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  1. Hi Alf According to Robert Hobbs' book (1001 International A class yachts - Bumble Publications) it was originally registered on 21/6/1950, owned by WJ Daniels and R Lance at South of London club, designed and built by WJ Daniels, and measured by JL Harris. It was subsequently recorded as owned by W Jupp of YM6M OA and South London club and last recorded in his book last measured on 25/3/1986 under the same owner. Hope this helps. Chris
  2. Hi Paul Might I suggest that if you end up with 'too many' on any 'club' day (and I leave it to your club to decide who too many is - but remember that as HMS allows for a start line containing (I think) 20 boats that you might not get away with many less for an Open Event !) that you do what we do and that is to ensure for each 'oversubscribed' club event that those (numerically, not personally!) who are deemed to be one of 'the too many' - be that one or more skippers - act for a particular race during the session as Race Officer and or Observer(s). This has the effect of ensuring
  3. Dear Member A growing number of people have been asking me, Roger Stollery and Henry Farley what the 2018 MYA AGM Motion amendments actually were that had been submitted to MYA Council by the Gosport, Guildford and Lee Valley model yacht clubs on 29th October 2018. So, in very brief summary, here they are:- Firstly, Subscriptions: Examination of past financial records has shown that the MYA's surplus has grown from £7,326 in 2011 up to £20,116 in 2018 when membership numbers remain fairly static (1,716 in 2011; 1,731 in 2018). Why is such a high level of standing funds necessa
  4. Of the motions to the 2016 AGM we, the committee of GMYBC, refer to those that read:- 1) Propose that the fee for personal sail numbers to be abolished (cost being out of proportion with the work required). 2) Propose that a fee of £10 be introduced for a yacht’s first registration of ownership from new. 3) Propose that a fee of £5 be introduced for change of boat ownership. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been advised by the Secretary to Council that these three motions were proposed, not b
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