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Personal Medical Information
It was agreed at the 2018 SD AGM that individual skippers should be encouraged to  complete the form and keep it with their sailing toolbox for easy access by First Aid Responders/Emergency Services. Due to Covid-19 an updated file is available:
PDF format:    MYA SD – Personal Medical Information (2022-01)
Word format:  MYA SD – Personal Medical Information (2022-01)

LiPo Battery Safety
July 2014 – From the MYA Development Officer – A number of skippers are now using Lithium Polymer Batteries to power receivers etc and may not be fully aware of some of the issues regarding the use of these batteries. It has recently been reported that one of our members has suffered a severe fire as a consequence of charging Lithium Polymer batteries, which has caused damage to his property and the loss of all his radio control boats and equipment.

The British Model Flying Association (BMFA) has recently issued a document that provides details on these batteries, together with advice on charging procedures and the safety issues regarding these batteries. In an attempt to prevent any further incidents, we would urge that those of you who currently use, or those who are thinking of using these batteries, download and read the attached document. Please click on the LiPo Battery Safety link to view the document LiPo Battery Safety

The MYA would like to acknowledge the cooperation of the British Model Flying Association and Bob Smith of the BMFA for allowing us to use this document.

Health and Safety documents
February 2014 – The MYA has published in the Knowledge Base a number of Health and Safety Guidance Notes for use by MYA clubs (upload date 29/1/14). These documents are individually linked below for the benefit of MYA Scottish District Clubs.

RYA Racing Charter
The MYA is aligned with the RYA Racing Charter. The Scottish District Committee is strongly supportive of this initiative and would encourage all MYA members and club committees to actively apply the charter. A PDF copy of the RYA Racing Charter is available here RYA Racing Charter

Scottish District Racing Programme
The 2022 MYA SD Racing Programme can be downloaded here as a pdf file – MYA SD Racing Programme (2022-01)

Scottish District Publicity Flyer
A tri-fold Publicity Flyer can be downloaded as a pdf file for local printing – MYA SD Flyer (2021)

Race scoring spreadsheet – from John Owens
The latest version is 9.8 (modified 07/04/2022) Excel 2003 format, no macros – MYA SD Scoresheet template v9_8

v9.8 changes are:-
– nomenclature aligned with RRS 2021-24
– minor cosmetic changes
v9.7 changes are:-
– clarification of some terminology and instructions
– explicit statement that the spreadsheet can only be used with Excel and no other software
– minor cosmetic changes
v9.6 changes are:-
– Display of discards. Some skippers had expressed a desire to see their discards displayed in an alternative manner. This has been done. The display change does not affect any overall scores or results of any previous events.
– Version control. To ensure clarity, the version number and date are now prominently displayed in the Instructions.

Scoring forms
Scoring forms for use in running club and district level open events. The forms are held in pdf files which may be downloaded and then printed for use on race day.
– For recording the finishing positions for each race or heat download here
– For recording the overall score for an event download here

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