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  1. I am now sorted, subject to arranging some shipping at this crazy time ... thanks to those who I have spoken with
  2. Magic, thanks Jeremy. I look forward to meeting you down at the club when regulations permit! Cheers Tim
  3. Hi Jeremy (edit - can totally see how my original post can be read both ways, and thank you for offering!) Looking to buy my first IOM to sail there too ... Hoping someone who wants to upgrade can pass on something to get me started. Cheers Tim
  4. Hi Folks Looking for an IOM to race at club level. Based in Edinburgh. Covid rules mean this might need to wait a bit to enable collection. Potentially open to shipping but that might be a faff for all concerned. Meanwhile, I thought I would prompt some of you to revisit your thoughts on upgrading this season All my best Tim timothy.d.drysdale@gmail.com
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