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  1. A message from Fred Vollmer at the RG65 ICA Dear RG65 Skipper! On June 24, 2018 our Class will be celebrating its 40th Aniversary!!! It was the 24th of June, 1978, when Raul Landó, in Buenos Aires,Argentina, launched his "Lady Susan", free sailing, Braine steered "G65" (without "R"!) at the Plaza Urquiza pond, but this time WITH R/C INSTALLED! This became the VERY FIRST RADIO "G65", that is, an "RG65". And Raul has Sail Number "1" since then. Forty years of uninterrupted class activity is an achievement worthwhile celebrating, and we PROPOSE to have/organize as many RG65 Events a
  2. The RG65 ICA (International Class Association) have asked the UK Class Association to vote on some proposed changes to the current Rules (published in 2014). The Committee feel it appropriate that it is the Members that should vote on this, and this vote will form our vote given back to the ICA. The proposed changes are, as indicated by the ICA, clarification of the old rules and are not intended to change the class in any way. The NCA need to cast our vote on the ICA proposals by 10 June and so we ask you to review this DOCUMENT, a link to the voting form has been sent out to all regist
  3. Many of you will recall previous correspondence and discussions regarding an approach from IRSA to adopt the RG65 class, and with it, make changes to the way the class operates. Most of you, and the rest of the global RG65 community rejected this approach. In the background the RG65 ICA worked with IRSA to find common ground and this culminated with a recently published Joint Statement, and latterly the publication by IRSA of a set of IRSA 65 Rules. To make the position clear, the RG65 ICA have sought to clarify the situation with the following notice by Fredo Vollmer RG65 is able t
  4. The MYA has received a joint statement from the IRSA and the RG65 International Class Association regarding the progress toward full international status for the class. (see below) The UK NCA won't make any comment until it has received feedback from the International Class Association and has seen a copy of the new 65 class rules. However, feel free to discuss in this topic. Future Directions for the 65 Class: A Joint Statement November, 2017 65 Class Rules Working Party Forum This Forum was set up in March 2017 within the IRSA site to bring IRSA, the worldwide radio sailing organiza
  5. Report for the 2017 MYA AGM by Alex Cory – Acting Class Captain The RG65 class has continued during 2017 to establish itself as a highly competitive, high performance class with low entry barriers. Some of this success has come through people moving up from the DF65 Restricted One Design boats, but at the same time seen people joining the class from the bigger boats. The relatively low cost and simple rule book make it ideal for everyone, whether they build or buy a boat. Registered RG65’s have grown from 124 in November 2016 to 175, a 41% increase which is pleasing and gives us a good plat
  6. Eighteen skippers lined up at Watermead lakeside for the last of the 2017 Traveller events. Wind was from the S.W. varying between 6-8mph and 12-14mph which made the choice of rig very challenging for all skippers. Sixteen races throughout the day saw many changes of rig and changes of fortunes for those who got it more right than wrong. Alex Cory quickly established himself at the top of the table with Tobi Laux always close behind. John Tushingham decided to sail his DF65 which performed very well but could just not get up front even in the hands of one of our top skippers. Alex took the
  7. Close racing from a small fleet lead to some drama at Scotland Farm on at the end of April with one race declared a dead heat between Mark D and Mike Partington. At the end of the day it appeared that John Tushingham and Mark were tied on points and inseparable on a count back. However after a very gentlemanly review of Rule A7 by John, Mark was awarded an extra half point for the tied race and Mark got the win, and the maximum score for the overall Travellers Series rankings, by the smallest or margins. Thank you to all Mick and all the team at Lincoln for putting on the event. Full resul
  8. Hosts of the 2016 RG65 Nationals, Eastbourne and District model boat club have put up a link to JC Bories excellent video of the event. To watch it click . Eastbourne are hosting the first round of the 2017 Travellers series on the 4th March and the 2017 Nationals will be at Birkenhead on the 24/25th June.
  9. After travelling back from the Marblehead Worlds to make last round of the 2016 Travellers series at Bournville in October, Phil Holiday from Datchet Water MYC was crowned 2016 Class Champion. Over the 8 scoring events of the series 69 skippers took part, ranging from national champions to 1st time competitors. In the end though it was consistency that paid off, with two of the top three places taking two discards out of a possible three. It was looking like a straight fight between Phil Holiday and Noel Donaldson but Mark Dicks showed good form at Bournville to end up splitting the two. Th
  10. 14 skippers turned up at the Valley Parkway in Bournville for the final event in the 2016 Travellers series. The weather was mainly fair, even warm at times with a steadily strengthening but occasionally fluky breeze from the north. A course was set using the whole length of the lake with the usual Bournville puffs and holes providing some fun especially on the far side of the lake. The racing was close at times with the small size of the lake and the proximity of the boats allowing some very fine passes. Mark Dicks and (recently returned from the Marblehead Worlds) Phil Holliday traded first
  11. Due to the building work that is going on at Watermead the final travelers series event has been moved to Bournville RSMBC and to make sure the skippers get a full day on the water it has also moved forward one day to Saturday 8th October. As the last event of the season, lets make an effort for a good turnout, it will be good to see some familiar faces from previous events as well as as well as some new ones from the Midlands Region. Bournville can provide some challenging sailing and expect close racing at all levels of the field. The NOR is attached, all entries to Noel Donaldson at
  12. Report in from the team at Datchet: Datchet Water welcomed the RG65 Travellers series to its open water venue, 6 skippers turned up to experience wind and waves at Datchet. John Shorrock and Hugh McAdoo set the course with a control area being from the end of the pontoon along the entire length of the slipway and part of the north car park with a windward leeward course and the start line set about a 1/3 up the course they also provided boat cover for rescue of boats as and when. For some the waves proved a little tricky but once they got used to tacking over and surfing the waves on a r
  13. Twenty-two skippers entered this round six RG65 class, one day event at Two Islands, Milton Keynes. The weather was warm, dry and wind variable between 6-8 mph from the west / southwest. Race officer Peter Shepherd and his helpers from the local club did an excellent job setting the course keeping things in order in an efficient but always good humoured manner. A total of 17 races where completed sailing all 22 boats in one fleet. It is to the credit of all skippers that no major issues occurred throughout the day, all skippers sailed competitively but with skill and respect for the rules
  14. Late call for Round 7 of the 2016 Travellers Series at Datchet Water near Heathrow. This is the first RG65 Open at this venue so lets make it a good one. The club's website is here. The NOR is attached below and the link to the online entry form is here.
  15. There is still just time to get your entry in for the next Travellers series event at Two Islands MYC in Milton Keynes on the 16th. 15 skippers are already registered, including all the top contenders for the 2016 UK Class Champion Trophy. With the forecast predicting dry weather and 10-12 mph winds it should be a great days racing.
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