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  1. Happy New Year to all ! Our UK friends (yes, you as well Chris H) will be welcome in Valenciennes ( 1h45 driving from Calais) for this french big event. NOR will come later, but you can save the date ! Other big events on this side of the channel : Tricastin Cup in Pierrelatte April 11th - 13th National Championship : Beaulieu (near Nice) October 22nd-25th
  2. I have proposed changing the closing date for World championships. Clearly, it's not to change a lot about organizing comitee, even if it will let them know earlier if event is fully booked, but more to give competitors the possibility to book flights earlier, so at a lower cost. It was done just for WC2015 in San Francisco with good succes as event was more than full despite distance for european competitors.
  3. More details : May 12th and 13th will be for measurement, racing 14th/16th, day off 17th, and racing 18th/20th.
  4. It's called Kwik twist http://www.amazon.com/DU-BRO-Kwik-Twist-Fishing-Tool/dp/B00BK7OR6K
  5. In fact you were very lucky that ESP organizing comitee had to postpone the event 1 week. Look : http://www.iomclass.org/blog/category/events/iom-european-championships/ Dates for IOMICA international events are usually known late January one year ahead. Olivier Cohen IOMICA VC Events
  6. Hi Darin, looks like a tough week end ! Some thoughts : 1 If E66 is not modified in SI, then yes you have to retire because of a break to hope getting redress after such entanglement. 2 My head hurts... 3 In last leg BB2 can get a redress in place, but here there was no boat disabled so he can't. If you finish penalty behind BB2, there is no advantage. So I don't understand observer's call Except if he is still in irons and you are sailing. 4 Yes observer can observe this, and an umpire could ask for another penalty.
  7. French IOM championship will take place from May 29th to June 1st on the beautiful lake of "La Ganguise". 5 places on first stage are opened to foreign competitors, selected according time of entry. Entries for foreign competitors will have to be made ONLY online starting March 17th, 4pm CET at www.classe1metre.org All documents are at : http://classe1m.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/1670-championnat-de-france-promotion-la-ganguise-2014/#entry24417 I look forward seeing some of you there !
  8. OK Darin so my mistake, I thought that 20 quota was a minimum, but it is a maximum before July 1st. My bad English certainly.
  9. May someone officially explain what is that 20 quota for overseas skippers ? Does it mean that UK skippers are limited to 64 entries until July 1st ? If yes, why overseas skippers can't enter right now up to that 20 places ? I have read different interpretations of that selection process on other places.
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