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  1. While the wooden one looks superb, I would probably go for the carbon one , simply because I think it would last better .
  2. tiggy_cat

    Is it a 6 m ?

    Hi Steve, The Revival is a long way off sailing at present. It has been on the back burner of late. The Tern is just about there though. My plan was to sneak over to Hollowell and have a quiet trial sail before its "public" unveiling but a rather silly accident at home this week end means that may have to be slightly postponed. Have to admit to being tempted by one of the 2 Rococo 's being advertised on the 6 metre site at present though. Would like to enter the Two Islands series this year although my large grey friend here will still be around for the first leg (no pun intended) of that
  3. Just trying to convince myself that I don't NEED another 6 metre. The wife is already convinced!
  4. Just out of interest, there are currently 2 sets of vane gear for sale on Ebay, both of which are said to be suitable for A or 10 Rater class boats. One, which is truly a beautiful looking piece of work is said to be a 1960's Kenneth Corby vane gear. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Model-Yacht-Vane-Steering-Gear-and-pintle/264518689662?hash=item3d968ae37e:g:~3EAAOSwa-hdvIyE
  5. Darin, Then is Chris mistaken that the 5 clubs motion was submitted in appropriate format and time frame? If the assertation , to quote him " that the wording in this motion amendment was unacceptable to it in that format," clause 12 doesn't seem to give the Council discretion over wording or even content.
  6. Chris Durrant, Thank you very much for your concise answer to my question. . Another question , this time to Darin. If a properly formed and supported resolution is presented to Council , under clause 12.c are they not required to put it forward to the AGM?.. Perhaps I am being a bit dim, but reading said Constitution, it doesn't say " as long as the Council agree with the motion" or "if the Council don't think it necessary they can ignore it".. As to the remark about what you expect will ( might? could arise?) at the AGM, the general impression given so far is that the Council actually want very little to be discussed at the AGM, rather for it to be a simple rubber stamping exercise for decisions that have already been made by them. So far, the general impression is that the Council is driving a cart and horses though the Constitution , which is the instrument that gives them the power to act on behalf of those 1800 members of the MYA whose interests they are supposed to represent..
  7. I have happily used Kingmax sail winch servos for some time. When you buy from some outlets they say that the servos are programmable but you can only seem to buy them preset in terms of number of turns, almost all of them have the same rotation rate etc. For the sw22hv, it would seem to be able to be set to what you want except that you have to have the means to do it . I believe that you need this little gizmo to do it https://www.amazon.com/KINGMAX-22kg-cm-programmable-Bearings-Waterproof/dp/B07SMSWVF8. Does anyone know any different ?
  8. Could I ask for a little clarification , please ? In the Facebook thread that Peter started when he felt that he was being ignored, another member added a comment which in part said " . A group of 5 clubs have put forward a motion to reduce the fees to £10 but council have, once again, refused to put it forward. " Firstly is this the case ? As I read the Constitution , doesn't it say that if more than two clubs make a submission to Council , then a motion has to be put before the membership at the AGM, Clause 12 c) (c) Council shall have the right to veto a motion submitted by one or two clubs. However a motion submitted by three or more clubs acting in unison shall be placed directly on the Agenda. What is the actual position on this .
  9. Afraid not. We have a prior family "do" to attend
  10. Does anyone have a set of plans or general arrangement drawings for a Bantock Revival? Don't really needs the hull lines as I am renovating an existing boat. Just really need position of mast, fittings etc.
  11. I am restoring an older wooden built Revival at present. A friend of mine has access to a spreadsheet of registered 6 metre boats and came up with the details of a registered Revival. They were displacement = 12.2 kg. A for mainsail = 1720 mm B for mainsail = 539 mm J measurement = 541mm Mast measurement mark from front = 591mm. My own boat looks like it will turn out just over 12 kg (keel and bulb being detachable and weigh just about 10kg) A = 1720 B = 520 J for these sails = 560 Mast measurement from front currently looks like it is going to be around 570mm. The rearmost position for the mast is limited by the way the boat has been constructed, there being a keelbox which limits how far aft the mast foot can go, the mast itself fitting into a wooden box presumably held in place with wedges Only problem with this is, with the existing sails , the front forestay mark is literally falling off the front of the bow. I may look at a different sail plan with a reduced J measurement. Hope this is helpful.
  12. If the hull is 50 inches long, the yacht is almost certainly a Marblehead of some design, although I don't know which. Don't think it is a Moonraker, which was kitted by Nylet. Frank Parsons at Nylet could probably confirm that either way. Think there was a "Kingfisher" design around , as well. Despite the card and the winch, it may not actually be a Tony Abel boat. I bought a Vic Smeed designed "Harem" Marblehead some time ago which was advertised as Tony Abel boat, simply because it had several of his stickers attached!.
  13. Don't forget Keith Bell with his two seat Smartcar. He used to get his 6 metre into that !
  14. tiggy_cat

    Is it a 6 m ?

    Hi Mike, Not to worry. I hope that the Secretary is better soon; I wasn't aware that Geoff wasn't well. Just as well I didn't ring him as I know that he had a Revival at one time and I was going to pick his brains. Should have also thought about people being away on holiday given the time of year. Given the friendliness of the TI folk I have met, I didn't think that if I turned up that I would be sent away with my tail between my legs but didn't want to presume. Regards
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