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  2. Day 3 Report Continuing with fleet sailing, B-Fleet was at the lake side for the morning session. Light and variable winds dominated the early start and at times racing had to be paused by the Race Officer, Mr Derek Priestley. Fortunately, there was only 2 rounds of sailing to be completed which took until lunchtime. Peter Fothergill maintained his challenge and Jacque Cook also picked up important points. After lunch it was the turn of A - Fleet and for them 3 rounds of racing, as well as re-sails from day 2 which still had to be resolved. In the end, most of the leading skippers from both fleets did not have things all their own way, as they all dropped important points. The biggest mover from today's racing came in Damian Ackroyd sailing 'Sir Percy'. From 17 points which were available to him, (3 sailing rounds, plus a re-sail for 2points) , he collected a total of 12 points. His performance allows him to climb 4 places up the leader board. In addition, the Roberts family went head to head in the regatta, namely Martin and Andrea Roberts (husband and wife). Andrea and team mate Lisa Priestley sailed successfully to claim maximum points against Martin Roberts, I am sure there will be much to celebrate on one side of the family tonight. Tomorrow the regatta switches to the Yachting Monthly Cup, a knockout competition which will give some skippers an early finish. Some pictures below are a mix from the last few days.
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  4. Vane A - Class Championship Day 2 Report. Today switched to fleet racing, in the morning session the skippers from A - Fleet competed against each other. Chris Harris sailing 'Lance/Jouster' continued his good work from yesterday. He consistently sailed very well whilst the rest of the fleet took points from each other. Damian Ackroyd sailing a 'Sir Percy' design also put in a good performance, as he won 3 of the 4 running legs of the course in the morning session. Unfortunately, his momentum was thwarted on a re-sail scheduled tomorrow against team 'Lisa Priestley and Andrea Roberts' , who themselves managed to pick up some important points today. In the afternoon session, skippers from B-Fleet raced each other, Mark Dicks and Graham Wyeth built on there success from yesterday, again sailing a 'Lance' design which is becoming difficult yacht to beat this week. However, the performance of the day came from the youngest skipper in the fleet, Oliver Stollery (13yrs) sailing the oldest boat of 50yrs 'Clockwork Orange'. Oliver sailed to success taking maximum points from his more famous father and grandfather Peter and Roger Stollery. What a fantastic achievement and one for the family album. The latest scores are available. Please be aware B-Fleet have completed one round more of sailing, some boats have had a 'Bye' and re-sails are still to be completed. Please view the short promotional film about Vane Sailing, where you might need to tweak the volume button . Short Promotional Film Link:
  5. Day 1 Report The 2021 (UK) Vane A Class Championship got underway today as 18 skippers arrived at Gosport to compete over 6 days. This Championship as well as the Yachting Monthly Cup are the most prestigious events within the MYA Calendar, both have been competed for since 1932. This years event has attracted no fewer than 4 World Champions outside of the class, numerous national champions, including experts within the skill of Vane Sailing, plus a mix of new and exciting talent, all of which represent the next generation of skippers. This year will see a different name on the trophy because the current champion, Graham Butler of Fleetwood was unable to compete this year. So who will be your favourite to win the championship? Shaun Wyeth - He has to be the favourite for this week. He is sailing on his own lake using a boat familiar to him which has been upgraded recently. Shaun has won this regatta many times and understands the challenges. Martin Roberts - A world Champion outside of the class, but he has won this event more than once. He will be pushing hard throughout the week. Rob Walsh and Peter Stollery - Both skippers are World Champions outside of the class, but Peter has won the Vane A - Class Championship before. Rob is still yet to achieve this goal but both skippers have capable yachts to win. Dave Geldard - A past winner of this championship but competing with a new and unfamiliar boat, Matrix which performed well 2 weeks ago at Fleetwood. Dave will pickup points against his rivals, but consistency will be key for him. Chris Harris - He knows what it takes to win this event, plenty of Vane A-Class experience. He won at Fleetwood 2 weeks ago but has changed his boat for the regatta. Or is there another skipper who can raise their game? Scores will start from tomorrow.
  6. Sorry for the slow reply. I am in Sunday till midday then away till next weekend. Not sure where you are My tel No 07747690913 Tom
  7. is this sill for sale if so can i come and have a look. thanks
  8. With the UK (Vane) A - Class Championship nearly upon us, please view from the link below describing my latest available design after a lengthy development period. Looking forward to Gosport, see you all there. Website Link: HERE Regards JT
  9. Derek Priestley


    Hi Steve, If you can find a way, you will be most welcome at Fleetwood Derek Priestley President Fleetwood MYC.
  10. stevevw


    I have just acquired the ex Oliver Lee Pronto and would very much like to race her at this years Nationals probably around 40 years after her victory. After going through the current rules I see the only part Pronto does not comply with is the 10mm bumper. I am a bit loathe to cut the front off a classic boat so was wondering if I can stick a piece of foam on the bow if of course I can get the boat to fit the box. Is it OK to compress the foam to fit the box? Also who is the Registrar so I can apply for a duplicate certificate.
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  12. Tom Roberts

    IOM No 4686

    This is a David Hollom ' FORCE MAJEURE' design built in Balsa with epoxy skin both inside and out. The deck is Red Cedar strips. The boat comes with PJ Sails winch , CAT sails and French mast. I am selling this boat with A rig only so this is reflected in the price. Fitted with Dave Creed foils and lead. The boat is almost new and has not been competitively sailed yet. The boat is finished in epoxy with cream "2K" sprayed hull. For sale due to new project about to take up time and space. Radio is available. I am asking £650 for the package.
  13. This is a Bantock moulded Jazz and is completely retro ( other than the rudder) It comes with A and B rigs. original winch. I have refurbished the boat with a view to classic racing but have other projects on the go so it is for sale. There is a hard sail box with the boat and a radio is available if required. It can be viewed near Southampton. This boat is ready to go and needs no work. I am asking £250 for the complete package.
  14. This boat is built in epoxy with a lite ply deck. French masts, CAT sails, PJ SAILS winch, Dave Creed foils and lead. This is a competitive boat which is for sale because i have a new project near completion. It has a soft rig bag. I am asking £450 for this boat and rigs. I have a radio for sale if required. The boat can be viewed in Southampton or Gosport.
  15. Hi Colin, "Mirage" were designed by Jeff Byerley a Kiwi, from AUS! We had several of them here in UK about 20 yrs ago. Hope this helps Derek
  16. Hi Matrin, May I buy this boat please? I'll be at Gosport from sat afternoon for vane A week PM me if o.k. yottyderek@tiscali.co.uk thanks.
  17. Price reduced to £125.00
  18. I have just bought a IOM “Mirage Plus 2” Hull No 885 GBR How could I find any information/ history on this yacht. Regards Colin
  19. Derek Does this exempt me from needing to do an RYA sail measuring course? Draught and freeboard I can manage on my bench. QBL I have also measured (roughly) and I think its ok. I am putting m,y faith in Bill Daniels and John Lewis's skills as designers as their relevant drawings say the QBL penalty should be zero. Slide rule still in the loft, I have progressed from inches, a calculator, pencil and paper to putting millimeters straight into the A class Excel spread sheet Bill the Milk event looks doubtful due to the arrival of Elizabeth's latest trainee hearing dog puppy Elsie, younger sister of our last dog William who has just gone out to work this week.. Best regards Gareth
  20. Hi Gareth, Following on from all of your experiences, I believe that you have now completed phase 1 of the A class measurer's training course!! Just the draught, freeboard, QBL, sail area & formula (slide rule operation) reqd!! hope to see you at our "Bill the milk" trophy classic & Vintage Marblehead event in 3 weeks? Derek
  21. For those of you who are A class anoraks and have been lying awake at night wondering why the waterline length of our Serica III was so long , I now have the answer. I have almost completed a second A class to John Lewis's Phaedra 2 design. That had the same problem of excessive waterline length when measured in our garden pond. I have now measured both hulls in a 6 foot water trough using the recommended technique of gently drawing the hull towards a metal 'weir' across the tank at the surface level of the water, measuring the overhang forward and aft and subtracting these values from the overall length of the hull. This gave results much closer to the predicted design values and around 1.5 inches less than my pond based method suggested. The answer, therefore, is that it was all down to my crap measuring process which was much more pessimistic than I thought.
  22. Late 1950's Double-Ender Marblehead design by D.A.Macdonald for both Braine , Vane , and to accommodate Period Radio Equipment. Braine Quadrant currently fitted. 2 Suits of sails. Price £75 Located North Surrey Contact me at pandsjk@googlemail.com if interested Thank you.
  23. This boat is currently in NW Hampshire and is now surplus to requirements. It was measured about 5 years ago and it came in at 9.99 and the certificate is available. The Sea Skua was designed by Squire Kay. It has 3 rigs: A; B; C The winch is a Hitec HS-785 and the Rudder Servo is a Futaba S3003. The boat and all its kit is in great condition. This is a current picture with the A Rig fitted, and tilted on the stand to fit in the garage: Price (ono) £500. Please phone 01962 886757 or email Paul-brooks8@sky.com
  24. The first two rounds of the TT series will now be held at the best lake in the World, West Kirby, with views across the River Dee, sandy beaches, bird life and a pint at the club after sailing. Please get your entries in.
  25. Eric, The reason the K2 uses a magnetic jib pivot anchor is to make them easily retrieve them if/when the string breaks leaving the magnet buried in the slot..... M
  26. Thanks for responding John, I have made a quite a few sails in this material and they work very well for the Victoria class yachts. I am only interested in making the foresail from Ripstop, keeping the main in mylar. As before I can't get the photo to go the right way up!
  27. I have a DF65 V6 version for sale due to a bereavement. It comes with 2 sets of sails (A and A+) plus a flysky radio. Ready to sale. £150 ono Collection from the Sheffield area. Contact me on a4lees@gmail.com for more information
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