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  1. I would suggest speaking with Mike one of the " founding fathers" for the Df65 at www.radiosailing.co.uk. He is just across the river from you and will also be able to direct you to the best option fir sailing in Essex. A new Df65 with perhaps three rigs is very good value, but will leave that to Mike
  2. Holding subs at current rates ? possibly but we can all afford a small increase if spent on promotion and training etc. Returning money would cost more than the amount returned if the time of our hard working finance team was factored in.
  3. I had heard a rumour that Dave Alston plays the drums. Perhaps you could start a band Erick?
  4. Somwwhere between my view that RC is an extension of sailing and yours that Sailing and Rc has nothing in common is the truth. Wouldnt it be good to get the views of the 99% of MYA who never post on the forum?
  5. As a relative newcomer to RC it is the similarity in racing "full size" to something like the IOM which got me started. And surely by suggesting there is no link between RC and normal sailing, we would be reducing or removing the greatest source of new MYA members?
  6. I come from dinghy sailing as well Peter. My impression is that there is a reduced effort to avoid collision in RC compared to " full size" sailing. My concern would be that an RC sailor with insurance is even more likely to be firing into the windward mark on tbe port layline!
  7. The market for iom survives on the idea that the latest design is faster. Any of the top ten rated skippers would win with my boat, or indeed a plank with an iom rig bolted on. If you are losing by 5 boat lengths, a change of hull might get you on the podium- any more and its a change on the TX that is needed!
  8. whilst a,one pack varnish or coating will sit on most base coatings, my experience of two pack is that it reacts badly to overcoating either one pack or traditional finishes. surface prep needs to be carefully done if two pack is not to abandon ship.
  9. Blithfield is a,lovely bit of water with upwards of a mile of water upwind. We are there anyway with our dinghies And the other very nice local rc club (!) with a nice bit of water sails on Sundays causing a clash between rc and full sailing , preventing us dinghy sailors joining.
  10. Thanks Gavin, had found the bits about the costs and advantages for indvidual members, most of us are in already. it was the process and costs for the clubs which i was struggling to find. Thanks for your help and will contact John
  11. We are already sailing RC on a relaxed basis at my dinghy club Blithfield Sc in Staffs. Although most sailors are already mya members through other clubs, we are considering mya affiliation Sure its me being dumb, but I cant find any available info on the website. Which of the mya officers should i contact? Ian McDonald
  12. As the great Paul Elvstrom said " if in winnng the race you have lost the respect of your fellow competitors,you have won nothing" in a largely self policing sport where not all rule transgressions will be called, this is a good thought to have written on our Tx!
  13. I fall into the same " ignorant beginner" group. hull looks great! and you are clearly going to make a lovely boat. have you thought about buying a complete used boat? easy way of buying all the required parts at a good price and after transfer to your hull, you may well to get something for the glass hull you have left.
  14. thanks for the invitation but Sunday is dinghy sailing day. in my diary to come down when the next gale comes through!
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