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    Here is a video link to a tuning video created by Designer, Builder, Sailmaker, Top Sailor and IOM guru, Ian Vickers. John
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    Entry for our final ranking events of 2019 are now open. Manor Park are pulling out all of the stops to provide a fantastic event with new ramp facilities, on site camping (on a first come first served basis see NOR) & Saturday evening class social. All details including online entry & Notice of race can be found here For those interested in competing at a European Championships in 2020 its possible that ranking 5&6 will be the last opportunity to accumulate ranking points. Please enter early to help the host club, we are expecting a large turnout so entering early might enable you to sail with your preferred number Please pay particular attention to personal buoyancy as prescribed in the NOR.
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    Blithfield Sailing Club Staffs WS153DU is running a Df65 Barts Bash event on Saturday Sep 14 for Df65. Blithfield SC is a superb open water venue. We hope that the wind supports us and offers our common sailing in waves!. Racing will start not before 12. Please bring a buoyancy aid as launching will be from a pontoon ( some available from club foc). Home made cake and drinks available. Laughter will be a priority during our event! Ian McDonald www.blithfield.org.uk
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