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  1. Hi Paul Might I suggest that if you end up with 'too many' on any 'club' day (and I leave it to your club to decide who too many is - but remember that as HMS allows for a start line containing (I think) 20 boats that you might not get away with many less for an Open Event !) that you do what we do and that is to ensure for each 'oversubscribed' club event that those (numerically, not personally!) who are deemed to be one of 'the too many' - be that one or more skippers - act for a particular race during the session as Race Officer and or Observer(s). This has the effect of ensuring that all competitors of the day understand and have a crack at the implications and pitfalls of actually doing those jobs at club race level, ensures that all competitors are aware that they are under the scrutiny of observers and remedy any breaches of which they might be 'guilty' other than just hoping that no-one notices, and learn that if an open event occurs at their club and they are asked to help it's not quite so terrifying as they imagine and ultimately the poor old event organiser does not go mad trying to find a team to support him or her. Yes - you might have to run an extra race or two to get the number of discards that you wish, and someone will have to work out on the day a simple rota so that each competitor during the morning or day has a turn off doing the officiating but it's manageable and everyone will still get their full crack at the number of races they wish. Hope that this is all understandable, and you may be indeed doing it already in some form or another, but it works for us! Cheers Chris Durant
  2. Dear Member A growing number of people have been asking me, Roger Stollery and Henry Farley what the 2018 MYA AGM Motion amendments actually were that had been submitted to MYA Council by the Gosport, Guildford and Lee Valley model yacht clubs on 29th October 2018. So, in very brief summary, here they are:- Firstly, Subscriptions: Examination of past financial records has shown that the MYA's surplus has grown from £7,326 in 2011 up to £20,116 in 2018 when membership numbers remain fairly static (1,716 in 2011; 1,731 in 2018). Why is such a high level of standing funds necessary? The simple answer can only be that it simply is not. The most obvious way to reduce it is to return some of the funds directly to members by lowering the subscriptions. Apart from anything else this might encourage more people to join or re-affiliate (the current levels of non re-affiliation appear to be very high). Once the funds have been reduced to a more modest and appropriate level future subscriptions could then be adjusted to match expected expenditure and a case made for this in a future AGM motion. To achieve this, an amendment supported by detailed reasoning, financial analysis and a forecast for 2018 (now proved to be remarkably accurate) and 2019, was proposed to amend Council's subscription motion as follows:- "The 2019 annual adult subscription rate becomes £10 and the junior subscription rate becomes £5." Then, re the Council Quorum The Council motion re the quorum required at a Council meeting made no sense, as a quorum is defined as the number that must be present for the decisions reached to be valid. Clearly one cannot base it on the numbers that are present as the Council motion required. It is important to note that ‘Council’ is inclusive and consists both of the Executive Officers and, equally importantly, the District Councillors. However the current constitution permits Class Captains to vote on issues directly affecting their class but there is no provision for them to be considered for a quorum. Thus to deal with both the above situations the amendment, which improves the existing Constitution clause read as follows: "Half, rounded up, of the Council plus when appropriate Class Captains as 10.4 ©, shall constitute a quorum, which may as a consequence vary for each decision to be taken." There were, accompanying these motions, very detailed supporting documents that gave the full case for these motion amendments together with some very interesting financial analyses of the relative costs of MYA activities since 2011. If interested members wish to have a copy of the full submission to Council just let me know at c.durant@ntlworld.com and I will be happy to forward them to you. With kind regards Chris Durant MYA Vice President, Commodore Gosport Model Yacht and Boat Club past MYA Secretary to Council
  3. Of the motions to the 2016 AGM we, the committee of GMYBC, refer to those that read:- 1) Propose that the fee for personal sail numbers to be abolished (cost being out of proportion with the work required). 2) Propose that a fee of £10 be introduced for a yacht’s first registration of ownership from new. 3) Propose that a fee of £5 be introduced for change of boat ownership. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been advised by the Secretary to Council that these three motions were proposed, not by Council itself, but by a club. I was also persuaded by StC that it would not have been helpful to propose a counter motion but rather to draw members’ attention to the reality of the motions in another way, which is why I am doing it within the Forum. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motion (1) – We believe that it is irrelevant in the context of MYA income how much ‘work’ is involved and very little of this relates to MYA effort anyway as it is undertaken by the Personal Sail Number Registrar, and as this is a ‘non-standard’ activity it should continue to be identified as such, relating to a purely personal decision and should be regarded as very much an ‘extra’ unrelated to the essentials of the sport. Thus the Committee of GMYBC recommends that the existing personal sail number fee be retained and that members should vote NO to motion (1). Motions (2) and (3) - The purpose of seeking that yachts are properly registered with MYA is to encourage members to identify with MYA aims and purposes and ensure that the yacht that they are racing can (a) be properly identified by a unique sail number, (b) be noted as having been measured, as a registration certificate will not be issued by MYA unless the yacht has been measured by an MYA Measurer and found legal, and © ensure that when that yacht is racing against others that its competitors can be assured that the yacht against which they are competing complies with the measurement criteria for that class at the time that it was measured, and finally (d) ensure that MYA records are complete and up to date. The Committee of GMYBC thus recommends the continuation of the present situation in that no fee is charged for first registration of ownership of a yacht from new, nor that any fee should be charged for change of yacht ownership either and thus members should vote NO to both motions (2) and (3). One cannot believe that MYA is so short of cash that the income derived is of any significant relevance, and the additional administrative burden on the yacht ownership Registrars and MYA Treasurer must surely be unwelcome. Chris Durant, Commodore, and the Committee of Gosport Model Yacht and Boat Club
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