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  1. Standard servo torque wise would be fine but if you can choose a half decent waterproof one it would be better. Hitec HS-646WP HV Waterproof which is high voltage too.
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    Want to sell iom

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    2017 IOMICA AGM

    The voting form is now available here https://mya-uk.co.uk/voting-on-iomica-agm-2017-motions/
  5. If you had no reply from the organisers make further contact directly. Contact info should be in the NOR
  6. Entry is open for the 6 Metre National Championships 2017 at Whitlingham, Norwich, 13th/14th May 2017. Online entry and NOR here https://mya-uk.co.uk/event/ed-mya-6m-national-2017/
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