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  1. Most important thing before you buy a boat is what do the locals sail. No point in buying most A if every one else has boat B, the best part of radio sailing is racing others and to do that you need the same type of boat. So first thing to do is talk to the locals and see what they sail.
  2. John Its not stuck. Messages stay in the outbox until they are read by the recipient. Once read they move to sent. Bit confusing but that's how it works.
  3. 5 hours and counting. Great looking venue but conditions look brutal. Here's hoping they calm down a bit for the event. Surprised to see lack of life jackets on pontoon. Would not want to fall in there with out one especially in those conditions.
  4. Nationals results here https://gbriom.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/iom-nationals2.pdf report here https://gbriom.com/2018/08/29/fleetwood-delivers-2018-iom-nationals-report/ Eastbourne results here https://edmyc.org.uk/2018-open-events/ full rankings here https://mya-uk.co.uk/latest-news/mya-ranking-positions/ Although nothing there yet for Eastbourne and yes he beat you (Although on Sunday it was very close)
  5. As I understand it you should only call a contact you are 100% certain happened (ie you see happen). Other indicators like spinning buoys or loud bangs while they may confirm what you saw are on there own not enough to call a contact.
  6. Could try this (assuming in year book) http://www.mya-uk-members.org.uk/clubs/club_info.asp?find=South Wales no other sign of them on the net.
  7. From their website Contact Norman on 02085002884 or Henry on 01707265791 to confirm when we will be there.
  8. Try here http://www.sailsetc2.com/store/index.php/products-by-category/boat-parts-materials/hull-parts.html Graham Bantock who runs Sailsetc designed the Fractal so I am sure they will have the lid you need.
  9. Not sure how its happened especially as Tony Edwards who also only entered for 1 day (the same as me) was not scored on second. Sounds like human error. Yep. Doubt it was HMS software . Most likely a copy of initial day 1 spread sheet (before racing) was taken and edited and i did not get removed.
  10. That is more of a worry. Those who are entered but dont turn up need to be included as they may just be stuck in traffic. If its a ranking and day two is a different entry then this should be accounted for. Not sure how its happened especially as Tony Edwards who also only entered for 1 day (the same as me) was not scored on second.
  11. I can do better than that. I am on the IOM ranking results for day 2 at Lincoln and not only did I not attend I did not even enter
  12. Terry take a look at case B2 in IRSA case book https://www.radiosailing.org/documents/file/257-irsa-radio-sailing-call-book?tmpl=component
  13. GaRRy

    Alternative build

    Richard i will look into this in the morning you should be able to post more than one picture (think limit is around 3 per post) Garry
  14. Bournville Radio Sailing and Model boat Club have kindly agreed to allow me to try and organise Summer evening racing on their water. The first event will be on Thursdays 3rd of May with racing starting at 6:15 pm and continuing until its to dark or 8:45 pm which ever comes first. Then hopefully every 2 weeks until such time as there is not enough day light to make it worth while (September) This is an open event for any one in MYA who wishes to sail. Most of those who have expressed an interest in this intend to sail their IOM but as this is just informal racing (we won't be keeping scores) you can bring any boat you wish as I'm sure we can find a way of handicapping the racing if needed. Also as were not keeping scores if you turn up a bit late it really does not matter. Spread the word and see you on the water. Garry
  15. David No idea what it says (the union jack appears to do nothing) but found this https://mycparis.fr/index.html
  16. While there may be a limit. In the real world doubt you could hit it. Remember 2,4 is a general free to use frequency and is not just used for radio control. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_2.4_GHz_radio_use This is one of reasons that RC systems use channel hopping to keep moving around to avoid interference.
  17. Bournville would be ideal As I said from around the end of April on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday may be a couple of times a month till end of August. By then Sunset is not till 8:30 so if last race ends then would still have enough light to pack up. Any idea who would need to talk to arrange at Bournville ?
  18. Jeff I you want to add pictures to your posts if you look at the bottom there is a tab for attachments. if click on it hopefully it should be fairly obvious how to upload pictures etc (pretty much same idea as most other upload options on web sites). couple of notes You need to be In the full editor to see this not the quick reply. There is a limit of 2Mb on any one file/picture.
  19. Not really in the West Midlands. Was more thinking within 15-20 miles of centre of Birmingham. Sadly look like I am the only one who is interested in such an idea.
  20. I was wondering if any one in the west Midlands area would be interested in doing some mid week summer evening racing ? I was thinking something along the lines of 6:30 to 8:30 (To allow those of use that work chance to attend) Running from around 20th April till 27th August ( Dates when should be sufficient light) Also keep races to around 10 minutes max (so short courses) to hopefully get in 8 races each evening. Class(es) and exact dates, locations etc to be decided based on if anyone is interested.
  21. Sadly most likely wont make it. Mind you considering the weather forecast for Sunday will any one?
  22. Based on some of the conversations at AGM me thinks this may have something to do with it https://dfracing.world/df95-global-championship-regatta/ Although assuming AMYA are supporting this I fail to see how it could be put on the prohibited list as it appears to meet all the criteria mentioned (other than for shear bloody mindedness) Garry
  23. GaRRy

    IOM Build

    Nicolas to attach pictures your post just click on the attachments tab below where you type (in the full editor not the quick reply). Should be fairly obvious from there on.
  24. As Ian says I do try and keep the classifieds as up to date as practical. Removing sold items as soon as I notice. Which would be even quicker if people read the FAQ and added SOLD to the items TOPIC thus meaning I don't have to keep reading them to see if some one as added something to the body. I also remove any advert more than 6 months old or there about as don't check every day. I will also remove any advert if informed that someone has contacted seller and been informed already sold So other than constantly trying to contact sellers not sure what else I can do ? As far as I can establish email notifications of PM's is turned on by default when a user registers but when I get a few minutes I will check a bit further. Garry
  25. GaRRy

    Vane A "Mandy" K1120

    Derek May try and drop in for a day to see what its all about but other than that unfortunately I have to work and SWMBO would not be impressed if i used up whats left of my holiday to go sailing boats for a week. I will definitely be at Manor Park as I am helping out both days. See you their.
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