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  1. Wow - In the time it took me to write that post - nice work John
  2. I made an adjustable one - you can slowly wind on tension until you get the result you need.
  3. Start with a bit less kicker, if that doesn't do it, the bringing the rig forward slightly using the forestay might help. Start with some steadier conditions and see if it's doing the same further down the range.
  4. Fair enough - well, to start with is it doing the same things all the time? is it heading up or down in gusts? Are you sailing on a particularly shifty lake - it's quite a small and light boat will be easily knocked about.
  5. Have you got the right rudder on? The kit came with 2 rudders - one for static display and another for RC use - will make a big difference to balance/tracking in a straight line.
  6. Depends on enough stuff that you could probably write a nice book on the subject. If the boat balances vaguely nicely now and you alter the rake, to get the boat to continue to balance vaguely nicely you'll end up having to move the mast position to counter. I personally like a degree or two and then vary the mast position to find balance but I have a cassette for my mast to plug into and a lot of scope for moving. Yes to bearings, but I think only the top is really needed.
  7. I think a lot of this stuff does need thinking about before sailing can resume. Stuff like having a one-way system for the control area for starters to try and stop people bumping into each other. In one door and out another using facilities. By and large theres no reason why we can't sail and keep distance...
  8. Multis don't get a lot of love around here! Think Ian is coming over to the Mini40 Open at Gosport in early April.
  9. We had an excellent Slalom cup for foiling Mini40's at Gosport - at times we had half a dozen boats foiling apparent wind and trading gybes at some great speeds.
  10. Be interested to know what advice you've been given to cause such a U turn. The most limiting factor with multihulls is the choice of sailing water and having access to a Lee shore in case the worst happens. If you can find one, Hobbyking did a 1M tri called the Skate - other than being too bendy it was alright for the money.
  11. First up, check out the Mini40 Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Mini40Multihull/ The fastest boat in the UK is the Shinobi which there's a bit about here : http://www.aardvarkracing.co.uk/radio-boats/rc-foiler-tri/ Disclaimer: I make the Shinobi! Theres a 2 day championships at Gosport in about 5 weeks time, along with the 2 day Flevocup in the Netherlands in May which are the 2 main events in the Mini40 calendar...
  12. Depends how precious you are about weight - a good paintjob can weigh quite a bit, so getting rid of all the old stuff will go a long way.
  13. I actually question whether they're good at all at model scale - I'm going with them because thats what everyone does and while evaluating my hull designs it would be silly to mess around with non-standard rigs.
  14. From what I can gather, most of the fast folk use pocket luff for everything except A rig...
  15. Is Email notification of a Private Message enabled by default? I can totally imagine people not thinking to come back and check for messages on here.
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