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  2. I would like to sail in Slot 1 at 1pm tomorrow. Regards, Alasdair R
  3. Alastair has e-mailed me to say he has decided not to sail on Thursdays for the time being - so slot 1 is available.
  4. Whirlwind sail winch plus spare. Futaba servo. 2 Bantock swing rigs, A with Gizmo. Shroudless rig by Housemartin. Good clean hull, no repairs. NO registration certificate. Stand not included. Boat situated in Redhill Surrey. Asking £450.00 Contact Rob 07783433393. Advertised by me on behalf of fellow Mya member.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Please find photo attached. I do have more but they are on my phone. I could WhatsApp them to you. Regards Trevor
  7. I'm not sailing on Thursday, and won't be confirming requests - if you requested/booked it, and it's free, it's yours! If you want to sail book here. Suggest we just call 1pm Slots 1-5 and 3pm Slots 6-10. Might be easier to interpret... Currently, for this week, slots 1-4 are booked as are slots 6&7.
  8. I'd like to go for a 3pm slot on Thursday if available. Colin
  9. Last week
  10. Hi Trevor Do you have Photos? Regards
  11. Sadly unable to be there this week - hope there's enough wind and some good racing!
  12. As you are in Southampton you have access to several very competent measurers living in your area (Gosport, Eastleigh) as well as several situated along the M3 corridor in addition to Tony as mentioned above.
  13. rogeriom


    Does anybody out there have any tuning tips for a KMR. Unlike the Kantun 2 or the Britpop there is no tuning advice available from the builder or the designer. Roger Threadingham.
  14. The 2021 Match Racing League is suspended, in favour of (small) Fleet Racing for a maximum of 5 boats at 1pm and 3pm on Thursdays. See attached... To book one of the 10 slots, 5 at 1pm and 5 at 3pm, simply make a post below expressing your intention to race. revision to RA 16042021.pdf rhu procedure 16042021.pdf RYA Sailing and Racing in Mixed households SCOTLAND.pdf sailing from pontoons 1642021.pdf
  15. Thanks for the info people, not sure why this has come up again after 5 years, now we need to make sure all our 6 metre owners are getting the COG communications if they want to, so if you are not getting the COg emails please let me know .
  16. 4th result from week 3: 7v8 - Win for JamesR over ColinB by 2:1.
  17. Trevor

    Vintage IOM

    I know very little about this model as I bought it as a lockdown project in pieces. The hull is fibreglass the deck, keel and rudder wood and the ballast is lead. The A rig has Hood logos on with a 12.6mm alloy mast. The original Sail Winch was a Futaba S9401 modified by Tony Abel Yachts & Winches with a multi turn potentiometer to make it into a drum winch. While this worked it never returned back to the same position so was replaced with a Hi-Tec 725BB. The rudder Servo is a Futaba FPS148. Sorry the picture is upside down but try as I may it will not go back up the other way!
  18. Val, I believe Charles Smith of the Vintage Model Yacht Group is trying to reconstruct the lost 6M register and also has another project on older 6M yachts. It might be worth you contacting him on tradboat2017@gmail.com
  19. I have a Revenna which I will be racing at Fleetwood this weekend!!
  20. Mike I have several boats of varying ages and I would like to trace them and theire designers. Are you aware of any sourseof historic boats info?
  21. Hi John, thanks for your interpretation of the incident, interesting that talking to Graham Bantock, he was of the same opinion as you. P.S to the incident Boat B withdrew the protest as he felt that it would be wrong to penalise boat A as he had done nothing wrong. Maybe he was not such a bad sportsman after all.
  22. Results from today, week 3: 1v6 - Win for AlanD over DouglasR by 2:1. 2v5 - Win for AlasdairR over AndrewN by 4:1. 3v4 - Win for AlanA over IainD by 6:5.
  23. I suppose if you are going to say anything make sure it is very loud so it becomes information freely available to all competitors.
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