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2017 IOM SWD Champion Skipper Results (Summer Series) (2 Discard)

Congratulations to Tony Edwards on winning this years IOM Champion Skipper series with Barry Chisam taking 2nd place and Bob Conner 3rd.

Overall the series has been well attended and enjoyed by most. However the league table below shows up a few surprises.

As you would expect, home events attract more of their local club members to sail. The bigger clubs you might think would have more members traveling away to the district events, but this does not appear to be the case.

Bideford one of our smaller clubs managed to send 7 of their members to at least one of the away meetings. Congratulations to them on an excellent turnout.

If you enjoy sailing at your local club then chat to your colleagues, share transport and join us at our winter and summer series. You will be most welcome and will benefit from sailing in different waters. You will also be improving your skills by sailing against others doing the same.

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