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  2. Our current guidance is on the website and has not yet changed. When it does we will announce it.
  3. I'm afraid I find the MYA seriously lacking in Covid 19 guidance. As of today, local cricket is allowed with constraints, and that has been due to the governing body working with the government to come up with safe ways of playing. As for the RYA guidance, the applicability to radio sailing is very tenuous. Surely as our sport's governing body, the guidance should be coming from MYA rather than the resounding silence we are currently getting, with the major focus being on the changes to the constitution. Will that encourage the development of the sport? I doubt it. What about giving clubs guidance on Covid? Surely seeing boats sailing and racing again is what the Council should be concentrating on...
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  5. Thanks Darin, I already have seen most of the advise & as a club we have implemented it. It's just the Welsh issue now made clearer since my first post. Hopefully we will have an amendment this weekend otherwise it will be just 2 of us at a time.
  6. The doc below from the RYA is a good read and clearly laid out (although you need to adjust to national guidance) Updated today - 08.07.20 RYA C19 gov guidance QAs.pdf
  7. Hi Larry, thanks for the info which confirms what I thought. I have just had a long conversation with the Welsh NYA who are still trying to clarify our situation. At present in Wales we can only have 2 households thus only 2 models in the water & in theory on site. They are querying what the difference is to say fishing or bowls. Hopefully this weekend some of the restrictions in Wales will be lifted. Thanks again.
  8. 6 is the maximum number of people in England that can meet outside. You need to look at the restrictions in Wales
  9. Thanks @tiggy_cat, duly amended! Great observation!
  10. You might like to check your Ebay listing, as it is currently under Vehicle Parts & Accessories Car Parts Suspension & Steering Car Tie Rods, Linkages & Ends
  11. MX14 GBR 3796 Designed by Frank Russel Hull moulded under licence by MX Components. Rigs: Ball raced goosenecks by Bantock French Mast. Light weight fore booms. Rigs A & B with brand new sails, unused, made by Martin Roberts. Martin Roberts 3 pocket plastic sail bag. No TX/RX. RMG winch, just been checked through by Bill Green . Deck switch by RMG High Tec Rudder Servo. Boat is in good condition and comes with boat stand. Up to date Measurement Certificate. Price: £550. Boat located Portchester, Hampshire. Buyer Collects Please. Contact. Arnie Peace E-mail wendyarnie@thepeaces.co.uk Telephone 02392386986.
  12. The construction of the Matrix (A-Class) is now complete and will be delivered to the owner, for the fitting of the rig prior to the boat’s measurement and launch. It is unfortunate this years Vane A-Class Championship has been cancelled, but now the opportunity exists for more time to trial the revised Matrix design. This essentially finishes Part 1 of the building blog, with part 2 commencing once Matrix is launched in the near future. The completion of our revised A-Class is the beginning of a series of new yacht designs, which will be introduced here in the coming months. We hope to launch our new projects within the 36 Class, RG65 and US1m Class. Included also will be a future IOM Kit for those building enthusiasts later this year. During this Corona-virus pandemic, we have remained busy in the background consistently expanding our products across the classes, which will all become available soon. Link : Here Regards, JT
  13. Hi, I sail at the Gresford Sailing Club Wrexham which we share with the dingy sailors. As we are only one of two clubs in Wales we have had to wait for travel restrictions of 5 miles to be lifted before we start again. I see other clubs are restricting the number of people to 6. Is this an agreed amount for Covid 19 restrictions as a sports gathering or what? I see many fishermen in organised clubs far exceeding this number. We have implemented all of the necessary guidelines & hope to start sailing next week. It's just the numbers of people we can book in seems to be a problem. Our risk assessment allows us to cope with 10 people. Any advise welcome.
  14. 10 Rater class, "Diamond" design. Designed by G. Bantock, Sailsetc2.com, UK and built buy Boatsetc.eu/en, Germany 2017/18 This is a full race spec boat with carbon hull, fins, rudders and masts. Currently among the top fastest designs in the world. 4 x A, B, C and D rigs. All good, except for A rig mainsail in ok condition. B, C and D rigs are shroudless and A rig has quick push/catch shrouds. Full MYA 10 Rater Compliance Class Certificate and rig setup spe c sheet. Light air carbon fin. Latest carbon rudder with LEX (Leading Edge Extension). A rig bag and 3 slot B, C and D rig bag. Does NOT come with stand or TX or RX. 07919 088518 nickennion@hotmail.com Also listed on eBay at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283940463783
  15. I have used both of these, Dave lent me his (some time ago of course) and also Eric's one. Dave's was a Rolls Royce piece of engineering and easy to use. I had to prevent the centre wheel of Eric's from swinging; which was causing un repeatable bends. Both have to be extremely carefully used to avoid rotation whilst bending. Also care to avoid working the soft alloy and making it more bendy. Despite what some may say; this does take a lot of practise and a supply of old masts to do it with. The need for mast pre bend and the requirement for special tools only adds to the complexity of sailing the One Metre class. The pre bent rig must me stored straight to relieve the sail luff, so a box becomes essential. There is no escaping this though and we all have them. To sum up, I still prefer the "round the waist" method. Graham Bantock describes another method on his One Metre rigging plan (RP16D), that also works. Richard
  16. Thanks Mike, for you comments, that have been a great help and your question here. I love the overall impression of the 6M, but wanted a boat that made real use of the size and provide an exciting alternative to my One Metre. I ploughed through the 6M rating formula and ended up with a sail plan comparable to a "Star yacht". The crippler was the draft penalty. I saw no point in building a boat of this size with such a tiny righting moment. Increasing the fin depth seems easy to do; so I did it ! Actually more than doubling the righting moment for what is still a modest draft of 340mm. I also selected a ballast weight of 6Kg to make the whole thing more manageable at the waters edge. Part of the problem with the "classic" shape is the poor ballast ratio and sail area penalties . The boat has a respectable 1.0 sq m of sail on a shroudless carbon mast ( for simplicity) and should do justice to a lovely hull. This sort of explains my thinking and the reason why the excellent 6M class is not for me. One amazing plus though; The boat sits on its own. Can't do that with the One Metre !
  17. A video guide to the proposed new constitution can now be viewed using the link below.
  18. Finally sold for £77 which seems quite cheap for what it is.
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  20. For Sale Starkers Cubed, GBR 5184 Built April 2016 Upgraded to 2017 spec by David Creed 2018 ish RMG 290es winch, Hitec direct drive rudder servo. Graham Bantock HM carbon A Swinging, B & C conventional shroudless rigs with box. Three Lipo Batterys Long & medium length Carbon fins 3.4kg bulb Measured and certified legal Two brand new Brad Gibson A sails still in the tube. Dry boat Very good condition, very little use. £1600 Collection only, can be tested in the Midlands area. Call or text 07718749093
  21. Thanks All, Some good information here, will post what I end up making- and if it works!
  22. Thanks for replying - yes, I have those measurements, but it would be much easier to have a measurement from transom to mid-band. John
  23. Darin The green device is a 3D model of the bender that Dave Alston had made, The other is the one I made, after trials I moved the wheels closer together (Advantage of the construction as wheel position is easily adjustable). By having them closer found it easier to control amount of bend and position on the mast of the bend.
  24. Wow - In the time it took me to write that post - nice work John
  25. I made an adjustable one - you can slowly wind on tension until you get the result you need.
  26. I put the outer wheels 12 inches on center. One local friend made one with the wheels about 8 inches on center and it took a lot of effort to push the mast forward and back - the pressure would cause the wheels to lock and deformed the mast out of round. The effort is much reduced with the wider spacing. Pics of mine below. The wheels on mine were cut from a piece of 3/4inch oak plank (left over from a furniture project). I cut out three disks using a hole cutter. Then I chucked each disk in my drill press and spun it while holding a Dremel with a sanding drum against the disk to create a groove that serves to locate the tube. One improvement was that I added a pivoting straight edge lever across the top to act as a gauge and marked it for the correct setting for various masts (Bantock 6061, French 7075, and Easton 7075(thicker wall than French)) Works great. Easy to use and adjust - I mark the tube for center line at several points to orient the mast as I push it - it will try to twist - and mark the lower bend point, so I know here to stop. I push the mast forward once - and pull it back until it springs out of the jig - sight down the tube to see if it needs more - and adjust the nut and repeat. Just turn the top nut to increase the pressure a bit. With the wheels that you purchased, They should spin easily - but on the right (feed) wheel you may need to file down the flange on the outside so that you do not put extra pressure on the mast as you ease it into the jig. John
  27. So, finally decided that I’m going to build a roller mast bending jig. I’ve got my wheels via the next people at Amazon, but now have to decide how far apart to set them? The middle wheelbwill go up and down vertically to adjust the bend and Im thinking that the further apart the softer the curve but presumably too far and there are other problems? Any thoughts or tips? Darin
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