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SWDCS4 @ Bideford

Skippers were greeted with a light SSW breeze and light rain, the forecast was for the breeze to veer towards the West with heavier rain, unfortunately the forecasters were bang on. Racing got underway on time with Watson, Edwards and Nick Martin having close racing and plenty of tussles in the first six races. With the weather worsening it was decided to have an early break for lunch with the hope the rain would subside for the afternoon races. I’m afraid it didn’t, it was decided to carry on to get to race 16 and a third discard. The afternoon bought stronger breeze with driving rain and a war of attrition which reduced the fleet to eight skippers by the final race.

Watson took the win, with Nick Martin taking second place in his Britpop, Barry Chisam made a welcome return to the district podium with his Asbo 2 design, proving fast in the stronger afternoon conditions.

Many thanks to PRO George Evans and the Bideford race team for carrying on despite the conditions, we all hope for a sunny and dry Bideford in 2017.

Bideford 2016 Results

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