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This is the website of the South Western District of the Model Yachting Association of Great Britain (MYA).

The South Western district stretches from South Wales to Cornwall and eastwards as far as Poole in Dorset, and includes 12 MYA – affiliated clubs which together race a total of nine classes of model yacht.

On this site you will find all the information you need about the District, including clubs and where to find them, upcoming events within our district, and Officers’ contact details.

South West District Racing
IOM South West District Series Champion Skipper & Club

The purpose of this competition is to promote inter club sailing between IOM yachts within the MYA South West District.

It is intended that 5 or more rounds be run as a series each MYA calendar year. Where possible each round will take place at a separate South West venue.

The trophies are:

IOM South West District Series Champion Skipper.

IOM South West District Series Champion Club.

IOM South West District Winter Series Champion Skipper.

Eligibility to score points in this competition is only open to skippers registered with an MYA South West District club.

All rounds are classed as open and any skipper from a non South West District Club will be removed from the score sheet before championship points are awarded. This will have no effect on the MYA radio League results.

Finishing positions will be calculated on a percentage system. To obtain points a competitor shall start in at least 1 heat at an event.

Competitors points are calculated using the formula below, where S is the number of yachts that start in at least 1 heat, and F is the competitors finishing position.

Points = (S – F) * 100 ÷ S – 1

The points shall be rounded to the nearest whole number. Last place will score 1 point to recognise the skipper’s participation.

Where a skipper does not sail in any event his/her score is zero for that event.

The PRO shall be awarded points equal to second place. A PRO is only allowed to officiate once per series.

Calculation of the ARO’s Champion Skipper points will be the average of their other race scores in the event series. This will be recalculated after each round.
PRO & ARO points will be shown in RED on the Champion Skipper result table so we can keep a track of those who have officiated at each round.

The number of counting events shall be determined by referring to the number of completed events in that year. Where an event is cancelled and cannot be rescheduled in that year the qualifying events will be reduced accordingly.

Qualifying Events 3  4  5  6  7

Counting Events   3  3  3  4  4

You can be PRO and ARO in a series but you have to have sailed in at least one event in the series for you to score points for being ARO, as this is based on an average. You cannot win the Champion Skipper series only by officiating.


This competition is only open to MYA South West District Clubs. This part of the competition is targeted to encourage the club sailor to gain experience in a competitive environment whilst representing his/her club.

The Champion Club series is structured so that each club has a maximum of 2 scoring members irrespective of the amount of entries that club has in the event on the day.

The top 2 from each club are drawn from the results sheet at the end of the event, highest downwards. If a club fields less than 2 skippers in any event then the missing places score zero. The club points total is an accumulation of their top 2 scoring skippers.

There is no limit on the size of a club team.

All rounds in a calendar series count towards the clubs total. The winning club is the one with the highest score at the end of the series.

The Trophies will be awarded at the South West District AGM if possible, and series results will be posted to the District web site and club secretaries.


The South West winter series champion skipper will be scored using the above system with the exception of the following which will apply:

Qualifying Events 2  3  4

Counting Events   2  2  3

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