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  3. Think that should be righting moment. Mind you, looking back at some sailing sessions, perhaps you are right, Mike !!
  4. Thanks Mike, that's what I thought. I purchased a Dragonflite 95 to add to my fleet and had the offer in a shorter keel with the Dragonflite 95. Cheers skipper
  5. Hi it is generally held that the longer , that is deeper , fin will give more fighting moment, most people reduce sail area as the wind strength increases
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for advice regarding sailing my yachts in stronger winds. should I use the standard longer keel or a shorter one, which is best suited
  7. POWER sails of New Zealand Brand new and unused No1 suit of POWERsails sail number has been put on mainsail only with felt tip pen so can be easily removed. XXXXSOLDXXXX
  8. I have been using two of them for a couple of years and they are super little bits of kit.
  9. Thanks Tiggy Cat, that TX/RX looks just the job. Off to buy one now (metaphorically in current circumstances of course) Richard
  10. Did you ever get around to photographing the boats & other things for sale to post here? I for one would be interested in an IOM and/or Laser. Let me know if any are still around.
  11. Hi Richard, Contact Damian Ackroyd for the lowdown on keel trim tabs. They are on Driskys and most of the A class/6m Hollom designs. Derek Priestley is another possibility - he has a Hollom A class 'Hard Tack which has a trim tab. I think you will need a channel with a three position switch on your TX though. Cheers, Shaun.
  12. Perhaps a cheapish one that has a couple of channels that can be controlled proportionally by knobs would be more useful. Would suggest something like the Turnigy TGY-i6. Actually on this, you can assign two of the channels to either a switch or a knob . It also has a channel operated by a 3 position switch as well. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-tgy-i6-mode-2-afhds-transmitter-and-6ch-receiver.html?queryID=16badbcee626b55a7971fb683dc5435c&objectID=45922&indexName=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products
  13. Thanks Bill, I know Peter quite well and, as you say, Always helpful. Poole is a bit far away now though. Thanks Mike, looks like I may need to buy a new TX then, one with a 3 position switch. Info on tab settings very useful indeed. Richard
  14. I think we will give it a go as a club, the savings we make on lake fees can go towards VR subscription. Probably best to try it out on an individual basis before attempting club/regional/national competition. If someone with an MYA address can successfully request access then maybe something can be trialled. As two-thumb sailors we might turn out to be quite good at this.
  15. Hi Toby, Trying to get into the club zone (without success) but it does say that the class associations are currently notcovered with virtual regatta, although the RYA are in discussion.
  16. I used a trim tab net frisky but I use spectrum and they have a 3 position switch, I tied fairs settings but the only one I found any good was At one 3 to 5 degrees
  17. Richard, if you are in the Poole area a call to Peter Wiles at PJ Sails may help you. Peters number is in his supplier banner on this site.
  18. Thanks very much for the reply Bill, message understood. If I can get hold of one I certainly would like to try it, we previously had a couple of guys in our club that used to beat us with shroudless, but the are/were very good sailors.
  19. I remember sailing an International Canoe, Mike, the sliding seat was fun. May need to start a new thread: Servo control for trim tab. We used an analogue system on Transpac's but I assume radio sailing will be a digital switch Left/off/right. What sort of servo is necessary ? My Futaba TX only has two position switches so how is trim controlled ? Richard
  20. Does anyone know if the offer of free VIP passes to enable club competition for RYA affiliated clubs was extended to the MYA? It seems Virtual Regatta may provide some means of keeping clubs interested and engaged while we are away from the water. As a fee paying branch of World Sailing seems we should be on an equivalent level to RYA clubs. https://www.rya.org.uk/Pages/virtual-regatta.aspx
  21. John. No reason not to. You need to ask yourself the question would the gain you make to windward by pointing higher out way the reduced off wind performance. As the majority of a radio course is off wind then the swing A rig will come out best over the course. That’s why the fleet uses swing rigs for A suit. When wind gets stiffer the conventional rigs work better across the range. You may have seen that swing rigs are set more forward in the hull that increases the tendency to push the bow down and fir the boat to trip up and the wind speed increases. The conventional rig is far easier to handle in higher wind speeds In the vane M era shroudless A rig was used as it allowed the top of the rig to bend off in a gust and good windward performance is at a premium. We used a prodder rig where the jib boom is attached to a yard clipped to the mast and the hull. It was effective but as it made it more difficult to catch the boat and pick it out so the fleet went back to conventional arrangements I hope that helps if you need anything further give me a ring. My contact details are on the SmartWinch supplier banner Bill
  22. I have a Starkers cubed with a swing "A" rig, but enjoyed sailing with the shroudless "B" rig in windier conditions, would a shroudless "A" rig work ok on the Starkers ? Do you have any recomendations ?
  23. Johns book does have some interesting designs with brief notes on why he went the way he did but, seriously the A is to me one of our most underrated classses, it does not need to be modern it can vary in weight from less than 10 kilos up to 19 or 20 kilos, and they certainly are so graceful on the water, there are some very pretty designs out there and when you consider the cost of a top one metre the A is a cheap boat, I am an ex International Canoe sailor and the A and the 6 ( my other love) are very similar.
  24. From what I have seen of them and perusing the rules, the A class is a great class. I like the huge difference possible in hull, ballast weights and rig area. Biggest problem is that I have never seen one in the flesh; apart from those in the Poole clubhouse. Also a bit large. My boat of choice for most of my sailing time has been the Merlin Rocket. So much to play about with and experiment. Unfortunately due to crew considerations I realise that I have owned more Lasers than Merlins. I have one now sitting on the front garden, with sailing/swimming on hold. Hence the timely appearance of a boat to play with. I must try to read John Lewis's book
  25. Bill and MIke; very useful and relevant comments and I agree that I would have a preference for a finbox arrangement. Possibly I am being driven by economics here and want to try lots of ideas out on this hull. Fins and finboxes are expensive. The best, I know, are engineering works of art and certainly worth the loot. My fin will be removable though and I will be trying different fin shapes (eventually) I intend using the trim tab for any CLR correction as a simple expedient. Also the rudder. Intend floating the modified hull tomorrow to determine the sort of ballast weight required to come down on the WL minus estimated rig and radio gear weights of course. This is a fun project and the aim is to get a really nice sailing boat and try out some ideas. Richard
  26. Bags look nice. What is the cost & would you ship to the USA (TEXAS)? How can other items be purchased from your web site?
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