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Not the 2020 MYA Scottish District IOM Championship!

Six skippers arrived at Forfar Loch on 19th September for the 2020 MYA Scottish District IOM Championship. Initially, we were met with a very atmospheric scene of a mist that made it look as if the loch was gently steaming.


Following skippers checking into the “field of play bubble”, boats were weighed and their certificates checked. Markers had been laid-out at 3m spacing for skippers to place their deck chairs and help maintain the minimum 2m social distance spacing. The skipper’s briefing was held at 09:45 which included a brief reminder of Covid-19 protocols.

It was then a case of waiting for the mist to burn off and a breeze to appear. The former did and the latter did not! During the waiting the opportunity was taken to present the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup to Ian Dundas as the winner of the 2019 MYA Scottish District IOM Travellers Series.

Following sorting-out of many current societal challenges in the very warm sunshine, we took an early lunch and agreed to make a go-no go decision at 13:00. At that time some movement of air kicked-in (wishfully termed a sea breeze) and a “practice race” was completed. Given the extremely light airs, large holes and direction swings, it was decided to postpone the Championship (date to be confirmed). We packed-up and went home with more of a sun tan and having enjoyed meeting-up with some of our sailing pals.

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