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    The email below has today been sent to MYA Club Secretaries with the approval of 7 MYA VIce Presidents. ''Dear MYA Club Secretary You will be aware that MYA Council has requested that at an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on 25th January 2020 the membership approves a New Constitution. We the undersigned MYA Vice Presidents would be very grateful if your club committee and members would take the time to compare both old and new Constitutions including the numerous appendices to the new version. They should also look on the MYA Forum under ‘MYA Chat – Proposed New Constitution’ where there are several experienced ex-Council members’ observations on both the manner of the introduction of this New Constitution and the defects that exist in its component sections. Despite the long time that Council has said that it has spent on preparing the document, it is in an unfinished state. Henry Farley, well known to MYA members for his skill over many years in MYA detail matters, has compared the new constitution with the current one and noted a significant number of issues and raised relevant queries in regard to both content and requirements, tabulating them for ease of comparison. This table is attached and on the forum. It notes only those matters discovered initially and they are probably not exhaustive. Roger Stollery and Guildford Model Yacht Club have also analysed the New Constitution and a précis of the club’s letter is also on the forum, with the letter itself as an attachment. You will see that there are a number of significant drafting errors where the meaning of certain terms and references is ambiguous, which will inevitably cause difficulties in the future. There are also several crucial areas of constitutional significance where it has always been up to the full membership to agree a change of course, whereas this Council has decided to remove those choices. There are areas of uncertainty, poor drafting, and purely Council’s opinions, which will place members at a disadvantage. Therefore the ‘New Constitution’ and its numerous appendices as it now stands can only ever be considered as a draft for members’ discussion. We believe that in support of Council the solution might be to form an experienced drafting committee both from within Council and from the membership itself, to achieve an acceptable Constitution with valid reasons for all changes and ready in good time for the 2020 AGM. We therefore urge your Club to consider carefully how to cast your vote when you submit your voting form (by 18th January 2020) and/or when attending the 25th January meeting. There are no arrangements for amendments to a motion at an EGM. Thus the sensible option is to vote against the proposed motion in order that a refined Constitution can be put before the members at the 2020 AGM. Yours sincerely Mike Clifton, Chris Durant, Henry Farley, Robert Hobbs, Steve Poole, Russell Potts, Roger Stollery MYA Vice Presidents''
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    Firstly, please note that currently the hosts are having issues with there WiFi and due to National holidays, this is not likely to be resolved until tomorrow. So, First two days of the Boys (and our mum - - Sue Conner) from Brazil tour has been somewhat eventful, two boats missing from the Flight from Amsterdam, one from Sao Paolo. After some biting of fingers etc, all arrived before the start of the event. The sailing venue is very good, water maybe fresh water, but looks more like the River Severn in Bristol than sunny Brazil. The host club have made all feel very welcome and are looking after all very well. After completion of measurement, the opening ceremony on Saturday night was a good evening, lots of old and new friends meeting up and swapping stories of there journeys to Brazil. Sunday arrived and the weather was very warm and sunny (sorry UK). After the raising of the flags in the morning ceremony (sorry gb, not your finest hour), seeding races took place. All competitors agreed that due to the UK missing two, they would run E, D, C, A, and then B. Seeding races were sailed in wind that increasing from a nice top rig, to a hard top rig. After the seeding races, skippers began to change to second rig, wind, waves and sunshine made for interesting racing. During race three, the wind began to swing slightly from the shore, one hardly sole (USA 42) tried top rig, oops. After the A Fleet race, E fleet sailed in a mix of top and second rig, with a dying breeze swinging off the shore racing was halted at 1810. This then meant story's could be told of the day's racing over a beer or two (some of team Aus was more like 7 or 8). So how did the bits fair GB was first up, after been called over the line (running down it really), recovered to respectable third in his seeding race, followed by a fourth in race two, race three was a gring for all, finishing in the lower part of the fleet. CH was second up, sailed OK, needs to learn how sail downwind in waves, two thirds and a fifteenth, called over in the last race, became bit of a soldiers course after that. BC, didn't have the best start, lost jib tension in his seeding race, had Shaun Wyeth on speed dial on his main kicker for the second race, not sure if you can shorten the waterline of BritPop by this method, did try though. In race made a break for freedom, getting into D fleet, starting there in the morning. JC, sailed OK in his seeding race, didn't get a break on the second beat, as ever sailing will a smile and Jovial as in JC way, today is another day. RV, sailed his seeding race looking very dapper, brown boots and shorts, Graham Elliott would be proud, after a quick rig change (no GBR's on new rig, nailed the start, lead win his seeding race, race and three were different affairs, and scored a few points, but Monday is another day. PS, in the same seeding race as RV, after a miner issue before start with radio gear, sailed a consistent race to get a second place, race two was not great for PS, range issues, so a last place, after changing transmitter and receiver, won B fleet and after been called over in A Fleet, fought back to mid fleet. Forecast for Monday is for same direction, but lighter breeze, so another day in the sun. Will update Monday night on days outcome.
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    Following receipt of the Newsletter, which is welcome, I have taken the opportunity to look at the proposed constitution and compared it with the version that exists at present. I find it hard to understand and extremely complicated particularly when read in conjunction with all of the appendices. It is billed as removing anomalies that exist within the current constitution but I feel that it probably does the opposite and adds additional levels of complexity which is largely unnecessary.
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    Today saw a first for the 6m class - a plastic 6m to the SeaBird design by David Hollom and built by me took to the water. Plenty of you will have heard the chatter about digitally printed yachts, though we'd do something a bit different and produce a 6m yacht. The hull, keel, rudder and gooseneck arrangement are all digitally printed, a few bits of resin and glass tape reinforce a few bits like the fin and mast step box to the hull. Once built she was primed and sprayed just like any other hull I've built. SeaBird will be competing in quite a few of the events up and down the country in the coming year, so get your 6 out and come sailing at the many events published on the 6m website. The first on the list was Fleetwood today. The day started with strong gusts across the lake, but the afternoon bough a near perfect wind down the middle, with courses stretching the full length of the lake. John Taylor will be posting a full report on his FB page later. Today proves this class is certainly alive and at the forefront of technology.
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    A report of the open meeting at Fleetwood on the 26th January can be found on the Six Metre website. Worth a look here: http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/report-fleetwood-open-26120.html Shaun Holbeche.
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    Oh well it was a good idea while it lasted. My ISIS goes from 10th in the fleet to 3rd in light airs so I can’t complain! Now perhaps if I oil the gooseneck .......
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    Suitable for A class classic , nice looking yacht
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    A seller with few scruples. I was trying to work out what design it actually is.
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    Hi Phil/Darin To say that I am disappointed would be a gross understatement, there has been no meaningful response to my last post. The last input to the thread is somewhat nonsensical and, if I were Robert Hobbs I would feel offended. Yet again I ask WHY THE RUSH? It has been accepted that a fairly major rewrite is needed. The appendices have to be considered at the same time as important areas of the constitution have been removed from the main body and transferred to these appendices. In view of the 2 years it has taken Council to “finish” phase 1 it is ridiculous to expect to complete phase 2 for a vote from the membership by early May David Munro
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    Once again the Council is in a rush and it is not clear why, just a few days to reply to a major change in the Councils stance on the constitution EGM is hardly fair to the membership. Also going for an EGM for ratification is a take it or leave it attitude the 2020 AGM would allow more time and also give the Clubs /Members an opportunity to comment. The work to date by the council on the Constitution provides a reasonable document that requires polishing . Robert Hobbs
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    It is good that Council have accepted that there are problems with the proposed Constitution and that they have postponed presenting it to the membership but, in my view, by setting a date for completing a rewrite by the end of February they have not allowed anything like enough time for this to happen and I can predict that we will arrive at the same situation as now when the date for an EGM is set for early May. Again I ask why the rush? From the response from this forum and also from other sources it is clear that the difficulties with the proposed Constitution are not going to be solved by tinkering around the edges but require a "back to the drawing board" approach. It has taken Council 2 years to get to where we are now so it is unreasonable to expect that a fairly major rewrite could be achieved in the few weeks that have been allowed. We know that the Marblehead/10Rater World Championships have no bearing on this matter so a programme that would allow sufficient time for this to happen would be sensible and I would suggest that aiming to put it before the membership for their consideration at the AGM at the end of the year would be more realistic. David Munro
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    Hi Darin - nice to hear from you Having served on Council for a period I am fully aware of the time that Council members devote to the running of an organisation such as ours and they are to be applauded. However the Council must be aware of concerns regarding the proposed new constitution as some of these concerns have been aired both on this forum and from various other sources. With this in mind it is difficult to understand the rush to get the document put before the membership for approval (or possible rejection). In particular why is there a need for the new constitution to be in place prior to the RM and 10Rater Worlds - we have run various World and other International events under the existing version without any problem. Surely now is the time to take a breather and have another look at the proposed constitution. There are a number of experienced and long serving ex Council members who, I'm sure would be willing to help. I look forward to a satisfactory resolution David
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    We would want to know what the Council perceive to be the problems with the existing constitution and why it is necessary for the new or amended constitution to be in place in time for the Marble head and Ten Rater Worlds - we have run several International and World Championships in the past very successfully - what's different with this one? As far as the time scale is concerned, it is more important to get it right rather than working to an arbitrary date David Munro
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    Phil Given that the according to you the "unworkable" constitution has been in place for a number of years, and seemed to serve the members reasonably well until this current administration, I would suggest that the only urgency for change is on the part of the MYA Council, although it is my belief that there is a wind for change amongst the membership as well. I am surprised you need to ask for suggestions as to a way forward as a number of suggestions for getting the MYA a modern robust constitution to see it into the coming years have already been presented here, it would appear the majority posting here are suggesting to use what you have as a consultation document with a properly thought out constitution being presented at the 2020 AGM having been worked upon by a constitution steering sub committee taking into consideration the views of all parties. If the 2020 World Championship event at West Kirby is causing you difficulty, in that you need to work outside the current constitution then put the amendments to allow you to host this event in the manner you wish before an EGM and assuming it is seen to be reasonable I can see no reason why members wouldn't vote for those changes presented as a specific requirement for this event, I find it hard to believe that we need to adopt the proposed poorly constructed document in it's entirety for the sake of one World event.
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    Excellent Phil So now that we have 3 vice presidents suggesting that more time is required to make the changes required to produce a proper working constitution and a further unspecified number of vice presidents "offering support for this move and also constructive ideas on further improvements", does the council not think if it truly wants to produce a working document for the future that it would be best for all concerned to suspend the EGM make the proposed constitution a consultation document and bring an improved more complete version of the proposed constitution before the AGM in 2020? Interesting that you appear to think those posting vice presidents here are not supportive of the MYA, castigate them for picking over minutiae within a constitution, which even to the everyday skipper appears to be a very poorly written proposal and then go on to do the very same thing with the current constitution which you as part of the MYA Council are currently the custodian of!
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    It is good to hear a response from the MYA, I find it somewhat surprising that it has taken so long. Your comments regarding the number of people involved in this thread is rather pointless you should perhaps consider the experience of the contributors. We have 3 Vice Presidents who all have served on the MYA Council for many years and I would have thought that their comments and criticism deserve to be taken seriously. I feel that you have rather missed the main point of the discussion which is that there are a number of errors, omissions and anomalies contained within the proposed constitution which the MYA is asking the membership to approve as a whole – there is no opportunity for the membership to table any amendments. Only 2 options are available – approve or reject. If the vote approves it as it stands we are left with a constitution which has significant problems and will probably need to be changed again. If the membership votes to reject it it will be returned to Council to carry out changes to overcome the problems. Why the hurry, surely common sense would dictate that any modifications are discussed and put back to the membership, perhaps at the next AGM David Munro
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    Hi I am using a 380 rm g on my Sword and 2 whirlwind on Sonamara, but I was using a 290 rm g on my Gothica just get the small drum on the winch and use a decent amount of travel you should be Ok, PJ Sails also do a winch to suit an A class
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    A nice Dolphin 6m has come up for sale on the Six Metre website. See it here: http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html
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    Well said David! At the November 2019 AGM the Chairman advised those present that as the new constitution was such a significant change from the old one that it had taken Council two years of activity to get to a stage where it had concluded it was ready to be presented in ‘final’ form and that it would publish it to the membership in December 2019, also then setting a date in January 2020 for an Extraordinary General Meeting for its approval. I suggested to him that since it had taken Council two years to reach the conclusion that the document is what it wants, that it would be far more courteous to the membership and a truly democratic exercise if Council were to permit the membership at least two, or far better three or four months, to consider the proposal at its leisure, properly consider the detail of any amendments that it considered appropriate and recommend them to Council for inclusion, and then Council could propose to an EGM to be held in say April 2020 a version that would be acceptable to all, rather than having to vote on a mass of potentially conflicting amendments at a meeting. Council has clearly considered this reasonable suggestion as undesirable and has forged ahead with notice of an EGM in January 2020. So we now have the idiotic situation of a notice dated 11th December 2019 being published on the website on 12th, together with the new constitution and appendices and a requirement that all ‘suggestions for necessary adjustments’ be made by members through their club’s management and then such detail changes be submitted by club secretaries to StC by 8th January 2020 – a mere 27 days including the holiday period! With Christmas and New Year occurring in the intervening period which will naturally be at the forefront of most people’s thoughts at this time this really is an unreasonable decision by Council and will inevitably not enable proper examination of and any appropriate challenge to the 23 pages of documents presented to the membership. I can only personally conclude that if Council are unwilling to delay the EGM by several months the only sensible course of action by clubs now is to vote a firm AGAINST to the motion at the forthcoming EGM so that all the documents can be considered and discussed in proper order over the coming months and a thoroughly considered proposal brought to the next AGM. Chris Durant
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    The Baker's Dozen Heave to and take a look at largest six metre event list ever offered, coming your way in 2020 . It's time to get planning and work out how you can bribe your nearest and dearest (hint: ) so that you can go sailing at these diverse and interesting venues, all of them worth travelling to. Go up against friendly but spirited competition and enjoy some great days sailing. Take a look here: http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/2020-competitions.html
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    I get my sailbox in a smart car too.
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    Things have moved on since I initially tried to post this thread, I then posted a message on Facebook when the last thread didn't appear, I have now received a message to my enquiry as to why my original thread didn't appear on forum in which I am assured by Austin that no such Thread request was received although I am sure I tried to post it correctly. As it would appear to be a technical glitch I can only apologise for suggesting that the MYA didn't want any healthy debate over their failure to bring forward a motion for the membership fees for 2019 and once again in 2020. My original post ran something like this although I didn't keep a copy (a mistake I won't make again) and as things have moved on I have added some more detail to the argument for a Fees motion. The MYA Executive is required by the constitution clause 11.1 to submit a motion to an AGM for Membership Fees for ALL classes of subscription for the following year. By having not done so they remove the ability of Membership to have a say on the level of fees year on year, a fundamental principle of running an association such as ours which is intended to be a gathering of like minded individuals for the betterment of their shared interest. "11.1 Membership subscriptions for all classes of membership for the following year shall be proposed by Council in a Motion to the Annual General Meeting." Whilst the membership fee has largely remain static at £14.00 pa the reserve fund has risen year on year and is now at twice the value it was when the Acquaint magazine was withdrawn (currently in excess of £29K) something which brings into question the ability of this administration the ability to budget the fees it does receive correctly. I was asking someone from the MYA Executive to explain their reasoning behind not properly submitting a motion as per the requirement of the Constitution, perhaps someone will come back with a more reasoned argument that the second sentence absolves them of their responsibility in the first. "Should Council fail to make such a proposal the membership subscriptions shall remain at the then current level." Effectively the argument put by Terry Rensch was that this sentence allows them to deliberately fail to put forward a motion regarding fees. This position conveniently gives the membership no say in whether they wish to continue to add to the already swollen reserve fund of the MYA.
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    I left this thread alone for a while largely because the only response it initiated from members of the MYA Council was personal attacks, largely ignoring points raised. Your first paragraph once again deliberately misses the point, largely the people who play golf are not Rory McKilroy they are like our the majority of members who go out and play a round for the enjoyment of it, but of course it once again gives you a convenient way to attack the messenger. I did not say that I wanted the MYA to do more to retain members as "opposed to promoting the sport to new members" I suggested that if you want to grow the "sport" then you need to put a similar effort into retaining members as you are to gaining them in the first place, you seem to have interpreted the constitution statement "To encourage and promote model yachting in all its branches and to act as the national body for the organisation of the sport." as referring only to promotion externally which of course it does not say it does say "encourage" which I interpret to include internally to existing members, clearly your interpretation is somewhat different, once again you pick only the parts of a constitution clause which suit you. Not seminars with death by power point attended by only the very enthusiastic but theory sessions prior to going on the water discussing how to position your boat to advantage yourself for the start etc and then practical run throughs with discussions afterward as to what we might have done to improve our situation. Could you direct me to the MYA framework "teaching notes" for this kind of session? Would you like to suggest how a district that has had it's club contact details stripped from the previous councillor and then the replacement isn't given any help in accessing the clubs is supposed to advertise his own position? It is the MYA that has organised itself into districts and so ultimately if the MYA wants this to continue then more effort is required than here is a lump of funds go sort yourselves out which is what you seem to be suggesting is the current position.
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    The results for this year's 2002 Trophy competition have been collated and can be seen on the Six Metre Sailing website here: http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/2002-trophy-series.html
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    Just a line to flag that the Six Metre Sailing website has not one but two Rococos up for sale. Both look very attractive propositions too. http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html
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    Good morning all I have just seen the recent posting by Mike Kemp relating to the Motion 1 Amendment. 'On the 'amendment'. It strikes me as being an attempt to stir up a debate on something that, for one reason or another, the Executive seems to feel doesn't need discussing. A composite proposal like the 'amendment' is doomed because it would be impossible to take a vote on one part until the other part has been debated and decided. If one wants to get things accepted, then the chairman must be able to ask the meeting for a yes, no, or abstention on one item.’’ At first sight this seems, reading it exactly as it is written, like yet another attempt within this Forum by someone on Council to rubbish a view on a matter genuinely held by members not within Council and to pre-empt and dissuade full discussion and voting throughout the membership, which is very sad, and I do hope not the case, as it would infer the dreadful situation that Council sadly believes itself omnipotent, something that has never happened before either in my experience as both an ex Council member and now an ordinary member. --------------------------------------------- Let me relate for members the very simple procedural situation in the matter of motions and motion amendments which should happen this AGM . An amendment motion (or indeed motions) must always be considered first, and voting for or against such amendment is always taken first in the exact terms of the motion. If the amendment motion succeeds, with more votes for it than against it, then it is passed, and then the original motion automatically fails and is set aside. If the amendment motion fails, with more votes against it than for it, then at that time, and ONLY at that time, can the original motion then be considered and voted upon, and once again it is necessary for more votes to be cast in favour of it than against it in order for it to succeed. The original motion can never be simply ‘passed’ by a simple assumption of the proposer that the motion is acceptable. This is the way in which the amendment motion and motion itself must be presented by Council to the membership at the appropriate date and well in time for paper and email voting replies to be received by StC 7 days before the AGM. --------------------------------- Let me give an example if proper process is not followed and give members a case study: Council has indicated that it intends to present to the membership for its consideration a ‘new constitution’ that it has been working on, and with the implication is that it is significantly different to the existing one. It will clearly need a draft copy to be first presented to the membership for their perusal and comment – rather like a parliamentary White Paper. The membership will then consider this document at its leisure and indicate in due course to Council through its club’s officers’ variations and changes that it considers necessary, and [probably numerous] discussions then take place with the Council delegated officers and other members experienced in such matters to agree a version satisfactory to all. This process will undoubtedly/usually take some months for that group to consider (major constitution changes always do!) although luck may prevail and little may eventually need to be changed. At the end of that period, however long it may be, a document agreed to be satisfactory to all clubs will be submitted to a General Meeting with the assurance and reasonable belief that no changes are necessary – and will get properly voted through with no dissent. The worrying alternative if this process is not followed? Council submits a motion to a General Meeting proposing a document, which whilst such document is satisfactory to Council, may be totally unsatisfactory in many ways to the membership, and potentially numerous motion amendments are quite validly submitted by some or all of the 100 MYA clubs. The meeting considering all these then goes mad trying to consider these numerous amendments, all of which may be on different points, or similar points but with different alternatives, and nothing can be concluded because the simple expedient of full consultation with the rank and file membership has been ignored. As members will hopefully appreciate, my simple point is that consultation is always vital on major matters affecting the membership and its relationship with MYA to enable member confidence and support, rather than an assumption that it will simply accept the Council’s proposal. Regards to all Chris Durant
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    Darin I am sorry I don't see any criticism of any one individual here, all I see is a lively debate about the rights of the membership to have an MYA council which is determined to act within the Constitution whilst overseeing the sport in which we all partake, if the council were to do this then they might find more support amongst the wavering membership. The MYA Executive should act on the memberships behalf and be governed by their wishes, personally I think the problems are arising because actions are being taken by the council without reference to that constitution and when some members point this out they are accused of "spin doctoring " or now attacking individual volunteers. If the council truly feel that clauses within the constitution are stifling the progress of change within the MYA they can bring amendments before the membership either at AGM or by EGM and explain their position in order affect a change. the processes of Governance of unincorporated bodies of which the MYA is one are laid out in it's constitution if as a council you find these unacceptable then amend them by motions to the membership or work within the rules.
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    Dear Tiggy Cat Perhaps I can answer your question factually? We need to go back a bit – so - prior to the 2018 AGM Council submitted two motions to the membership for AGM voting, one concerning subscriptions for junior members - raised under Constitution para 11.1, and one raised under Constitution para 12a(b) wishing to reduce the Council voting quorum (Constitution para 10d) to (in reality) very few council officers rather than the existing Constitution number (of 50% of 15) – or if you want the (frightening) motion precisely –‘’A majority of the Executive Officers plus any Officers with entitlement to vote and in attendance at a scheduled (physical or electronic) meeting shall constitute a quorum". Three clubs including my own (Gosport) submitted within the requisite time frame a valid and carefully constructed motion amendment to these motions. Whereupon Council immediately (a) refused to accept and (as it is required to do) publish to the membership this motion amendment properly submitted under Constitution 12c, and (b) withdrew its own original motion in breach of Constitution para 12.5(b). The three clubs were in reality powerless other than to protest orally at the AGM and when the AGM finally arrived members at the meeting then spent fruitless time discussing the matter (with Council Officers defending the indefensible) to the extent that all present lost the will to live and nothing was concluded. ------------------------------ Now to 2019: Council again proposed for AGM consideration a motion under 11.1 wishing to reduce the junior membership rate to nil. A valid amendment motion under 11.1 and 12.a(c) was submitted by 5 clubs to Secretary to MYA Council within the required time frame and which motion reads as follows:- ‘’Amendment to AGM motion 1 Submitted on behalf of 5 clubs in accordance with Constitution 12.a(c). "The junior membership subscription shall be half the affiliated membership subscription, which for 2020 shall be reduced from £14 to £10." Reason: Junior membership will be paid for by parents, who are unlikely to mind paying subscriptions on this fair principle, often used by many clubs. The reduction is proposed to prevent further build up* of MYA funds at a time when Council’s future spending proposals have not yet been made clear to the membership. *End of year MYA bank balances from MYA treasurer annual reports 2015 £9731 2016 £11,527 2017 £18,321 2018 £19,304 2019 £24,795 - this figure is as the treasurer’s 1st September report, with little change expected by the end of year to 30th September. Roger Stollery, on behalf of Guildford, Gosport, Lee Valley, Frensham Pond Sailing Club - MYG and Abington Park model yacht clubs.’’ ---------------------------------------- Again, information was promptly received back from Council via StC that the wording in this motion amendment was unacceptable to it in that format, although its text and meaning seems very clear to the full Committees of the 5 clubs involved but apparently not to Council members. It is hoped that common sense may prevail and that Council will not once again be in breach of the Constitution so that the membership may discuss this subject in full detail and a proper conclusion reached. I would perhaps make the point that it is not a matter whether the affiliated membership fee be £10 (or indeed £5 or £25 or £14). What matters is that the membership as a whole has confidence that whatever subscriptions, levies or other fees that the membership contributes to MYA are being used properly, wisely and for the benefit of the membership as a whole. Whilst Council needs to have sufficient funds for its programme of which members need to approve, the income must be appropriate to the plan and not over budgeted to simply build up or bolster the MYA’s bank balance unnecessarily. Next, and as a retired Chartered Accountant, I am horrified by what he reports and must draw members’ attention to Phil’s words in his recent posting: ‘’With regards to next years budget plan…..the budget is being prepared by our treasurer David Rose and when completed will be discussed by council as a whole and then made available to the wider membership.’’ How the rates of membership for 2020 can be demanded / set and published to the membership – effectively as a fait accompli - in September without the near final result for 2019 and a comprehensive budget for the relevant year being fully discussed in detail and agreed by Council well prior to that time is a mystery to me. This is surely a case of the cart being put many miles before the horse? I note too that Phil in his post indicates the membership now stands in excess of 1,800. Members may be interested to know that the membership of MYA stood at 1,800 back in 2015 and indeed 1,798 way back in 2012! Regards Chris Durant MYA Vice President
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    Entry for our final ranking events of 2019 are now open. Manor Park are pulling out all of the stops to provide a fantastic event with new ramp facilities, on site camping (on a first come first served basis see NOR) & Saturday evening class social. All details including online entry & Notice of race can be found here For those interested in competing at a European Championships in 2020 its possible that ranking 5&6 will be the last opportunity to accumulate ranking points. Please enter early to help the host club, we are expecting a large turnout so entering early might enable you to sail with your preferred number Please pay particular attention to personal buoyancy as prescribed in the NOR.
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    Here is a video link to a tuning video created by Designer, Builder, Sailmaker, Top Sailor and IOM guru, Ian Vickers. John
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    Some of us belong to several fora, most of which have nothing to do with model yachting and for which a degree of anonymity is considered sensible. Using the same name on all of them is a matter of pragmatism. Hi, my name is Stan.
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    Alternative going like a train, but since re-rigging with those nice BG sails and a Pierre Gonnet mast just could not seem to get the best sail shape on all points. I had used a high tech roller setup to achieve an accurate pre-bend and it matched recommendations, but just did not feel right. Bit the bullet and took the sail off and decided to revert to the low tech bend method, as suggested aeons ago by a sailor who subsequently won the Worlds. To quote the instructions: " Just bend it around your middle". Now, of course, the gooseneck is fitted and the shrouds. I recently fixed the mast crane to avoid rotation and between this and the gooseneck body, maintaining the bend axis is very easy. So yes; rig and drill the mast before bending this way. First I removed the existing bend, then proceeded to gently bend to match the reversed luff shape. Simple. Refitted sail and it looked good, as they say. Proof of the pudding was sailing this morning. Simply fantastic ! Previously I was aware that performance fell off noticeably depending on initial set up. Either upwind or reaching. Boat pointed brilliantly and now accelerated downwind also. The excellent sails can now do their job. Just down to me now, thanks to that "gut feeling" and some old but good advice. Richard
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    As Shaun says there are pros and cons both ways, and a sail which is set up for luff rings can be very easily converted to fit a groovy mast I am hoping to get to Setley pond next Wednesday all being well
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    Im new to radio sailing and only been doing it a month or so now, however im really enjoying it. Not sure this has been done before but there are so many beautiful and unique IOMs out there, get some photos up to display yours. I've a plain white Italiko at the moment, but looking for some inspiartion on colours and designs. What are you sailing? Edit: made some designs and tried out some vinyl.
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    so if the council were to decide to postpone the EGM when should the date be set for another one to get a new constitution in place? 6 weeks? 6 months? 12months? Without setting an end date this will go on for ever because we all know that 100% approval will never happen and we will have another "Brexit" scenario. In the meantime what do we do about the present constitution which is unworkable? Changes are very necessary and are needed before the World Championships at West Kirby in June. Lets have your ideas
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    I do not believe that I have missed the point at all. The views of the 3 vice presidents currently on this forum are very much being considered but it is only the view of 3 out of 15 vice presidents of the Association. Whilst I accept that not everyone wishes to put their head over the parapet to get involved in a public discussion and there may be other VP's with similar views but it is also true that both I and other council officers have been contacted by several VP's offering support for this move and also constructive ideas on further improvements. No one expects this ,or any other, document to be perfect and it will continue to evolve over time but it enables everything to move forward. It is interesting that whilst some individuals seem to enjoy picking over the minutiae of our constitution in order to keep the council officers in order they are quite happy to ignore the constitution when it suits themselves. For the last few years every single radio sailing event sailed in this country has been sailed incorrectly and used the wrong RRS (If you stick to the strict wording of our constitution). This is just one example of the necessity for change now and not in a few months or years.
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    I would have hoped for far more posts to have been made here so that a representative view of our membership could be heard. With only 6 people involved (7 with me) it can hardly be described as representative. It is also disappointing that the comments are virtually all negative with no positive ideas for improvement on what council believe is a very positive step forward from a virtually unworkable constitution to something that we can all work with for the future, or maybe the fact that there are only 6 voices being heard here indicates that the vast majority of the membership are in agreement with this move? Henry has produced a very good comparison chart between the old and the proposed but even this only picks on some of the changes, not all. Why is this? Are you afraid to actually admit that many of the changes are actually a good idea and long overdue? I have recently seen a letter that is being circulated around the clubs which amongst other things states "There are also several crucial areas where because of the constitutional significance of such areas it has always been up to the full membership to agree a change of course, whereas this Council has decided to take that choice away from the membership into solely its own hands." This is a complete reversal of the truth. The right of our membership to vote on constitutional change was removed from the constitution many years ago, quite how this was achieved and by whom is not clear - maybe one of the long serving, knowledgable, VP's can enlighten us - this council has put that right to vote back into the constitution. Make your arguments by all means but make them in a positive light with suggestions one how to move forward . The present constitution is outdated and unworkable and we must move forward.
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