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  1. Bearing in mind the very close result at the IOMICA AGM of hull materials specifically around 3D printing Graham Elliott has started a thread on the IOMICA forum which can be found here: http://www.iomclass.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1923 There is no doubt a willingness to embrace the latest technology, and the thread has been set up to look at the materials and the wording of the rules moving forwards with a rule change. If you have 3D printed a boat, have specific technical knowledge or just have an interest in the future of the IOM class, it's time to share your opinion.
  2. Full Statement from IOMICA VC Events Rob Walsh can be found, https://www.iomclass.org/blog/2020/04/29/2020-iom-european-championship-postponement/
  3. Change of ownership is undertaken by the class registrar. All registrar details can be found in the 2020 MYA yearbook pages 48-49 and in the MYA members area under officer contacts. I'm not sure about other classes but the IOM class registrar details are not listed on the GBR IOM website due to data protection of our registrar.
  4. Entry for our first ranking event of 2020 held over the 4th – 5th of April @ Datchet Water is now open. For those wishing to compete at the 2020 IOM European Championships in Italy later in the year, Datchet will be the final counting event to accrue enough ranking points to qualify. The latest ranking list can be found here All entry info including Notice of Race, online entry & up to date entry list can be found here As nearby accommodation can be costly due to the proximity to Heathrow airport it is advised to book early. Currently rates at the nearby Premier In
  5. Voting on the IOMICA AGM motions is now open. The agenda can be found here Guidance notes on the motions written by Graham Bantock can be found here The online voting form can be found here Voting will close Midnight 31/10/19. My thanks to Graham Bantock for compiling the guidance notes, Peter Stollery for additional guidance on item 7 (change to CCR’s) and the MYA DCO Austin Guerrier for creating and uploading the voting form.
  6. Entry for our final ranking events of 2019 are now open. Manor Park are pulling out all of the stops to provide a fantastic event with new ramp facilities, on site camping (on a first come first served basis see NOR) & Saturday evening class social. All details including online entry & Notice of race can be found here For those interested in competing at a European Championships in 2020 its possible that ranking 5&6 will be the last opportunity to accumulate ranking points. Please enter early to help the host club, we are expecting a large turnout so entering ea
  7. Please note entry officially closes for the IOM Nationals on July 26th. After discussion with the club, entries will be taken after this date but a late entry fee applied, taking entry cost to £60. To all that are planning to join us, please ensure that you get an entry in ASAP, not only does it help Eastbourne prepare to give us the best time at the venue, but you will also save yourself a few hard earnt pounds!!
  8. If any GBR Skippers have interest in attending the 2019 IOM Worlds please make contact with MYA international Officer Phil Holliday via the MYA Contact form here Whilst the top twenty skippers have been contacted the likelihood being places being available. Further info can be found on the event website here
  9. Entry is now open for our first two Ranking events of 2019 @ Castle Semple hosted by Levenhall Radio Yacht Club. As always expect a friendly Scottish welcome and some great racing at the Castle Semple, Lochwinnoch venue. For anyone interested in attending the 2019 IOM World Championship @ Porto Alegre, Brazil, ranking 1&2 will be the final ranking events for qualification, so still time to improve on that ranking position and make the cut. Entry has been opened a little earlier for the reason that the Bowfield Hotel is fully booked so skippers are having to find alternative accomm
  10. Ballot results from the IOMICA AGM and further info can be found https://gbriom.com/2018/12/29/iomica-2018-agm-ballot-results/
  11. A voting form for the motions proposed in the IOMICA AGM agenda can be found https://mya-uk.co.uk/voting-on-iomica-agm-2018-motions/ The meeting Agenda can be found http://www.iomclass.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/2018-IOMICA-AGM-Agenda-Modified-1272018-GB.pdf A paper with comments from myself as Class Captain & Graham Bantock for discussion on the motions can be found https://mya-uk.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/2018-IOMICA-AGM-notes-for-discussion.pdf Please add to this thread for further discussion.
  12. The Agenda for the 2018 IOMICA AGM can be found https://gbriom.files.wordpress.com/2018/12/2018-iomica-agm-agenda-modified-1272018-gb.pdf In all there are four motions that will require voting on, all motions are regarding the Championship Class Rules, two motions submitted by GBR and two motions submitted by ESP. The current version of the Championship Class Rules can be found https://gbriom.files.wordpress.com/2018/12/iomica_2018-class-championship-rules-final.pdf There is a clear overlap between Appendix A & Appendix C. The IOMICA Events Committee have been asked for guidance
  13. The response to the 2018 IOM Class Survey has far exceeded our expectations, thank you to the 240 class skippers who have responded to date. We’ve received some excellent responses and very inspiring to see that so many are passionate about the class. The survey will close on 10/10/18 @ 21:00 hrs. You can find a link to complete the survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/6ZNTZ7J
  14. We currently have 38 entered for both days, the long range forecast looks promising and Jeremy Collier and the Eastbourne race team have everything in hand to give us a good weekend. If you haven’t yet entered but plan to join us make sure you get an entry in ASAP. All event info, NOR, and entry list can be found https://gbriom.com/rankingraces/eastbourne18/ The closing date for entries is 21.00hrs 26/9/2018, don’t miss out!
  15. David, A picture is worth a thousand words, would be good to see the finished article. Attached is a slightly different winch line system layout I used on my V10, it has aerial grommets fitted to the tubes under deck with the fwd tube bent to align with the winch drum so just a single line on deck, it was completely dry system. [/img] Next up if you leak test the boat you will find water ingress around the mast ram, easily sorted with some blue tack around the hole in the deck bulkhead but no doubt a better solution could be found.
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