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    • Generally Phil Holliday's video says what members might want to hear, but it is not quite the full story and glosses over some of the issues that really affect members, like the question of membership input on the annual subscription etc, and in particular changes a very important OBJECT, which limits the scope of the future progress of the MYA. My main objection is that this set of documents appears to have been rushed through to form the agenda of an EGM, which does not allow any amendments by members. The EGM was originally introduced for changes to individual clauses and not a complete rewrite. This is not giving members the opportunity to have an input that they would have at an AGM and it makes it more difficult to change. This is very disappointing as Council is supposed to be providing a service to members. The result is a poor set of documents, which appear to be unfinished, unchecked for errors, omissions, unrelated parts and needs to have interpretation before being understood. Although the existing constitution does need to be updated in places, the 7 pages are quite readable. As soon as constitution rules are split into lots of parts it is more difficult to understand. This is the unfortunate trend of modern rules (like the class rules for instance) to have multiple cross-references, which doesn't make for easy reading or understanding, and in this case you end up with 14 pages of these new Constitution documents. In addition there is another 14 page comparative document, which has been well put together in explaining some of the differences and logic behind the changes, but do we really need to have the 28 pages to hand to be able to understand the document?  The constitution and the Regulations are all part of the document to be voted on and Phil Holliday admits in his 19th of June post on the forum that the regulations didn't have sufficient consideration.  At the start of the comparative document there is a preamble about classes which appears to be opposite to the Council's desire to slim down the Council, because there are not enough volunteers willing to serve.  If this is the trend, then how are the classes going to work as more volunteers are required? Just finding a secretary for the most popular class, to act as IOM class captain, has proved impossible, despite a year's notice being given. I am an owner in 4 MYA/IRSA classes and have not heard from any of the class captains, apart from the Free Sailing class captain, for several years. It is already not working as far as involving me as a class member is concerned and history demonstrates that it has not worked before because our sport is too small and that there are just not enough members sufficiently interested.   Read more detail on the PDF against 3 of the 4 motions.     2020-07-13 RPS comments on the 2020 Constitution & Regulations 2.pdf
    • Thanks Darin, let's now all get on with the sailing & plan for the future.  
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