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  1. Looks like a Taxashun-esque design? I'd say Roger Stollery would be able to help?
  2. Just convert your current spreadsheet system to PDF when you are done? HMS has a save to PDF function also (downloadable from MYA website).
  3. Hi Chris, I wanted to make a new top rig for this years nationals at Bourneville. As I already have 4 rigs for my Raptor, i wouldn't need to replace the rest.
  4. Apologies. Here's the document. Just because you can have carbon rigs.. doesn't mean you have to? I'd personally only be having a carbon rig for my top suit, and would leave the other 4 rigs alone. For the racing that the 36 class does, for me, wouldn't be worth upgrading all the rigs. But I still would say i'd vote for the rule change. Why would it? Surely it's a step forwards rather than maintaining the status quo.
  5. The document that you have requested to see is above. Will attach photo of advantages/disadvantages later. Discuss away please, but remember the vote lies with registered owners.
  6. 36" Class - Proposed Rule Change There has been a proposal by Dave Kent to amend the class rules and the MYA Technical Team under Roger Stollery have been asked to prepare a report on the subject. The proposal is to remove the restriction on spar material in rule F.1 A copy of the Technical Teams Report is attached for your consideration. Registered owners wishing to make comment are asked to do so on the MYA Forum, and there is a section set up ' Rule change Carbon Masts' within the R36 section. We are allowing 2 weeks for discussion to say 1st February, and any useful comments
  7. DaveKent71

    New Roccoco

    Looks like 2017 will bring a raft of new boats! Here's my new Roccoco in progress...
  8. Has there been any consensus from the tech committee, for when they are going to release the vote on carbon masts being allowed?
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