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  1. Yesterday
  2. Credit to Damien and Dave H, a very nice yacht made even better because she is a six metre, sailed well in a good range of conditions at Fleetwood yesterday, from outward appearance I couldn't tell she was printed, roll up and get your piggy banks out this is it appears the way to go for small numbers of yachts, Damien is happy to build them for you
  3. Hello Derek, I am interested for that boat... can you send me more pics please? Is it available for shipping to Athens, Greece? Angelos
  4. Damian. Any pictures of the build process and printed components. It does look more and more likely that 3D printed boats and components will be a standard build method at some time in the not to distant future. I know a lot of the current ones are printed in small sections and fitted together but with printers already around that can print full size boats its only a matter of time. https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/watch-the-worlds-biggest-3d-printer-make-a-25-foot-boat Garry
  5. Last week
  6. Today saw a first for the 6m class - a plastic 6m to the SeaBird design by David Hollom and built by me took to the water. Plenty of you will have heard the chatter about digitally printed yachts, though we'd do something a bit different and produce a 6m yacht. The hull, keel, rudder and gooseneck arrangement are all digitally printed, a few bits of resin and glass tape reinforce a few bits like the fin and mast step box to the hull. Once built she was primed and sprayed just like any other hull I've built. SeaBird will be competing in quite a few of the events up and down the country in the coming year, so get your 6 out and come sailing at the many events published on the 6m website. The first on the list was Fleetwood today. The day started with strong gusts across the lake, but the afternoon bough a near perfect wind down the middle, with courses stretching the full length of the lake. John Taylor will be posting a full report on his FB page later. Today proves this class is certainly alive and at the forefront of technology.
  7. Trevor

    Sheeting Out System

    Oh well it was a good idea while it lasted. My ISIS goes from 10th in the fleet to 3rd in light airs so I can’t complain! Now perhaps if I oil the gooseneck .......
  8. It would not be part of the Hull under ERS nor is it a permitted IOM fitting.
  9. Stephen


    Hi Keith, Is she still for sale? Sadly I'm south coast so far away, will have too be post! You have any other pictures? I'm a DF95 sailor, but Gosport club features IOM heavily on the calendar. Best,
  10. Tried it on a Marblehead, in very light airs it worked too efficiently and the boat would suddenly sail backwards when the elastic was stronger than the wind
  11. Mike Ewart

    Sheeting Out System

    I wouldn't think there is a problem with putting some elastic on the main but I expect to be shot down
  12. Trevor

    Sheeting Out System

    Following a very light air day it occurred to me that a system to fully sheet out the main sail would be jolly useful but I wonder if the rules allow such a thing. Rule C.5.4 (c) States:- Except where achieved by mechanical systems, automated control of rig and/or sails and automated steering and/or navigation are prohibited. Would a shock cord system that kept the main sheet under tension be allowed I wonder? Cheers Trevor
  13. Suitable for A class classic , nice looking yacht
  14. Been practicing on my old A class which is even heavier
  15. Hi Gary, Sorry but you're now the 4th in line for the ROK. Sorry about that! Derek
  16. Would accept £850? It's just that the saving would help me get the RX/TX Gary RMYC Isle of Wight
  17. Saw those. Put a tentative bid on the A.
  18. In this year of anniversaries, Fleetwood's 90th and the IOM Nationals 30th, the entries for this years event hit the 40's last night. Lots of NAMES are not yet on the list so, if you don't want to be dissapointed, GET YOUR ENTRY IN!!! so that you can join the party!!
  19. Earlier
  20. Just listed on ebay from the Cheltenham area Avocet, looks very much like a six metre, possibly a dolphin based yacht, worth a look, also a large and heavy A class, both look like good classics for refurb
  21. Hello Melissa, I may be interested in the yacht ,but could it be sent if you are too far away to collect. I am in north Shropshire Phill
  22. For sale RG65 Sith designed by Mark Dicks & built by Rood of ARS Thailand. The original design modified by Mark to add a radio pot. Fitted with high speed drum winch servo, hs 5085mg rudder servo. Supplied with two conventional rigs, B and C cat sails. The black swing rig (shown in photo) is NOT included! Conventional mast port, 5mm dia as df65 rigs. Swing rig mast port, 8mm dia, either ball race or ptfe sleeve bearing. The boat is only a few weeks old & supplied as seen with stand, (except black sails rig), new B & C rigs, never been on the water. There's a small blemish to the paintwork near the starboard bow ( see close up) otherwise superb condition, well balanced, a very quick boat. All that is needed is radio & battery! Collection only or meet be arrangement. £510.00 or £400.00 without the sails. 01922 497417 or df95bnm@gmail.com
  23. Have now heard from Brad who has been in Australia for a month
  24. Hi Derek, and the asking price?
  25. Yes, but I have 2 customers for it!
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