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  1. ShannocK4

    Goth MX

    can you send photos to volume4702@virginmedia.com and where are you based please Peter
  2. ShannocK4

    Wedge IOM

    interested in wedge as I am disabled could you deliver ti oxford any pics please send to volume4702@virginmedia.com how old is boat and can I have first dibs to purchase
  3. hi have a robot hull and fin to sell if interested no radio gear I live near oxford hull is red and deck is white, needs sheeting lines and winch not fitted out for rmg can take photo and send ,please reply via email at volume4702@virginmedia .com
  4. ShannocK4

    IOM Italico

    hi interested un your boat how old is it does boat have certificate,, any pics and where are you situated .can email me at volume4702@virginmedia.com cheers Peter
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