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    Some of us belong to several fora, most of which have nothing to do with model yachting and for which a degree of anonymity is considered sensible. Using the same name on all of them is a matter of pragmatism. Hi, my name is Stan.
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    Just completed Winter project. Starkers Cubed. Just Registered and Measured and ready to go. A swing Rig, B, C1, And C2, Conventional Rigs, with high modular masts. Sails by Housemartin . Creedy Fin, Bulb and Rudder. New PJS 36 winch. Waterproof Servo and RMG on / off switch. Lovely looking boat in Black / White. Only sailed 3 times just to prove. Compete with Spektrum Transmitter and receiver. All ready to go sailing. Contact 01603 928411 Price £1500 .00
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    Alternative going like a train, but since re-rigging with those nice BG sails and a Pierre Gonnet mast just could not seem to get the best sail shape on all points. I had used a high tech roller setup to achieve an accurate pre-bend and it matched recommendations, but just did not feel right. Bit the bullet and took the sail off and decided to revert to the low tech bend method, as suggested aeons ago by a sailor who subsequently won the Worlds. To quote the instructions: " Just bend it around your middle". Now, of course, the gooseneck is fitted and the shrouds. I recently fixed the mast crane to avoid rotation and between this and the gooseneck body, maintaining the bend axis is very easy. So yes; rig and drill the mast before bending this way. First I removed the existing bend, then proceeded to gently bend to match the reversed luff shape. Simple. Refitted sail and it looked good, as they say. Proof of the pudding was sailing this morning. Simply fantastic ! Previously I was aware that performance fell off noticeably depending on initial set up. Either upwind or reaching. Boat pointed brilliantly and now accelerated downwind also. The excellent sails can now do their job. Just down to me now, thanks to that "gut feeling" and some old but good advice. Richard
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    Peter Wiles design and built by him in 2016 & regisered 4099 complete with A & B sales with rig bag. Smart boat in very good condition. Oliver Miles, Swanage Dorset. Mob 07736 546 347, oliverfmiles@gmail.com.£750
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