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  1. Firstly, please note that currently the hosts are having issues with there WiFi and due to National holidays, this is not likely to be resolved until tomorrow. So, First two days of the Boys (and our mum - - Sue Conner) from Brazil tour has been somewhat eventful, two boats missing from the Flight from Amsterdam, one from Sao Paolo. After some biting of fingers etc, all arrived before the start of the event. The sailing venue is very good, water maybe fresh water, but looks more like the River Severn in Bristol than sunny Brazil. The host club have made all feel very welcome and ar
  2. Gents, Apologies I haven't replied sooner, birthday etc got in the way. Firstly, a very famous designer/builder once said to me and other -- "have thy not heard of preventative maintenance lad" -- (Thanks Uncle Bill) Surely it is very easy to remove a mast stub, wash it, spray it with a Lubricant. If you sailed a Radio class, or even your vane Boat in Salt water, I would imagine this is the first thing most people do. If we want to promote the 36 Class at both vane and radio, surely it should be down to the Class Owners/Clubs/Class Captain to promote the events coming up. Think of th
  3. Dave, I have read the proposal, and have come up with the following: - With this proposal, the question would be how would this effect the average club member, if some one did turn up with Carbon rigs and your club member turned up with his aluminum masts, would he be prepared to spend the money on Carbon, generally no. Does this mean that there would be a two tier class?? Those who want carbon, and those that don't!!! The 36 is a simple box rule class that has been around for along time, the boats are not the easiest to sail and some designs have been around for along time and are v
  4. David, Your club Secretary was informed of the Situation at Watermead in June. The district asked for a club to hold the event. This happened in July in a discussion with Manor Park at the final event of the summer series. Again in August, this was sent to all club secretaries with the notice for the District AGM. Further discussions with a representative of Manor Park took place at the IOM Nationals and in the week that followed. It was discussed on holding the event on the 17th September due to Barts Bash. After a further discussion with some of the district members, all clubs were in
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