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IOM Scottish Travellers 2012 Event 2 and Scottish District Championship Buchanness – 28th July 2012

Report by Alistair Law RO    Score Sheet

The weather forecast for the day was for variable wind speeds and direction with sunny spells and bursts of rain. 11 skippers from 7 different clubs across Scotland, some for the first time, travelled to Peterhead for the District IOM championship and the second of three District Travellers series. The race management team consisted of 4 local skippers who had stood down from racing to provide quality organisation and racing for the others.

The gentle breeze from the west had skippers rigging their No1 rig. The race team, having observed the wind direction since early morning, set a windward – leeward course along the length of the south bank allowing skippers to walk the whole course and have a clear view of their yacht whilst racing.

Ian Dundas, sailing his new Britpop got out in front in race one to win from Richard Ennos sailing his own built wooden yacht to the design “Sceptique” and Robert Brown who was sailing a chartered Britpop. Steve Taylor, one of the favourites to win the event, suffered from jet lag and finished 10th in race 1.

During race 2 the wind started to shift right and the course was shifted accordingly. In yacht racing it is imperative to have a fair start line to give all skippers an equal chance. Also needed for good and fair sailing is an equal beat to the weather mark. The wind continued to shift right and after race 4 a halt was called to allow a new course to be set up along the west bank.

Race 6, the last race of the morning session was won by Richard Ennos in light winds and in fine style, lapping some of the back markers, Ian Dundas managed a 4th place. Steve Taylor by this time had posted a string of 2nd places and added another to his tally in this race. A break for lunch was called. This allowed the wind to settle in a southerly direction and at a good mid No 1 rig speed.

With the new course set Ian immediately worked out the way to go and won with Robert Brown in 2nd followed by Richard in 3rd and Steve in 5th. In the late afternoon Ian did falter posting a 5th and 6th but by this time with 8 race wins his grasp was again on the cup The race was on for second place and Steve regained his focus and managed to get past Richard..

Most of the other skippers had their moments, Brian Summers had a win in race 12 and two 3rds sailing his own wooden built Goth design. Patrick Johnston managed a 2nd, Gordon Neil sailed into 4th in one race, David Smith got a 4th as did Gordon Allison on two occasions and Ralph and Colin just plugged away all day to their credit.

At the prize giving District Chairman David Smith addressed the skippers and thanked them for supporting the event and to Buchanness for running such a superb regatta. David then presented prizes to the top three skippers.

Top placings were:

PosSkipperClubHull designPoints
1.I DundasAberdeenBrit Pop17
2.S TaylorAberdeenCorbie32
3.R EnnosLevenhallSceptique30
4.R BrownLevenhallBrit Pop46
5.B SummersBrechinGoth53
6.R KnowlesBrechinIsis73

The skippers and race team at the start of the regatta were asked to vote on who they thought was Man of the Match. The secret ballot came out in favour of David Smith who just kept going, never an angry word and did his penalty turns without being told – a true sportsman!

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