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  1. Go to dfracinguk.com . Lots of info and you can register for free. The register is done by volunteers so sometimes a short wait is needed. The support for Df s is great. Good to join the Df facebook group. Loads of very fast support,advice etc etc and really nice grounded people
  2. Yes! I have had some great sails in 25 knots plus and you can actually sail and not just get round. Not sure about the D rig, when that is needed, standing up at the water is a problem
  3. Blithfield Sailing Club Staffs WS153DU is running a Df65 Barts Bash event on Saturday Sep 14 for Df65. Blithfield SC is a superb open water venue. We hope that the wind supports us and offers our common sailing in waves!. Racing will start not before 12. Please bring a buoyancy aid as launching will be from a pontoon ( some available from club foc). Home made cake and drinks available. Laughter will be a priority during our event! Ian McDonald www.blithfield.org.uk
  4. For Blithfield I bought a Haptime waterproof speaker on Ebay for £15. Hanging strap or it has threaded insert to put it on a stick. Works on bluetooth and I can start it with my cheapie phone and with an sd card with a soundfile loaded I got from a discussion on this forum, a very nice australian lady calls us down. Volume is ok for around 10 racers.
  5. Both boats are required to avoid a collision. The fact is that its highly unlikely that with such light boats there will be serious damage,. The helm is 20 yds away on the bank so avoids injury,so a boat that does not try to avoid a collision cant be protested. The nomal process is to colide to avoid the standard RC "its too far away to see" excuse. Practically you will need to collide to win a protest although my understanding is that contact is not required tp protest. That is why I sold my IOM and will just sail Df65,95. No pa8nt or gel to knock off and a new hull is £70.
  6. I think the rate of collision is far higher than " full size" for two main reasons. The potential damage is far lower because of the lighter weight of rc boats and this creates a scenario where putting your boat into a situation such as heading into the windward mark on the port layline is an option. After 50 years of dinghy and yacht sailing, I find a collision unpleasant but many dont seem to share this aversion.The second is the fairly low " cost" of incurring a turn penalty because of the fast response and small time loss of many rc craft taking a penalty. How about a penalty turn of three tacks and gybes to make the cost of a collision higher and encourage more caution?
  7. Sadly Erick is not around to respond to this thread. But I am sure he is watching and enjoying the discussion!
  8. No worries. I simply thought that the effort that you and other moderators put in, should result in some return for the Mya.
  9. And shouldnt those using the advantages of the MYA forum to sell items also contribute to the cost by being a member?
  10. Thank you Austin. And thanks to you ( and others) in keeping MYA visible and well presented on the internet.
  11. Nice product sold by a nice guy
  12. Buy the 95! Truly one design, no agonising about which model is fastest. The best " driver" wins and a beginner moves up the fleet as they learn and improve.
  13. That was mainly the reason for my post. The forum used to give the option of checking the "real " name or at least the name used to register but this does not seem to be there now. Highly unlikely , but surely especially discussing the sale of items without a real name is less than perfect online?
  14. My limited experience of RC sailors is that generally they are a friendly and open bunch. Why are a significant number of people posting on the forum not using their given name?
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