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  1. Since I am one of the design team i totally disagree with this comment. Since the df65 was designed i personally have designed at least 5 new rg65's and probably the same amount of iom's. The df65 and df95 have helped grow the hobby of model yachts worldwide
  2. This boat looks like a "Lollipop" design by Roger Stollery
  3. the red boat is a Deception Design designed by Chris Dicks/Ged Whapshott
  4. Works be nice to know who says the wedge won't compete at to level. The BP is the benchmark that changed the way ioms performed across the wind range. Any design sailed by a good skipper will do well.
  5. mdicks

    RG65 and IRSA

    Hi, Dear RG65 Skipper! IRSA's effort to impose their conceptions on the RG65-Class go ahead. In this regard I want to recall that: 1. We are just reacting to facts that will affect our activities as an established International Class. 2. RG65-ICA ***never*** approached NOR requested IRSA to go into this matter nor asked them for any opinion about the goals and procedures of RG65-ICA. 3. IRSA took that initive without any consultation or information to RG65-ICA. 4. We (RG65-ICA) knew about this going on due to rumors collected by a few RG65 Sailors. You can read the rela
  6. mdicks

    Sail Numbers

    Garry we are now using one number/one boat. this is to allow us to see how many boats are registered each year if a boat changes owner then only the boat number is transferred to the new owner. regards Mark
  7. Race Results posted on Lincoln website
  8. mdicks

    rg65 euro champs

    European Masters - Report and Results The venue at Lery Poses in France was ideal, with beautiful surroundings and warm weather. However, there was almost no wind and quite a bit of weed floating to the surface, so not ideal for rc sailing. Registration and measuring went without any issues for the eight GB skippers. On the first day only two races were sailed after the seeding races and these took place in very light and changeable winds and some skippers needing to come to shore to remove weed. The good news was that John Tushingham ended day one in 1st place with Phil Halliday in
  9. mdicks

    rg65 euro champs

    This weekend is the start of the european rg65 in France. Follow events here @rg65france or on Facebook The following skippers from the uk are competing :- John tushingham mark dicKs clifford thiel alex cory nigel brown noel donaldson ken binks phil holliday May i wish good luck to all my fellow competitors Mark
  10. I/we have been trying to promote this class for a couple of years. At the beginnibg of the year/LasyLast year i contacted all the district secretaries asking them to contact their district clubs asking if anyone would hihols an event for this class to help promote it. I got 2 replies. The notice of race has now been posted o various websites for the upcoming nationals at watermead
  11. mdicks


    Here is notice of race for the UK national championships. this is an open national so all welcome The race is over the weekend of tbe 27th/28th june at watermead. Here is a link to the online registration http://www.rg65.org.uk/2015-national-championships Mark
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