return to sport and physical activity. In addition, RYA Scotland updated its COVID advice on 11th September. It is now the responsibility of each club committee to appoint responsible person(s) referred to as the “COVID officer”. Information is available regarding:
FYI, I undertook the training. It is free, took less than 30 minutes to complete and is useful. An important point is that a club can have several trained COVID officers. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that every individual is responsible for keeping themselves and their fellow participants as safe as possible.

Coronavirus and Model Yachting – Update No 4

The document “MYA Scottish District – Guidance for Return to Competitive Sailing” (click here) has been formally approved by RYA Scotland as the body recognised by sportscotland to represent boating in Scotland (not other UK countries). In addition, the document has been seen by MYA Council.

All Scottish club committees, event organisers and individual club members should carefully read the document. The guidance applies to us all in Scotland – please do not cherry-pick what you like and ignore other parts. Scottish clubs and event race teams must follow this guidance and put in place specific arrangements tailored to their venue. By observing the controlled conditions laid out in this document, “field of play bubble” events with more than five households can be organised as far as the specific circumstances of a venue allow.

Revised MYA SD Personal Medical Information form

The MYA SD Personal Medical Information form was published following unanimous agreement at the MYA SD 2018 AGM. Of course, Covid-19 was not anticipated. A slightly updated version (CLICK HERE) has now been published on the “Downloads” page. It is timely for us all to download this form, ensure we are up to date with our details and have it readily available for first responders and Emergency Services should we need help.

New MYA SD Race Team Equipment

Following the 2019 AGM, actions arising included a review of the material held by the MYA Scottish District and what expenditure might be warranted in 2020? In follow-up, it was proposed to supplement the race team equipment by purchasing useful items including:

+ 2 x additional waterproof walkie-talkie covers
+ 1 x waterproof clipboard for the finish line judge to record scores
+ 10 x Hi-Viz XXL vests for race team members
+ 1 x large waterproof plastic storage box

Applying the MYA-SD guidelines, the MYA-SD Request for Expenditure form was completed. The MYA SD Committee unanimously voted to support the purchases. In addition, the MYA Treasurer confirmed that the proposed purchases would be reclaimable against the District’s annual allowance. Thus, the items were purchased and are now available to the host clubs for MYA SD events. As per actions arising from the 2019 AGM, an up to date inventory of the resources available to MYA Scottish District host clubs is available on the District Committee page (click here).

Coronavirus and Model Yachting – Update No 3

Based on Tuesday’s government announcements, the MYA position remains unchanged.

Northern Ireland

Groups of up to six people who are not in the same household can now meet outdoors.

26th June – Holiday accommodation can reopen for business

3rd July – Pubs and restaurants can open.


To summarise the Scottish government announcements – Scotland currently continues in Phase 2

29th June – five mile travel limit remains in place

People from up to three households are able to meet outdoors in groups of up to eight people.

3rd July – five mile rule for leisure and recreation will be relaxed

The use of self-contained holiday accommodation (such as cottages, lodges and caravans with no shared services) will be allowed along with second homes.

6th July – Pubs and restaurants will be able to open outdoor spaces, such as beer gardens.

Scotland – Phase 3: aspiration is to announce on 9th July

10th July – Allow people to meet other households indoors.

13th July – Non-essential shops inside shopping centres will be able to reopen, children and young people will also be allowed to play organised outdoor contact sports, dentists will be able to see patients for routine treatment and optometrists can begin to scale up work.

15th July – Reopening pubs, restaurants, holiday accommodation, hairdressers and barbers.

Coronavirus and Model Yachting – Update No 2

Please read this message from John Owens on behalf of the MYA SD Committee:

The MYA SD Committee fully recognises that we all want to get back sailing, but only if it can be conducted in a safe and controlled manner without putting our members at risk. A quick look at our membership shows that a lot of us fall into the “at risk” category and so this must be taken into consideration when arranging anything at your club.

Roadmaps for a phased exit from full Covid-19 lockdown have been published. The roadmaps and timelines differ between UK countries. The Scottish government roadmap was published on Thursday 21st May 2020. In response, the MYA SD Committee has put together the attached document acknowledging the MYA position and the ramifications of the Scottish government’s roadmap for radio and free sailing in Scotland. It is recognised that Northern Ireland is part of the MYA Scottish District but the government rules may differ.

Please carefully read the SD Covid-19 document on the District Committee page and follow the guidance provided. Club Committees should develop and share their own risk assessment with their club members.

Please look after yourselves and each other.

Keep well

John Owens on behalf of the MYA SD Committee (Brian Summers, Steve Taylor and Cathy Reid)


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