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  1. Entries are now being taken for our second 6 Metre open event of the year. No big trophy but plenty of sailing to be had, plenty of room to do it in and hopefully a good wind to play with. Come along and get your eye in ready for the Nationals. Entry via the MYA system when it appears or contact me directly via email with your details. See the 'Events' section here in the forum or the Six Metre website http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/fleetwood-open-meeting-25th-august-2019.html for the NOR and email address. Shaun.
  2. NOR for the forthcoming 6 Metre open meeting at Fleetwood. No chance of you wearing your folding seat out here. Six times more of everything on offer NOR Fleetwood 6m 25th August 2019.docx
  3. The results and pictures of the Doug Tomlinson Vase, which also formed the Eastern District Championship and Round 2 of the 2002 Trophy are now on the Six Metre website along with an introduction to this year's National Championship venue from the hosts, Dartmoor MBC. Take a look. http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/
  4. Hi TC I saw that on ebay myself. It's a Revival 6m, designer Graham Bantock. Mike Ewart and I were discussing it the other weekend and had both independently come to the same conclusion. It's best suited to lighter wind strength so is an ideal complement to your Tern. Which club are you a member of? Shaun.
  5. Fleetwood MY&PBC are pleased to announce that they will be holding a 6mR Open Meeting on Sunday 25th August 2019. This event does not appear in the MYA events listings but has been encouraged following the response of participants to the April event at the club. It will take the form of a one day meeting to be held at the club waters with plenty of racing on the day at one of the premier venues in the country and the opportunity for a shakedown prior to the 6mR Nationals. More details will follow in due course. Shaun Holbeche.
  6. A report and pictures of The Shearwater Trophy event at the Broads Club can be found now at the class Six Metre Sailing website. Link: http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/report-shearwater-trophy-5th-may-2019.html
  7. I'm going to the Broads this weekend. Looks like there will be a bit of wind too. It is a shame that they are both on the same weekend though as I'm sure there are skippers who would have gone to both venues but can't do it in one weekend. However I believe there is one who is intending to do just that ! I would have liked to have sailed at Dartmoor, but I'm working this Saturday anyway. Shaun.
  8. There were a few nose dives, mainly coming away from the windward spreader mark but the boat popped up immediately and accelerated away. Once you got going it was just a question of riding the gust for as long as possible. So it's official, 6mRs are not slow. It's just that they tend to be sailed in rather sheltered waters and don't get the benefit of sustained wind over long legs. Results are on the site now as well.
  9. The report now has pictures. Take a look. http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/report-fleetwood-open-14th-april-2019.html Shaun.
  10. A report of the Fleetwood open meeting can now be found on the Six Metre Sailing website. No pictures at present but I hope to add them soon. Worth waiting for! Shaun Holbeche.
  11. Six Metre Owners We've got the wind booked in at Fleetwood this weekend for some entertaining Six Metre action. Weigh up the opposition, hold a tack, make tactical decisions and find out just how fast your boat really is this weekend. The clubhouse will be open on Saturday afternoon so you can come and practise and get in the groove for the main event on Sunday. We already have a healthy entry so there will be some good racing to be had and a chance to catch up with old acquaintances and meet new ones too. So get those batteries on charge and get booked in via the MYA entry system at https://mya-uk.org.uk/event/nd-6m-wyre-trophy/ NOR and info: https://mya-uk.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Notice-of-Race-Wyre-Trophy-2019.pdf
  12. I don't think there is any great disadvantage in having luff rings or ties so long as the mast hardware (spreaders and backstay crane) can be removed so that the sail can be slipped on. Some might argue that the luff ringed/tied sail sets better when fully sheeted out for downwind legs too.
  13. Hi Dbtr, Just to confirm what John says, yes you are limited to one mast but you can have a different jib boom for each suit of sails which can be helpful in keeping the jib in good condition when not in use as well as speeding up a rig change. At least with 6mRs you tend not to have to change quite as often than some other classes. The main boom would not need to be changed as smaller mains rely on shortening the luff measurement whilst keeping the foot measurement the same as the top suit/measured value. I'm aware that there are members of the Two Islands club who have bought the plans and intend to build, so you would not be alone. Which club are you at ? Cheers, Shaun.
  14. Entries are now being accepted for the first ever 6m open event at Fleetwood. Do it, and enjoy some proper 6mR sailing. For more information: http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/news--six
  15. Notice of Race, Fleetwood, 13 - 14th April 2019 The next open meeting on the 6m calendar is fast approaching! This will be the first radio 6mR open meeting to be held at the Fleetwood lake and provides a great opportunity for skippers to enjoy sailing their six metres on a piece of water that allows boats to be put through their paces with longer tacks held and proper strategy and tactics to the fore. The aim of the weekend is to get boats on the water and racing. If it's a six metre and it basically complies with the rules then we want it there! There will be participants present who can help with aspects of the rules and give advice regarding compliance. Get in contact with Shaun if you think you might want to enter but are unsure about your boat. On Saturday there will be an optional practice/tuning session with the opportunity for some informal races too. In the evening we will be meeting up for a meal and socialising, anticipated to be at the fabled 'Mount'. Sunday will be race day proper. Shaun Holbeche has details of discounted hotel accommodation that is available in Fleetwood if you want to do both days and/or not be travelling on Sunday morning. The Notice of Race is on the MYA website via the Calendar. Entry is available through the MYA entry system via the Calendar, or alternatively directly to Shaun Holbeche by email (see Notice)
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