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  1. I am very grateful to John for going through the new rules so rapidly and thoroughly. It's hard enough to keep up at the best of times. According to John, 'Appendix E Changes for RC sailing Various rules are reworded for style without change to meaning', but that is certainly not the case with respect of Rule E3.9 where the meaning has been changed completely. The 2017-2020 rule states: E3.9 Disabled Competitors To enable a disabled competitor to compete on equal terms, the race committee shall make as fair an arrangement as possible. Whereas the 2021-2024 rule states:
  2. John and Darin, My thanks to both of you for helping me clarify the issues around Rule E3.9. Three things emerge from your comments. The first is that the rule only applies once competitors have reached the pond side so it doesn’t place a burden on clubs to improve their facilities for disabled members, although that burden might be imposed by local legislation such as the UK Equality Act 2010. The second is that, even when assistance to disabled sailors was discretionary rather than mandatory, clubs have gone out of their way to be helpful. The third is that I am not sure that the M
  3. John, I’m somewhat surprised by your response for two reasons. The first is that, when it comes to sailing organised through individual model yacht clubs the distinction between the club and the race committee is, as my lawyer friends would put it, a distinction without a difference. The second is that you say “The intent of E.9 is to encourage a level playing field - but it is not mandatory - ie there is no 'shall'.” Race committees do not exist in a vacuum but are appointed by and derive their powers from some other body which is ultimately responsible for their activities. In most
  4. Darin, Thank you for your very helpful reply. I take it that by ‘restrictions to the control area’ you mean that able-bodied competitors are limited in how far they can move so that they do not have a significant advantage over the wheelchair user, and that by ‘some monitoring has been in place as skippers get involved in the racing’ you mean that someone has to remind able-bodied skippers not to wander outside of this unusually restricted control area? My question about the attitude of the MYA stems from the fact that support for disabled skippers seems to have gone from being discr
  5. John Ball has provided an excellent account of the World Sailing RRS for 2017 to 2020, which has led to some interesting discussions in this forum, but there has been little discussion of rule E3.9 in Appendix E: ‘E3.9 Disabled Competitors To enable a disabled competitor to compete on equal terms, the race committee shall make as fair an arrangement as possible.’ The only exception lies in John’s commentary on the rules in which he points out that ‘Definitions now include one for "support person". This will help clarify the role for a helper for a skipper with a disability.’ I have three quest
  6. Dave, Once people start patronising people rather than actually responding to their concerns, which in my case related to the public face of our clubs, there is only one way these discussions go on-line which is very personal and very nasty. I guess that's the way the world of model yachting works and I will have to live with it. Out, Charles
  7. As a newbie to the sport I am puzzled by the coyness (bordering on dishonesty) of clubs about their weed problems. This year I was a member of two shallow water clubs, which I shall not name to preserve their dignity, both of which are known to experience weed problems. One of them announced a Summer sailing schedule for the weed period but then failed to announce that their weed was so severe that racing had to be abandoned all together and could only be resumed properly at the end of September. The other published a sailing schedule at the beginning of the year and maintained that schedule t
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