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  2. Does their GPS software not do position prediction and therefore tell them if they can cross safely? I'm all in favour of innovation in sailing but we need to be careful that sailing doesn't become a contest in software writing rather than human skill.
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  4. That port starboard on the final leg must have been a bit of a buttock clencher at 40+kts!
  5. On Christmas Day we lost one of the great Marblehead sailors of recent times after a long illness. He would have reached 63 next week. Laurent travelled enormous distances to compete throughout France and abroad at the highest level. When not racing he was kind, helpful and always ready to share his considerable knowledge and skills. He was totally commited to radio sailing (all classes except One Metre) and a member of the national technical commission responsable for the development and calendar. RIP Laurent Jerry
  6. I ask if there has been any progress by MYA on my suggestion? I was just reading the HMS regulations for another question when I spotted this line item. HMS 1.8(d) Except where HMS 1.8(b) applies in Race 1, requests for redress under RRS E6.6 (e) and (f) may only be made in Race 2 or following races. I had not noticed this line item before- but as it stands, any regatta that runs under H MS cannot use my proposed solution unless there is a specific item in the SI that overrules 1.8(d) to allow redress in Race 1 - and this is highly unlikely as any RC would not normally anticip
  7. Additionally, there is a safety diver in the chase boat - in the case of INEOS he happens to be a mate of mine.
  8. If you notice there's a mouthpiece attached in easy reach in their clothing. Result of the unfortunate incident that resulted in the death of Andrew (Bart) Simpson
  9. It's worth having a look at some of the survival training the teams have to do. It's pretty terrifying in itself and shows quite how seriously they're taking it. Quite fun watching the marginal-foiling races. Realising you're sailing out of the front of the puffs is quite a watershed moment.
  10. So sorry and sad to hear of the passing of 2 of the Eastern District's gentleman sailors, Nicky Enion and David Perkins. I was fortunate to be able to welcome both of them to Fleetwood for National Championships. Nicky came for the 2017 Marblehead & 10r championship weekend and during the racing his phone fell out of his pocket into the lake. quick as a flash, Walshy ran to the clubhouse came back with a net, fished out the phone which still worked!! David came to the 2018 IOM Nationals and I learnt from him that he was a retired P&O cruise ship Captain. P &
  11. I watch it with the sound off and FF to about two minutes before the start because I find the commentary so banal, but each to his own. If you have Sky or Virgin then it's worth recording both the live and the replay versions as they frequently get delays and the live version can finish before the race does. The boat designs are interesting from a safety point of view as half the crew would be underwater in the normal capsized position. Let's hope there isn't anything for their clothing or safety lines to snag on.
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  13. got to agree with you about Shirley Robertson, she should be in the booth for at least half the time, her commentary yesterday was great and her on the water commentary is great
  14. The quality is excellent and by watching on You Tube you can view it at anytime and avoid delays, I also like Ken Read as a commentator, Nathan Outteridge is also good but Shirley Robertson is the star. After the boats of course
  15. I am agreeably suprised by the quality of the you tube presentation, never thought a foiler lowriding could produce excitement, also after the pre christmas racing Brittannia is finally racing, well done to the team who must have rebuilt the boat
  16. Couple of corrections - you don’t need to have Sky Sports to watch Sky Sports Mix - it’s part of the standard Sky package (channel 416) and the races are LIVE on YouTube, not just recorded.
  17. Something to watch while in lockdown... Most of you probably know the Americas Cup is taking place this year. The PRADA Cup, which is the challenger series, is taking place in Auckland (NZ) and already started yesterday. Those lucky enough to have Sky Sports can find it live on the Sky Sports Mix channel. Those without Sky can find it recorded on YouTube. Team INEOS UK had been struggling previously and not won any races but a lot of changes to their boat in the last couple of weeks has improved their chances of taking on Emirates Team New Zealand, the current Americas Cup holders in
  18. Hello Mike. Yes, receiving emails ok thanks, Chris
  19. Hi All, I am just checking to see if all of the six metre owners in the UK have been receiving the emails via Mailchimp from the COG via myself, if you want to receive these emails( a few a year) and you are not at present receiving them please contact me directly with contact details (email and Telephone if possible) club yacht design and number, if you only have some details and not a yacht as yet please let me know and I will contact you directly. Hopefully we will be out on the water and racing sometime this year, keep cheerful (not easy) keep well (even harder) and see you all soon.
  20. Hi I am currently Building a C/F "Recoco" from a moulding by Ian Munsloe which I am very happy with his EM address is as follows Ian Munslow <ian@carbonish.com> I have finished my hull with a Cambered wood Deck Stay Safe JohnK
  21. Hi, I'm new to the forum, hoping members can assist. I have just taken on the restoration of a Marblehead model yacht, which I have been told is a 1977 Kokonee design from Vancouver MYC. She has a pale blue hull and white deck in fibreglass. I am waiting for plans to check if measurements match up. She has a platform in the stern hatch with a cut out for a rudder servo but no platform in the main hatch nor signs of rc controls for the sails. I was wondering if anyone knows the boat and its history? Would it have been free sailed with just the rudder under rc control? I'm aiming to re
  22. I am now sorted, subject to arranging some shipping at this crazy time ... thanks to those who I have spoken with
  23. Derek, It would have been Serica 2, K1000, that Norman Hatfield was sailing in 1979. Serica 1 was transferred to Dr J S Rix at Poole in 1974. Serica 2 was registered to Norman Hatfield as owner in 1976, with Arthur Levison credited as designer and Belton/Hatfield as builders. Best regards Gareth
  24. Magic, thanks Jeremy. I look forward to meeting you down at the club when regulations permit! Cheers Tim
  25. Hi Tim, Thanks for letting me know; if I hear of anything I will let you know. Cheers Jeremy. Hi Tim, I am a member of Levenhall RYC and live in East Lothian at email mappowder@btinternet.com I could be interested in an upgrade so please let me know what you have for sale. Kind regards Jeremy Nichols
  26. Hi Jeremy (edit - can totally see how my original post can be read both ways, and thank you for offering!) Looking to buy my first IOM to sail there too ... Hoping someone who wants to upgrade can pass on something to get me started. Cheers Tim
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