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  1. Hi Paul The NOR is now up in the website. Entry is through the form on the MYA website or if that isn't set up yet, by email to Terry Rensch (see NOR)
  2. A message from Fred Vollmer at the RG65 ICA Dear RG65 Skipper! On June 24, 2018 our Class will be celebrating its 40th Aniversary!!! It was the 24th of June, 1978, when Raul Landó, in Buenos Aires,Argentina, launched his "Lady Susan", free sailing, Braine steered "G65" (without "R"!) at the Plaza Urquiza pond, but this time WITH R/C INSTALLED! This became the VERY FIRST RADIO "G65", that is, an "RG65". And Raul has Sail Number "1" since then. Forty years of uninterrupted class activity is an achievement worthwhile celebrating, and we PROPOSE to have/organize as many RG65 Events as possible on the Anniversary Day. RG65-ICA INVITES you to organize on June 24th, 2018, Sail-Offs, informal Short Races and any Sailing Event you can imagine, maybe associated with a "Beginners Day" or any other celebration. Please take pictures, post them on Facebook. And more important: film your Event! A YouTube Channel will be available for your posting it! Yes: we know it is on a "short notice", but for a Celebration of this kind it is never to short! Our goal is to have a Fun Time, and (maybe) sing Happy Birthday to you" and have a toast!!! And let the whole World know about it ... Any questions? Need help? Mail your request to info@rg65 Let us make something that everyone can enjoy! Fredo Vollmer RG65-ICA Unfortunately the next Traveller's series is scheduled for the week before, but let us know if you are going to plan anything and we can promote it here..
  3. The RG65 ICA (International Class Association) have asked the UK Class Association to vote on some proposed changes to the current Rules (published in 2014). The Committee feel it appropriate that it is the Members that should vote on this, and this vote will form our vote given back to the ICA. The proposed changes are, as indicated by the ICA, clarification of the old rules and are not intended to change the class in any way. The NCA need to cast our vote on the ICA proposals by 10 June and so we ask you to review this DOCUMENT, a link to the voting form has been sent out to all registered owners If you have any questions or want to discuss any of the proposed changes then please fee free to comment here comment or contact the committee directly through contact@rg65.org.uk Sincerely The RG65 UK NCA Committee
  4. Entry is open for the M&S RG65 Traveller Series 5 at Gosport Model Yacht and Boat Club on 21st July 2018 The NoR is on the MYA website here Online entry is also available through the MYA website here
  5. The NOR is out for the double header up on the moors at Weecher for rounds 3 and 4 of the Travellers series. Fresh from winning the National Championships., John T and the club at Keighley are hosting the next event in the calendar. Back to back racing on Saturday and Sunday make it an event worth travelling for. The lake provides some excellent racing with its exposed location and there will be some great socializing down in Ilkley on the Saturday night. Entries by email direct to John, all the details are in the NOR.
  6. Report from Noel Donaldson: A cool but bright morning greeted us at Two Islands Milton Keynes on Saturday, however not much (if any) wind. Unfortunately that was to be the story for both days, plus two hours of heavy rain from 3pm on Saturday. However as we do, we made the best of it and the 23 skippers sailed 16 races (mostly in two heats) and thoroughly enjoyed the proceedings and the interaction with fellow skippers. As well as the regular UK skippers we had guest skippers from France, Spain and USA, I hope they enjoyed the experience; we enjoyed having them join the fleet. The wind was constantly coming & going between 0 and 3mph with the occasional gust of 5-6mph, as well as changing direction, so setting a course was something of a nightmare, however the skill & experience required to cope with these conditions soon became apparent as in most races the fleet was split between those who could read the conditions and those who were less experienced but learning from the exposure. The first five skippers always made the better decisions and therefore caught what little wind there was to catch; the winner was John Tushingham who was the most consistent across the two days in in whatever conditions he was faced with and a worthy winner. (see results sheet for full details) Thanks and congratulations go to Mike, Keith and all the club members who gave up their weekend to run this event, it was much appreciated by everyone. Gilbert Desclaux has posted some video showing the trying conditions over on Full results attached below 2018NatsResults.pdf
  7. A quick reminder that the final entry date for the 2018 RG65 Nationals is rapidly approaching. Entries must be submitted by the 28th April. 25 skippers have registered so far, including past and present class champions to visitors from Europe and across the pond. This will be a great event at Islands Radio Yacht Club on Furzton Lake in Milton Keynes over the weekend of 12th and 13th May. The full entry list and links to the NOR and entry forms can be found at the 2018 Nationals page. If you want to get some practice in entry is also still open for the 2nd round of the 2018 traveler series at Lincoln on the 21st April. This will be a excellent opportunity to warm up for the nationals and both events count towards the 2018 Class Championship.
  8. A cloudy day with a few light showers greeted seventeen skippers at Eastbourne Princess lake on Saturday morning. Wind direction was more or less straight down the lake all day, strength between 10-14 mph, however the gusts that were forecast never materialised. Most skippers sailed on A rig all day with a few changing to B rig for one or two races. The race team did an excellent job with 23 races completed all issues settled on the water and the whole event sailed in a competitive but well manned fashion. The top finishing places changed constantly throughout the day and in the end only 5 points separated the winner Phil Holliday from runner up Alex Cory. See the full results (below/above). A special thanks to the Eastbourne ladies who kept us well supplied with tea/coffee and bacon baps and cakes. We all look forward to being invited back again next year. Full results are up on the Eastbourne website and are attached below Dave Sellons has taken some excellent photos at davesellens.co.uk Finally Terry Connell has put together a video of the racing up on . Lets now get some more fine tuning ready for round (2) at Lincoln on 21st April, this event needs as much support as possible from you all, it is a great venue, so please get your entry in early, entry is now open Click for link to NOR and entry form. RG65 Travellers Trophy.pdf
  9. This year’s RG65 UK National Championships will be hosted by Two Islands Radio Yacht Club on Furzton Lake in Milton Keynes on the weekend of 12 and 13 May 2018. All the entry information and entry list are on the RG65 UK NCA website http://www.rg65.org.uk/2018-nationals In the first few days of entry being open 10 skippers have registered including two from overseas. There is still plenty of time to get your entry in before the closing date of the 28th of April.
  10. Many of you will recall previous correspondence and discussions regarding an approach from IRSA to adopt the RG65 class, and with it, make changes to the way the class operates. Most of you, and the rest of the global RG65 community rejected this approach. In the background the RG65 ICA worked with IRSA to find common ground and this culminated with a recently published Joint Statement, and latterly the publication by IRSA of a set of IRSA 65 Rules. To make the position clear, the RG65 ICA have sought to clarify the situation with the following notice by Fredo Vollmer RG65 is able to continue operating as it has for the last 40 years. Early in 2016 IRSA wrote a set of ‘internationally acceptable’ rules for the RG65 class and submitted them to the RG65-ICA for comments. In April 2016 these rules were shared with the RG65 community. These rules were rejected after consultation with you, the RG65 community, in June 2016. After that IRSA insisted on setting up a Workgroup with RG65-ICA to go over their rules and discuss them. Starting in March 2017 and for the next nine months a team of three representatives for IRSA, three representatives for RG65-ICA and about 20 observers from both sides were able to ask questions about any item in the rules. The RG65 team worked hard to get IRSA to adopt the current RG65 rules without modification. After a lot of negotiation it became apparent that this would not be possible and so the ICA team sought to protect the RG65 class in its current state. The Workshop has never the less been a very rich experience that exposed the complexities of rule writing. It also showed how passionate we are about our class. IRSA continued to, and still do, want to establish a set of rules which would be suitable for competition at World Championship level under World Sailing/IRSA and the ICA team worked with IRSA to adjust their proposed rules so that they reflect much of what the RG65 class stands for. This was achieved in some cases but not in others. The result of all this, culminating in the recently released Joint Statement, is that the RG65 class will continue to operate as it always has done. But in addition IRSA will soon release this set of rules that will allow competition at a World, Continental and International Championship level. As things stand, the vast majority of boats that currently comply with the RG65 rules (published in 2014) will also be able to comply with the new IRSA rules . But again, let’s be clear, the only people that would need to ensure that they comply with these IRSA rules are the people that want to take part in the World, Continental and International Championships run by IRSA. Through this process we have ensured that the RG65 class is able to continue operating as it has for the last 40 years. The RG65 UK Committee believe that this situation, while not ideal, is the best outcome that could have been achieved. We will continue to work closely with the ICA to ensure that the RG65 class in the UK can continue to grow and be enjoyed by us all. At the same time there may be a number of you that look forward to the first International event run under the IRSA rules.
  11. The new season kicks off on the 10th of March at Eastbourne and District Model Boat Club's lake in Princes Park, just off the seafront in Eastbourne. There is always a great atmosphere at this venue and the tea trolley is sure to put in an appearance. NOR and online entry form can be found on the club website here. This is also Round 1 of this years Travellers Series, the best five results from any of the nine events will count towards the 2018 RG65 UK Class Champion Trophy.
  12. The MYA has received a joint statement from the IRSA and the RG65 International Class Association regarding the progress toward full international status for the class. (see below) The UK NCA won't make any comment until it has received feedback from the International Class Association and has seen a copy of the new 65 class rules. However, feel free to discuss in this topic. Future Directions for the 65 Class: A Joint Statement November, 2017 65 Class Rules Working Party Forum This Forum was set up in March 2017 within the IRSA site to bring IRSA, the worldwide radio sailing organization as an affiliated member of World Sailing, together with delegates from the RG65 ICA, an Independent Class Organization, not affiliated to any International Association, and a substantial Observer Group from both organizations. The prime purpose of the forum was to focus on a set of proposed rules developed by IRSA that would be acceptable for international and continental championships under WS and IRSA guidelines. Over the ensuing months many items were discussed and many changes agreed on resulting in a newly named set of rules for the international community: 65 Class Rules. This name variation is intended to separate those rules in custody with the RG65 ICA from those now to be published that are in the international standard IRSA format. The IRSA delegates would like to thank the RG65 ICA delegates and the contributing members of the Observer Group for their valuable input into helping make these 65 Class Rules more acceptable and viable for international competition. IRSA hopes that the rule discussions have established more confidence in the way we act as an international organization and we also hope that the RG65 ICA and IRSA can work more closely to further advance this class with its growing popularity. Similarly the RG65 ICA delegates would like to thank the IRSA for the work done in developing the proposed rules and bringing this forum together as part of their ongoing support of International RC Yachting. In the near future IRSA will publish the updated 65 Class Rules including the agreed changes. This means that international events using these 65 Class Rules can then be run with the confidence that they are under the authority of World Sailing and the IRSA. RG65 ICA Delegates IRSA Delegates
  13. Report for the 2017 MYA AGM by Alex Cory – Acting Class Captain The RG65 class has continued during 2017 to establish itself as a highly competitive, high performance class with low entry barriers. Some of this success has come through people moving up from the DF65 Restricted One Design boats, but at the same time seen people joining the class from the bigger boats. The relatively low cost and simple rule book make it ideal for everyone, whether they build or buy a boat. Registered RG65’s have grown from 124 in November 2016 to 175, a 41% increase which is pleasing and gives us a good platform to build on. This growth has been helped by a number of great new designs arriving on the water including the Sith from Mark Dicks, the Scurry by Richard Wills and a number of designs from the continent including the Manta 2017 which is winning many of the European Events. The UK Traveller Series was as competitive as previous years with John Tushingham winning the title from the other 54 participants. A testing National Championships was held at Birkenhead with local skipper, Graham Elliot, managing the weed better than the rest to win the title. The UK Class Association Committee continue to work closely with and support the International Class Association as it seeks to unify the class on a Worldwide basis and we see great opportunity for a step change in the class during 2018. Looking forward to next years race calendar, the first event is at Eastbourne on the 10th March. Traveller 1 - Eastbourne, Saturday,10th March 2018 Traveller 2 - Lincoln, Saturday, 21st April 2018 UK National Championship - Two Islands (MK), Saturday & Sunday, 12th May & 13th May 2018 Traveller 3 - Keighley (Weecher), Saturday, 16th June 2018 Traveller 4 - Keighley (Weecher), Sunday, 17th June 2018 Traveller 5 - Gosport, Saturday, 21st July 2018 Traveller 6 - Watermead, Saturday, 18th August 2018 Traveller 7 - Birkenhead, Saturday, 22nd September 2018 Traveller 8 - Datchet Water, Saturday, 13th October 2018
  14. For those who can't wait for the start of the 2018 season there are two events planned for December. Birkenhead RSPC are holding a pop-up open event on the 9th December. With the current RG65 National Champion intending to compete along with several of the clubs Dragonforce 65 sailors, good competition should be available at all levels. More information on how to enter on the club website here At the other end of the country, Wayne Stobbs has posted on Facebook: RG65 race and tune. Gosport MYBC. Saturday 9 December from 10am "I know that there are some RG65 skippers feeling a bit left out because they cannot get up to the Birkenhead PopUp, me included, so I would like to propose an informal gathering at Gosport MYBC. Round the cans racing and tuning till the last person has had enough, or the sun sets, which ever comes first. No restriction on rigs etc. Let’s play and tune up in readiness for 2018. (Yes, I want to see how my new boat fares against you seasoned pros). Oh, one last thing, no prizes for the winner." The location can be found here.
  15. After the last Travellers Series race of the season at Watermead at the weekend, the results of the RG65 UK Class Champion were calculated using scores from all 9 events with over 50 different skippers sailing throughout the year. This year’s Champion is John Tushingham. John is a worthy winner, and was applauded by all, Phil Holliday (last year’s winner) presented the trophy to John at the lakeside presentation. Alex Corey's win on the day took him in to 2nd place overall with Tobi Laux having to settle for third, full results here A big thank you to all those who took part and to all the clubs who put in the time and effort to host the events. Looking forward to next years race calendar the first event is at Eastbourne on the 10th March. Traveller 1 - Eastbourne, Saturday,10th March 2018 Traveller 2 - Lincoln, Saturday, 21st April 2018 UK National Championship - Two Islands (MK), Saturday & Sunday, 12th May & 13th May 2018 Traveller 3 - Keighley (Weecher), Saturday, 16th June 2018 Traveller 4 - Keighley (Weecher), Sunday, 17th June 2018 Traveller 5 - Gosport, Saturday, 21st July 2018 Traveller 6 - Watermead, Saturday, 18th August 2018 Traveller 7 - Birkenhead, Saturday, 22nd September 2018 Traveller 8 - Datchet Water, Saturday, 13th October 2018
  16. Eighteen skippers lined up at Watermead lakeside for the last of the 2017 Traveller events. Wind was from the S.W. varying between 6-8mph and 12-14mph which made the choice of rig very challenging for all skippers. Sixteen races throughout the day saw many changes of rig and changes of fortunes for those who got it more right than wrong. Alex Cory quickly established himself at the top of the table with Tobi Laux always close behind. John Tushingham decided to sail his DF65 which performed very well but could just not get up front even in the hands of one of our top skippers. Alex took the top position with Tobi second and Roy Stevens third, for full results see here As this was the last race of the season The RG65 UK Class Champion was calculated using results from all events with over 50 different skippers sailing throughout the year, this year’s Champion is John Tushingham. John is a worthy winner, and was applauded by all, Phil Holliday (last year’s winner) presented the trophy to John at the lakeside presentation. Alex's win on the day took him in to 2nd place overall with Tobi having to settle for third, full results here. With lots of new boats and more and more “converts” as well as new skippers, the RG65 class is firmly established in UK an growing fast. Looking forward to 2018 and beyond. Thanks to all from your race secretary, Noel Donaldson (GBR 29)
  17. We have just received this message from Jeremy Collier at Eastbourne: "A message was circulated to the entrants for the RG65 Euro GP at Eastbourne on 5th/6th June at 16:20 this afternoon. To date there are only 10 entries, one from overseas. It was clear to the organising club that the level of interest we expected for this event was not there, and we therefore decided to cancel. Entrants who have paid in advance will have their entry fees refunded. Please accept apologies for any inconvenience caused." While it is sad that this event didn't get the support required from overseas, there is still plenty of RG65 sailing coming up with the Travellers Series continuing at Gosport on the 15th July and Two Islands on the 15th August.
  18. For more detail, Peter Baldwin and Roger Lincoln from BRSPC have posted a great report on last week's National Championships at Birkenhead. A big thank you to Peter and the rest of the race team for putting on a successful event. Full report here.
  19. Congratulations to Graham Elliot on winning the 2017 National Championships this weekend. Graham won 18 out of 24 races over a weekend affected by both fluky winds and weed at the Birkenhead lake. More details and full results on the Birkenhead RSPC website. http://birkenheadrspc.co.uk/2017/06/25/rg65-2017-national-championships-results/
  20. Following our previous announcement of the 2017 AGM, please find below the confirmed agenda and details of how to vote on the appointment of officers for the RG65 UK National Class Association. Having taken into account the submissions for additional agenda items that were received from 2 members, the final agenda is as follows 1. Welcome and introduction by the Chairman’s representative 2. Apologies 3. Review and acceptance of minutes from previous meeting 4. Chairman's report 5. Membership Secretary report 6. Appointment of the executive team for the forthcoming year 7. Update on IRSA approach to the ICA by Phil Holliday 8. 2018 racing calendar 9. Questions from members Meeting close Voting for the Executive Committee will be conducted via an online voting system. The voting is now open and will close at noon on 23 June2017. Please go HERE to cast your votes. Please also note that there is a slight change to the time of the AGM. The meeting will occur immediately after the conclusion of racing on the first day on the RG65 Nationals at Birkenhead. This should be at roughly 5pm on 24 June 2017. The address of the venue is: Birkenhead Radio Sailing and Power Club Gautby Road Birkenhead CH41 7DR For those that are unable to attend the meeting we can confirm that the minutes of the meeting will be published on http://www.rg65.org.uk/ and distributed by email as soon as possible after the AGM. We look forward to seeing many of you at the lake for the 2017 National Championships and the AGM on 24/25 June If you are unable to attend, please use this forum thread to leave comments on any issues raised. Sincerely The RG65 UK NCA Committee
  21. Quick Reminder that the RG65 Nationals at Birkenhead on the 24-25th June is rapidly approaching, With 27 skippers registered and several current and past National and Class Champions and some of the latest designs due to show up it should be an excellent weekends racing. Full details including entry list on the Birkenhead RCBC website here. Results will be posted as soon as we get them. For a flavour of last years event check out Sue Brown's photos here
  22. Close racing from a small fleet lead to some drama at Scotland Farm on at the end of April with one race declared a dead heat between Mark D and Mike Partington. At the end of the day it appeared that John Tushingham and Mark were tied on points and inseparable on a count back. However after a very gentlemanly review of Rule A7 by John, Mark was awarded an extra half point for the tied race and Mark got the win, and the maximum score for the overall Travellers Series rankings, by the smallest or margins. Thank you to all Mick and all the team at Lincoln for putting on the event. Full results here. Some great photos on Mick Chamberlain's Flickr feed - here. Next up on the calendar is the RG65 UK National Championships 24th & 25th June at Birkenhead. It's not to early to get you entries in now, the NOR and details of how to enter are available at www.rg65.org.uk After 4 events and going in to the Nationals in June, the current standings in the competition for the 2017 Class Champion are: 1 John Tushingham 261 2 Mark D 242 3 Phil Holliday 228 4 Wayne Stobbs 189 5 Mike Parkington 152 6 Liz Tushingham 124 7 Noel Donaldson 124 We have had 28 sailors across the 4 events but John Tushingham's consistent results have given him a lead over Mark D and Phil Holliday . Missing the Keighley events has dropped Noel Donaldson back a few spots but with discards starting to count after the Nationals, expect to see this improve. Full results are here.
  23. As required by the Class Association Constitution, this is an announcement that the next AGM will be held at the National Championships at Birkenhead on the weekend of the 24th - 25th June. The provisional agenda is 1. Progress Report 2. Election of Officers 3. 2018 Calender and how to continue to expand the class in the UK Can any submissions of other items for discussion be emailed to contact@rg65.org.uk no later than the 10th June so they can be added to the agenda. While a discussion on the future of the class is yet another good reason for entering the Nationals, the agenda will be posted on the MYA Forum a week before the AGM so all members can comment, even it they can't make it to Birkenhead. There will also be provision for an online vote. Entry detail for the Nationals can be found at www.rg65.org.uk
  24. With Noel Donaldson absent, it was up to Mark Dicks and Phil Holliday to try and keep John Tushingham and his Scurry off the top at the double header at Weecher Resevoir on the 22nd and 23rd of April. This ultimately proved unsuccessful with John winning both days. Full results here
  25. The NOR has been published for Round 4 of the 2017 Travellers series. The racing moves back to the Midlands for next event at Scotland's Farm near Lincoln on the 13th May. More information on the club website https://lincolnmodelyachtclub.wordpress.com/ View the NOR here.
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