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  1. Hold your course Laurie - Mike is taking avoiding action Notice the angle of the rudder ( not in the water ) OH Protest 69 !!! - You changed course !!
  2. Mark, I would not loose any sleep over it. We both know that the converse is true i.e. A good boat sailed by a bad skipper will do badly. One is reminded of that song by Page & Plant 1970 /Oooo and it make me wonder / - being but one line /There's a lady who's sure/ all that glitters is gold/ being the opening line Now that's got me started and I will play it five times tonight or until my fingers will bleed. Think of it while you are sailing on Sunday but the tempo might be a bit slow until the third part
  3. Replying to Igor Harlamov One is not certain what your point is or indeed the point of your post is. I most defiantly wrote/stated earlier 11.10.2016 that 'you can insure yourself against anything' BUT I did not state that you cannot insure yourself against deliberate and determined action of the part of the insured since this is really self evident. From what I read :- You clearly have or had a Contractual Issue with a Builder / Supplier of a Motor Yacht. You chose to make public inflammatory remarks in order to force a settlement. This is ' deliberate and determined action
  4. I noted a comment in this tread inferring that those sailing a 6 Metre were not prone to utilising such tactics and they were far more affable skippers. Doris and I see the same faces appear at these Events sailing:- DF65 DF94 6 Metre IOM And there is virtually no difference except for the speed and the ability to turn , tack and gybe. Perhaps if the IOM Class was restricted to a 20mm wide rudder and half the sail area the approach might be similarly to a 6 metre mnm We are going to watch the 36" Nationals this coming Sunday. I understand the tea an
  5. Another beautiful day two weeks ago and we , that is Doris and I, went to a different pond to watch the IOM boats sail in an open competition. These tend to be far more exciting and well worth the drive up the A##. Thanks to you fellows we now have a better idea of what is taking place. And true to form the Hold you Course popped up from the same person we first encountered using this call some months ago but this time as a Post-incident CALL 1/ Boat A - Starboard -Tack running to the Mark about 20 metres away 2/ Boat B - Port-Tack beating away from the Mark. 3/ Boat B was
  6. Fellas, Far too many years ago, when I first took to the water in an Enterprise crafted with my very hands in my Fathers Garage there were but the Racing Rules of Sailing. You read them whilst you were waiting for the glue to set, you read them in between coats of paint and varnish and you read them again in the week in anticipation of the race on Saturday. You did NOT read them to find loopholes, new way to undermine them, you read them so you would understand your OBLIGATIONS to other boats competing. In fact one of the first things the rules state is that you accept the rules
  7. That is a sad report. Looking at Mark Dick's results on the Bourneville Web Site.. He seem to do ok against Britpops and a totally bonkers V9. There seems to be two more there and I do believe that Sedici costs considerably more.
  8. I will get it .. The outcome is the same.. But that is NOT the issue
  9. Mike Barry John. Thank you I am reminded of my student years and no doubt some of yours where horrible Greek and Latin terms were use, one being:- post hoc ergo propter hoc, which means "after this, therefore because of this." This refers to a fallacy in which the thinker confuses order with causality. Simply stated, just because one incident precedes another it does not logically follow the one caused the other. Fellas, I am not struggling with the concept of Room or Keep Clear. I however am struggling with what might be described as a Fallacious Argument presen
  10. John, Again thank you . However you are avoiding the central issue. Let us go through it step by step for my benefit. Is Rule 16.2 relevant... the boats are orthogonal, at 90 degrees to each other - NOT overlapped So the answered must be NO Rule 16.1 has relevance And the question must be; did the port-tack boat have room to tack, pass astern or slow down in order to take avoiding action - Yes Once the two have fully converged there is NO room left for either AND By heading up a few point did the Starboard-Tack boat impeded the Port-Tack b
  11. Again John, thank you, Sadly there is always a but and this is the purpose of debate. After most careful reading, there is no actual definition of Course. As Darin points out, a Yacht on a beat is sailing on the wind i.e. Close-Hauled it's course is set by the wind not by compass bearing. One could reasonably state that by sailing on the wind Close-Hauled the boat is Sailing a Proper Course as defined. One sincerely believes that altering course would be to alter course/ heading dramatically i.e. to Lull up hard to the point where the Headsail flapped, Tacked or Bore-Away
  12. A beautiful day yesterday and we , that is the wife and I, went down to the pond to watch the IOM boats sail. They are always exciting. Thanks to you fellows we are getting a good idea of what is taking place. But A new one … Hold your Course Two boats were converging on a beat, One Starboard-Tack and the other Port-Tack. When the two were about 2 boat lengths apart the Port-tack Boat called ‘ Hold your Course ‘ . Clearly the Port-tack Boat was intent upon passing across the Bow of the Starboard-Tack Boat and took NO avoiding action. So we read the rule which we belie
  13. I went to our local pond today to watch the sailing and saw a Wedge IOM It is lovely I was told it cost Hull complete £680 including delivery to UK Winch £180 Sails/ Rig £300 A & B Is this correct - about £1200 New boat on the water ? Is it any good
  14. Thank you, that is most helpful I must confess that one is not instilled with any confidence and Val is most likely correct. and I shall stay away.
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