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  1. Sorted! Receiver was shot, either by the battery failure, or vice versa. Thanks for the help guys
  2. Thanks chaps. Sorry-Windows 10 update and broadband nonsense kept me offline. I have tried the binding, but all LEDs on the receiver go out when the flashing (binding) stops, rather than showing steady. If a low battery stops the binding, what happens when you remove the battery to charge it? I posted a message on Tuesday but it didn't appear. Receiver is a Spektrum AR6210 and connects to something buried within the hull, presumably the winch.
  3. OK so I've bought a new battery, soldered the connections and got a healthy 7.4V. Connect to boat, still dead, no LEDs on receiver either. New receiver needed? Expensive fault-finding.
  4. I very much doubt the Finns etc in Rio are being weighed by the local authority, nor indeed any dinghies/RC/ yachts in this country. If you are serious about rule inforcement, then do it properly. Sounds like your weights are indeed reliable though!
  5. Receiver battery is only 4V, It's 2 cell 7.4V so I guess a cell might have failed. Is that how LiPo batteries go? Still enough power to light the receiver LEDs though Looking for replacement, what does "30C" discharge mean? Or indeed "2C" charge? Not SI units I recognise.
  6. Thanks. sensible advice. I'm a newbie at this, and not a RC club member. I sail dinghies most of the time, and bought this for a bit of fun looking to 20+years time when I'm too old for the Albacore and getting wet. I'll give it a go Thursday and let you know. Stewart
  7. Thanks for taking an interest. No only one boat/transmitter/receiver. I have checked the transmitter still says Model 1 Yes to voltage-6.2V Receiver still shows LEDs when connected-that may not be good evidence though. I just don't know-only had the boat 8 months Transmitter new 8 months ago and stored in box Yes Southmoor, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire
  8. No-it is more surprising that any authority fronts up with uncalibrated balances. I've seen this many times at dinghy events. Are no measurers scientists? At the very least, a certificate of calibration to ISO17025 for the balance should be pinned up for all to see. Should cost no more than a couple of hundred pounds
  9. No neither. Odd it should happen whist sailing, lucky the boat came ashore (eventually). If it had been dry stored for months I could understand it
  10. Help-my One Metre is out of action due to inoperative radio control. I have a Spektrum DX6i and while sailing it, onboard electronics froze completely, after dozens of circles the boat came ashore. All batteries good, LEDs on receiver operate, and when connected, there's a motor hum from something aboard. Nothing physically jammed. I have no idea how to troubleshoot digital radio noranything to substitute to eliminate faults. All dry inside too Any ideas? Stewart IOM 2871
  11. Thanks-interesting. The attraction is the proximity to my mothers house-5 mins. Musselburgh is a day trip at Edinburgh traffic speeds. And I'm a bit off racing ability yet! I saw Inverleith Pond drained once (I went to the school opposite) and it looked a bit hazardous with the junk in there.
  12. Not sure that's "fun" We do a 4-hour dinghy race, and participation is poor. Many years ago we did a sprint series, and I finished in under 2 minutes first race. Now that was fun!
  13. Thanks guys. Still not looking good. I hope to get a few people interested in IOM at West Oxfordshire Sailing Club.
  14. Where is Two Islands and can I come along? I'm not a member of a MYA club, just dinghy/yacht clubs. I'm new to the sport and a bit concerned that some club meetings are weekday mornings (Hello-I have a job!) or Sundays (Albacore time!)
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