On the 11th June we have the DF65 Open meeting/Nationals warmup. Entries to Ken Crabtree or via contact form on the Fleetwood Website, its £3 for a days racing and to get the inside scoop on the wind, the course and tactics for the Nationals and have a race against the local hotshots, well… mostly Derek. 

And the DF65 Nationals on the 9th,10th,11th of July are shaping up to be a classic. There’s 30 competitors entered so far with big contingent from Sweden, a DF95 to be raffled off to one of the competitors or race team, Mike Weston on site for spares and repairs throughout the weekend, a ‘Tactics, Tweaks and Tuning session’ with John Tushingham on Friday afternoon… followed by 2 days of solid racing over the weekend, a ‘not the 24hr hour race’ race on the Saturday evening… This is surely an event not be missed!

Enjoy it you might

And there’s more! We’re excited to announce that Mike Weston of RC Yachts has kindly offered to make a few DF65’s available to anyone’s who’s siting on the fence and fancies entering the Nationals but doesn’t have a boat. Pay your entry fee, come down on the Friday for a tune-up and a practice (with some of the UK’s best Radio Sailors on hand for advice) and then get stuck in and race the Nationals. We’re particularly keen to extend this offer to the next generation so if are there any competitor’s sons or daughters out there that fancy a go then drop us a mail via the contact form and we’ll put you in touch with Mike Weston.

And finally if anyone has entered via the MYA entry form and not received a confirmation back from Tim Lanigan @ Fleetwood, please send him a quick nudge via the contact form and he’ll ensure you’re on the list. Speaking of which, Tim’s in a bit of trouble with the treasurer at Fleetwood, he might have inadvertently offered everyone the chance to pay the entry fee for the DF65 Nationals on the day. On reflection the club don’t want to be handling large sums of cash and would prefer if entries are paid via Bank Transfer or cheque. If you’ve already entered and not paid please send an email to Tim for details on how to pay in advance and help him get out of the dog house before the Nationals 🙂 

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