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MYA SW District AGM

This years AGM is scheduled for Sunday 28th October following the SWDCS6 meeting at Woodspring. It is kept as a short meeting to allow skippers to drive home as early as possible.

If you have any proposals for the AGM please submit them via email to

 AGM Agenda

1   Apologies
2   Approval of minutes of 2017 AGM
3   Matters arising from minutes
4   Secretary report
5   Election of Officers
6   Proposals, (so far)
        To allow 1 event discard after 3 events sailed in the Winter series
7   AOB
Our District Councillor Paul Barton has said that he will not be able to continue in this post after this year. We thank him for his time and effort.
As Secretary, I am also more than happy to vacate my position to allow a more dynamic personality to take up the post. I will of course give you all the information I have to continue with this position.
The post of both Secretary and Councillor are therefore up for re selection.
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