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  1. Well if some one would care to send be some free boats and rigs I am more than happy to see how many i can get in my Grand Picasso
  2. Most important thing before you buy a boat is what do the locals sail. No point in buying most A if every one else has boat B, the best part of radio sailing is racing others and to do that you need the same type of boat. So first thing to do is talk to the locals and see what they sail.
  3. John Its not stuck. Messages stay in the outbox until they are read by the recipient. Once read they move to sent. Bit confusing but that's how it works.
  4. 5 hours and counting. Great looking venue but conditions look brutal. Here's hoping they calm down a bit for the event. Surprised to see lack of life jackets on pontoon. Would not want to fall in there with out one especially in those conditions.
  5. Nationals results here https://gbriom.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/iom-nationals2.pdf report here https://gbriom.com/2018/08/29/fleetwood-delivers-2018-iom-nationals-report/ Eastbourne results here https://edmyc.org.uk/2018-open-events/ full rankings here https://mya-uk.co.uk/latest-news/mya-ranking-positions/ Although nothing there yet for Eastbourne and yes he beat you (Although on Sunday it was very close)
  6. As I understand it you should only call a contact you are 100% certain happened (ie you see happen). Other indicators like spinning buoys or loud bangs while they may confirm what you saw are on there own not enough to call a contact.
  7. Could try this (assuming in year book) http://www.mya-uk-members.org.uk/clubs/club_info.asp?find=South Wales no other sign of them on the net.
  8. From their website Contact Norman on 02085002884 or Henry on 01707265791 to confirm when we will be there.
  9. Try here http://www.sailsetc2.com/store/index.php/products-by-category/boat-parts-materials/hull-parts.html Graham Bantock who runs Sailsetc designed the Fractal so I am sure they will have the lid you need.
  10. Not sure how its happened especially as Tony Edwards who also only entered for 1 day (the same as me) was not scored on second. Sounds like human error. Yep. Doubt it was HMS software . Most likely a copy of initial day 1 spread sheet (before racing) was taken and edited and i did not get removed.
  11. That is more of a worry. Those who are entered but dont turn up need to be included as they may just be stuck in traffic. If its a ranking and day two is a different entry then this should be accounted for. Not sure how its happened especially as Tony Edwards who also only entered for 1 day (the same as me) was not scored on second.
  12. I can do better than that. I am on the IOM ranking results for day 2 at Lincoln and not only did I not attend I did not even enter
  13. Terry take a look at case B2 in IRSA case book https://www.radiosailing.org/documents/file/257-irsa-radio-sailing-call-book?tmpl=component
  14. GaRRy

    Alternative build

    Richard i will look into this in the morning you should be able to post more than one picture (think limit is around 3 per post) Garry
  15. David No idea what it says (the union jack appears to do nothing) but found this https://mycparis.fr/index.html
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