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  2. Perhaps replace with new then. Its reusable, adaptable and will conform to whatever shape you need. Also make sure you key/scuff the outside of the new pot before sealing it in to allow the sealant to bite into it. Sounds obvious, but i found my one had been previously installed as a lovely shiny new pot. Subsequently the adhesive didnt stick for long. Another good tip is to screw it to the hull from inside, as this helps provide additional supprt to cope with the torque of regularly tightening the pot lid.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Thanks for that Frayz. Part of my problem was that the holes had blu tac but it was so dried up that most of it had fallen out!
  5. Gareth

    36R Information

    I have tried putting the hull in our pond with the keel weight in approximately the correct position. The water line came up to less than 10 mm above the bottom of the stem and just on the bottom edge of the transom. On this basis I think the weight will probably be OK after all, provided I fix it in the correct location longitudinally on the centreline. However any advice would be gratefully received. Gareth
  6. Personally I’d put all the holes as high as you can. Therefore if water should get into the hull, and it will, your radio gear stays as dry as possible for as long as possible. My wired are sealed with a small amount BluTack. It can be removed and reinstalled as much as I want, and still does the job.
  7. I'm replacing my pot as it has gone brittle. The one that came out had a number of holes in the sides for the various leads but I'm thinking one in the bottom with grommet and sealant would be better. Slightly off centre to allow for the battery to rest on the bottom. There will be one small hole near the top as that's where the aerial tube is glassed in. Is this the right way to do it or do you have any better ideas. Cheers Trevor
  8. Buy the 95! Truly one design, no agonising about which model is fastest. The best " driver" wins and a beginner moves up the fleet as they learn and improve.
  9. Hi All and many thanks for your advice. I looked at the Italico that was advertised on the site and dismissed that. It was very tatty and appeared to be very flimsy and to my eye constructed of blown plastic similar to the DF boats which on my understanding of the rules is not class compliant. Certainly not worth the £350 asking price. I've bought the Krcar for £180. It came with two rigs and two sets of sails the A rig in Mylar appears a little old and a B rig n scrim which has hardly been used, both suits are by PJ Sails. There was a rudder servo fitted but no sail winch and I have obtained a Hitec drum winch, which although not the fastest was free. I had to make a new servo tray which is now fitted. I've removed all the deck fittings and prepared the hull and deck for a respray. Ongoing work when I can fit it in but it should be on the water by mid summer. Next quandary I have is should I buy a DF 95? Michael.
  10. That was mainly the reason for my post. The forum used to give the option of checking the "real " name or at least the name used to register but this does not seem to be there now. Highly unlikely , but surely especially discussing the sale of items without a real name is less than perfect online?
  11. Last week
  12. Hi Chris Thanks for the update. Michael
  13. Darin Not convinced this still happens. I've tried this a few times in an attempt to find location of poster's selling items and could not find a real identity. Please check some recent members as I think this has possible occurred since the forum update. Please let me know the result. Eric
  14. Ian, if you login and tap on the avatar/name you will see the real name of the member. Darin
  15. Chris

    IOM Nimbus3 For Sale

    Michael, please note when you are viewing the Italica, I have two buyers for the Nimbus at the asking price. I am confirming arrangements with the buyer at the present. Thankyou for your interest and I hope you find an IOM soon. I see there are two on eBay which is worth a look. One is a Nimbus but it has not got the stepped deck. best regards Chris
  16. Sealine

    IOM Nimbus3 For Sale

    Hi Chris . Has this been sold ? if not ring me on 07703538846 many thank Paul S
  17. Some of us belong to several fora, most of which have nothing to do with model yachting and for which a degree of anonymity is considered sensible. Using the same name on all of them is a matter of pragmatism. Hi, my name is Stan.
  18. Chris

    IOM Nimbus3 For Sale

    Hi Michael, I live in Emsworth . Please ring me on 07763481372 for more detail best regards Chris
  19. Hi Chris. I live in Southampton where about on the south coast are you? I having a look at a Italico on Tuesday but if you are not too far I may be interested in your boat. Regards Michael
  20. So far so good. Due to the difficulty of accessing the top of the tube under the deck I made a small collar to stop the tube pulling through the deck and added epoxy during assembly. Having drilled the bottom the bottom of the tube I put a long pin through that was then glassed to the keel area in the same way other fittings are fixed. Don't think that's coming out anytime soon! Thanks for your help. Cheers Trevor
  21. Romanza 1104 for sale. Measured July 2017. Well sorted. Well equipped, Good Housemartin sails including working suit and skinny main. Tornado winch. BRG. Radio not included. Looking for sensible offer for boat of this quality. Location, Lymington. Interested, email or call Robin on 01590623978.
  22. My limited experience of RC sailors is that generally they are a friendly and open bunch. Why are a significant number of people posting on the forum not using their given name?
  23. For Sale Britpop complete with RMG and Rudder servo 800 € For Sale Kantum SMX complete with A and B Rigs , RMG and Rudder Servo + Radio 800 € info at 0034607380582 and casanapagau@gmail.com
  24. Richard Sailsetc headsail swivel tube product code TUBEJ under Hull Parts shows the parts and the description that you gave earlier and useful pictures. All ready to go now! Just need to take the plunge with the glue. Cheers Trevor
  25. Trevor, Don't like the sound of the ball and dimples in the tube. Might be easier to start from scratch with a new piece of tube and pin. Ikon drawing shows what is needed, including the nylon fitting at the top. I think Sails etc now use a slightly larger dia tube and nylon fitting than that shown on the drawing. I seem to remember that from recently building my Alternative, but cannot access it to measure. Worth checking since it makes fitting the line easier. Adjustment is not possible since it is important to have the ring at the top as close as possible to the deck. This is very important, especially to take advantage of the low mast position of Isis. Richard
  26. Chris

    IOM Nimbus3 For Sale

    Reference Nimbus add below ,mThey asking price is £350
  27. Richard I see those last few boats have the same system. On closer inspection of my tube I find a ball with a hole located by three dimples a half inch from the bottom. The line was knotted below the ball. I'm wondering if I should install pin instead and loop the line back up to deck level to provide adjustability? Cheers Trevor
  28. Chris

    IOM Nimbus3 For Sale

    2008 Bantock Nimbus 3 for sale. Ready to race with Flyski receiver fitted. A and B rigs in a sail bag. House Martin sails in very good condition. The hull has a stepped deck and mast ram which is essential for full sail control. Bantock square aluminium booms fitted for easy trimmimg. This boat won the ESSC Classic series last year beating Lintels, Widgets etc and will give the modern boats a good race upwind. 3 position stand included which is designed to assist with sail trimming. Locateded on the South Coast
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