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  2. NANCY

    MX16 IOM For Sale

    REDUCED TO 800.00 O.N.O
  3. Hello, I'm still looking for a modern replacement for my 2012 MMX. One that is based on Dave Creed's Lintel design or variants. Thanks
  4. This week's matches: AlanD vs AndrewB - Wednesday at 13.30 AlanA vs DouglasR - Wednesday at 14.30 or Thursday at 15.00 AlasdairR vs IainD - Thursday at 13.45
  5. Last week
  6. Complete ready to race Diamond in very good condition with three Sailsetc. rigs in a wooden sail box. RMG winch with preferred Graham Bantock Modified deck mounted drum. Futaba rudder servo. Dry boat with current UK measurement certificate following import from Australia. Boat supplied with aluminium boat stand and Futaba Tx and Rx. Also supplied with two boat batteries (LiPo) with XT30 connectors and a LiPo compatible charger + additional basic charger for Futaba Tx batteries. Only selling to make room for new boat. Can be viewed and trial sailed at London Model Yacht Club, Kensington observ
  7. Competitive 10 Rater with two rigs. Compartmented sail bag, Measured in 2019 and supplied with certificate. Priced to sell at £750 without RX and Tx or with excellent Futaba T10J and receiver for an additional £100. Boat is available to view and trial sail at London Model Yacht Club in Kensington observing current COVID restrictions. Call Colin Harper on 07821 917657 or email colin@cdh-consulting.com.
  8. This weeks racing saw wins for IainD over AlanA and for AlasdairR over DouglasR. Updated ladder below: IainD moves above AlanA, leapfrogging DouglasR. AlasdairR remains at the top. Win for AndrewB vs IainD also.
  9. MartinU

    DF 65

    Due to work commitments I cannot sail when my local club race this class. So I'm selling a 'virtually new' DF 65 Only been in the water ~ 4-5 times Complete with: Instructions and box Orange deck colouring, applied to the sides, rest of set included. A+ set of Sochi sails/rig. Second set of A sails [no rig] Short fin [I was expecting weeds and shallow water!] Car charger Spare fin bolts RG65 tuning doc Spektrum 6 Ch RX There is a slight wrinkle on the jib, which I think happened in the car Collection only [with sui
  10. Hi All I put my own connectors on , then sleeved the battery to hold the wires in place. Dave
  11. Ten Rater Tension from Peter Wiles was built in glassfibre in 2015 and is in excellent condition. It has a top rig by PJ Sails plus two other suits with a KingMax winch (metal gears and cordless motor) and Futaba S3003 rudder servo. This is a quick boat (as always, in the right hands) and has all the Registration documents etc. Currently in Hindhead, Surrey. Please contact Tony Schlaeppi at tony.schlaeppi@gmail.com or on 01428 605068 to view. Price £550 ono
  12. A Boat For Sale Gunboat Registered ready to race, new top suit sails by Sailsect not used yet, top suit and second suit with skinny main by P J Sails, little used RMG winch with deck on off switch, Hitec metal Rudder servo D930. Boat built by the late Neil Rothwell spare set of sails by Neil Rothwell, £1700 Tel 07866 821971
  13. PeterM wasn't available to sail vs IainD, so IainD has a walkover win. The latest ladder:
  14. Excellent way to spend some time...
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  16. Kept me busy for 30 minutes. brilliant
  17. Well if you have, go to the link below and have a go at the rules quiz with boats that actually move and incidents that really happen in every event you enter. https://birkenheadrspc.co.uk/ Just scroll down and you cannot miss it.
  18. If I remember aright, Steve had a conundrum with his Porsche on one sailing trip. I believe that he had a puncture and had to put on the skinny emergency tyre, then found that the fat road wheel would not fit into the available space occupied by the spare. Rest of the car full of boat. What do you do ?
  19. Just catching up on my reading and spotted the comment about steering rack prices: just how many steering racks does one car need during its life? I would have thought - just the one it came with, surely they are like dogs - for life! Sixes last a lot longer! A Six would go in the car pictured. Removable lead on the passenger floor: hull bow first in the passenger area; mast and boom assembly between the head restraints (might need a hole in the rear window of the hood); sails in a short tube of soil pipe; radio gear in the luggage box; skipper in the driving seat and you're ready
  20. NeilC

    8m model yachts

    I was recently trying to bid on some 8m yacht moulds on eBay but unfortunately the seller ended the listing early. Is it possible to get a set of plans for these 8m model yachts? Neil
  21. This week's racing: Thursday at 2pm: AlanD vs DouglasR Result: Narrow win for DouglasR Friday: AlanA vs AlasdairR & PeterM vs IainD Result: Win for AlasdairR & other match void - to be resailed early next week. I'll post the revised ladder thereafter.
  22. NANCY

    MX16 IOM For Sale

    MX16 IOM Designed by Maurizio Morbidelli and built in 2016 by MX components Supplied with A and B rigs from Potter solutions in a rig bag. RMG winch and Savox rudder servo Has been sailed regularly but now have a new boat. Located in Coventry Contact Roy on 07305941180 or e-mail nancycj2257@g-mail.com for more information. Price 950.00
  23. Well done John, great read, thanks. Lets hope there is not another lockdown and you can get all those ideas on the water racing.
  24. During the UK lockdown period and running parallel with our 'Matrix' A - Class Building Blog at the time, I produced a short piece of creative writing which was to be published within the Yachts & Yachting website. Unfortunately, the work was shelved and never published. Recently, with the introduction of another A - Class face book page, I have decided to share this piece of work, for those who may find some use within their interest for A - Class yachts. Constructive feedback would be appreciated. Regards JT Innovation of Design and Construction for A Class yachts.p
  25. We have used knitted bow bumpers on a number of our restored vintage yachts (usually made by my wife). I think it would work quite well on our A class, particularly with a small sponge rubber ball underneath, partially impaled on the point of the bow. However, as you say, it probably won't be strictly in accordance with the latest class rules We have found that a length of hook type Velcro stuck on the stem is quite effective at stopping the knitted bumpers riding up or down the stem. It is not necessary to have a piece of loop Velcro on the bumper, the hook type alone will grip it.
  26. You could always add a knitted bow bumper which might not be accepted by modern class rules but provides at least some protection. It really needs to be fixed well in place such that it does not get pushed out of the way. You can find them on ebay and model shops. It has a quite nice vintage look which does not ruin entirely the look of a Vintage yacht
  27. Accidents happen & most vane sailors accept this with good grace & there are always lots of people happy to help repair. I'm sure that we'd all be happy to see a few vintage boats racing in the centenary A week (2023) and I for one wouldn't mind if the forward most part of the hull was not "elastomeric"!! Good luck with your build & hope we'll see you at classic & vintage Marbleheads next year. Derek
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