Again, apologies for not having the exact details to hand, with so many skippers having to travel home the prize giving and results were a little rushed. The full results will be posted when available in the next few days.

Top Ten for Sunday:

  1. Martin Roberts
  2. Graham Elliott
  3. Peter Stollery
  4. Darin Ballington
  5. Josh King
  6. Terry King
  7. John Tushingham
  8. Trevor Binks
  9. Ken Binks
  10. Graham Bartholemew

These are provisional until the full HMS is checked…… (although it may be difficult to get the wine back!)

Thanks to all at Coalhouse Fort and the Eastern District for supporting this event and providing race teams on two days allowing the visiting skippers the chance to race their boats. They even went as far as putting on a WWII weekend at the fort, which gave the phrase ” go on the b of the bang” quite literal at times. We are pleased to announce that although there were a couple of protests over the weekend no one was court marshalled or confined to barracks.

The racing was hard as usual and the wind direction on Sunday made for much work for the race team but i think that all involved enjoyed themselves.



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