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  3. I'm selling my boat and bits (regrettably due to lack of use). I’m located in Southampton and welcome viewings and sensible offers. Pikanto: No 129. New in Sep-2011 and built by SAILSetc/Bantock. Blue. RMG 280ES winch. A, B & C rigs (sails and rig all by SAILSetc/Bantock). Comes with rig box, CM yachts aluminum stand, batteries, charger, spare deck patches etc… Superb specification, stunning condition with light usage (used once in the last 2 ½ years – hence reason for sale!) and a proven swift boat. £900 Futaba T6J Tx and Rx: £100 Full set of BG sails (A, B & C). B&C used <5 times , A used <10 times. Blue trim and numbers removed. £40 per suit or £110 for all 3. C rig with Housemartin sails from 2008: £75 Catsails rig bag (£30), spare (old) wooden boat stand, rig bits, and some other miscellaneous spares etc… Please contact me on 07974 997716 or jamieholmes@hotmail.com
  4. Nigel

    IOM ANKH 4

    I shall have shortly just got to find them?
  5. i made one from a 99p circuit from china that accepts an SD card with the countdown on mp3 file. hooked up an old speaker and a spare 1s lipo - fits in a large matchbox

    IOM ANKH 4

    Hello, have you any pictures attached please. Kind regards cheviots1
  7. Nigel

    IOM ANKH 4

    This is the Latest & Most successful of all the Ankh Designs, Carrying on from the Dann series of Raised Foredecks & screw mast adjuster which was first seen on IOMS back in the 1998 early 2000. This very streamlined Wave Piercing Design has led the way after 5years of Development. This boat has proven itself very competive in the right hands. This Epoxy Hull was moulded last year has had light use, perfecting Mast/ Fin Position. With All Rigs new & Only Used a few times. Comes complete with all radio gear spare servos PJ Sails winch, Graphner Hottz 2.4ghz 6 channel radio New Lipos, charger that can be used from 12volt supply as well as mains also charging & Balancing all types of cells. Please Call Nigel for further info on mob 07867412614 or email nigel.gilsongilson@btinternet.com There Is Available a Epoxy Plug & Mould available to the right Person with full Copyright Permisson
  8. I must confess that initially I was very suspicious of the Self Tensioning Drum . But after several rubber tensioner failed due to my neglect I went down this road. If you use it correctly it is very reliable . I found the secret is not to over tension it, about 3/4 to 1 turn . Beyond that the fun begins . Also you must always secure the top screw ... it you don't they can split in two And clearly don't wind layer of string on it , I have about 2 turns on the drum But to each his own , I cannot stand springs and elastic carp chord Dave Just playing with this new site - it great on my pc but hell on my phone
  9. DF 65 New this year, Just Used Twice with C Rig, As new Yellow Hull, Never Used SOCH A+ A, B, Rigs. Includes 4 partition Rig Sail Bag, 2 of 700mah Life Battery's. Also Hull Bag. Hull Stand. This boat has proven to be Very Competitive & Dry Pleasant Boat to Sail. To Buy all New would be well over £400, Just Now £295 in Suffolk mob 07867412614 email nigel.gilsongilson@btinternet.com Also Spare White DF 65 Hull never used £40.
  10. Do you have a pic or two of the boat please many thanks Graham
  11. Hi can you send me some pictures and where are you situated. Regards Roy
  12. Complete & ready to sail with an "Orange Rx" for use with a Futaba Tx ( not supplied ) or just add your own receiver. Build in 1971 era with a fibre glass hull and plywood decking. New set of sails by House Martin, carbon mast. sail winch and rudder servo. Loa. 78" x 9" with a mast height of 80". ( Cracker Loa is 83" x 10.5" ) The yacht is very similar to a "Cracker" details in Model Boats May 1971. The original magazine and plans for the Cracker are included. Price £ 300. Contact by email :- roger_everitt@yahoo.com Model can be viewed in Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 2LR.
  13. John Taylor


    FONIX - GBR 1128 Ready to Sail This yacht comes complete with 4 rigs (1xSwing Rig & 3xConventional Rigs). Full set of radio equipment and a (Life) battery pack. An additional lead ballast, sail box and a boat bag is included. Just switch on and go sailing. Price £895 ono Email - John Taylor: johnmtaylor69@yahoo.com
  14. Thanks for all this information fellas, any help on this project is a great help, Peter.
  15. Hi Paul Might I suggest that if you end up with 'too many' on any 'club' day (and I leave it to your club to decide who too many is - but remember that as HMS allows for a start line containing (I think) 20 boats that you might not get away with many less for an Open Event !) that you do what we do and that is to ensure for each 'oversubscribed' club event that those (numerically, not personally!) who are deemed to be one of 'the too many' - be that one or more skippers - act for a particular race during the session as Race Officer and or Observer(s). This has the effect of ensuring that all competitors of the day understand and have a crack at the implications and pitfalls of actually doing those jobs at club race level, ensures that all competitors are aware that they are under the scrutiny of observers and remedy any breaches of which they might be 'guilty' other than just hoping that no-one notices, and learn that if an open event occurs at their club and they are asked to help it's not quite so terrifying as they imagine and ultimately the poor old event organiser does not go mad trying to find a team to support him or her. Yes - you might have to run an extra race or two to get the number of discards that you wish, and someone will have to work out on the day a simple rota so that each competitor during the morning or day has a turn off doing the officiating but it's manageable and everyone will still get their full crack at the number of races they wish. Hope that this is all understandable, and you may be indeed doing it already in some form or another, but it works for us! Cheers Chris Durant
  16. Having just detonated a self tensioning drum, I have to say I have moved over to a standard drum with a separate block/spring arrangement to add tension. to the winch line. The self tensioning drums are very clean and convenient, however are a known failure point in the system. I'm sure many people have had great success with them, just offering another view.
  17. Standard servo torque wise would be fine but if you can choose a half decent waterproof one it would be better. Hitec HS-646WP HV Waterproof which is high voltage too.
  18. Austin

    v8 for sale

    You can just reply to or amend the actual for sale topic but I will go and remove it. Cheers
  19. Hi Mike, many thanks for that information, it will be a great help, if I could pick your brains on one other thing, would an off the shelf standard servo be man enough to control the rudder on a 10 rather? Once again though, thanks, Peter
  20. wml08

    v8 for sale

    please cancel my advert as the boat is sold
  21. frayz


  22. Well clearly you do have the wrong end of the stick, however in that case please forgive me, that was never my intention to cause upset. My apologies sir, good sailing to you
  23. Good Afternoon Recently I have been shopping around to upgrade my I.T and design software programs. I have been using for many years a student version of Maxsurf. Unfortunately, after some research the latest Maxsurf programs are far to expensive for what I need. I would be grateful if anyone has a newer version of Maxsurf, in which the program allows the user to export an STL File and would be willing to sell their version. Please just PM if your able to help. Regards JT
  24. An Isis is an excellent design to start IOM sailing with. Not too far away at Sedgemoor another example can be found https://sedgemoormbc.org.uk/for-sale/ Best of luck and let us know how you get on.
  25. Dain I have messaged you, but in case you don’t receive it, yes please send me the details and an idea of the sort of price you have in mind. David
  26. Nottingham 48 J class Excellent condition 1 and 2 rigs ,sailbox and stand. Dark blue and white hull. Complete with sail servo and rudder servo. No Radio. Price £495-00 Contact T Hobday 01603 754671 (Norfolk ) Collection only. Photos on request.
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