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SWDWS3 Results @ Poole

Congratulations to Craig Richards of Windrush club on demonstrating how to convincingly win an event

The change of venue from Poole Park to Longham Lakes did not deter 20 skippers from turning up.

Peter Wiles OOD for the day set a triangular course across the lake with separate start and finish lines.

The weather conditions started with a reasonable breeze of about 15 mph coming across the lake enabling skippers to rig top suits.

With 2 fleets, the racing commenced at 10.00 AM with the B fleet seeding race.

A pattern soon emerged with Craig Richards Josh King and Tony Edwards all showing at the front of the A fleet. They were closely followed by Pete Smith together with James Edwards and Simon Clarke. Mike Cooke was also having a good day showing pace with his own design and build “Rocket”.

The wind gathered pace and by mid morning everyone had rigged B suit and small waves were forming. This was the story of the day as by afternoon the gusting wind got stronger and the waves bigger. Storm suits now decked every boat. Visibility was sometimes a problem when the low sun glared on the water

Peter Wiles changed the course by inserting a gate at the leeward end and after a few retirements the 2 fleets were reduced to a single fleet.

At 3.30 racing finished and everyone retired to the club house for prize giving.

Thanks was expressed to members of the Poole Club for their efforts in changing the venue at short notice and of course for their hospitality that they always show.


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