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  1. Mike, I think the only event I could do is the RA Championship at Manor Park on the 3/4 October. This would involve more funding to complete my boat. My wish list of races includes the West Kirby Worlds, Vane A-Class Week and an ambition to race in the US in 2020, I dunno if I can financially stretch any further? JT
  2. During this year I have done a lot of sailing, I guess making up for loss time in the past. So today I had a look at the proposed 2020 race calendar. After making my own racing wish list, it looks like I’m going to be busy for another year. Is there anyone else thinking they are going to have a busy year? 26 Jan 6m Open at Fleetwood 21 - 23 Feb 10r Euro Nations Cup at Datchet 14 - 15 Mar 10r Ranking Race 1/2 at Lincoln 23 - 24 May RM Ranking Race 2/3 at Fleetwood 9 - 19 June World Championships at West Kirby 27 June 6m Open at Harwich and Dovercourt 11 July IOM Ranking Race 3 at Coalhouse Fort 26 - 27 July RM Championship at Manor Park 2 - 7 August Vane A-Week at Gosport 23 August 6m Open at Fleetwood 29 - 31 August IOM Championships at Fleetwood 19 - 20 Sept??? US1m Championship at Secremento, USA ?? Oct Joint Services (IOM) Open Race at Gosport 24 - 25 October IOM Ranking Races 5/6 at Manor Park. 31 October - 01 November 6m Championships at Norwich
  3. I would like to pass on my thanks to the MYA, who organised the trade show this year at Datchet Sailing Club. The event was well attended by the suppliers, who took time out of their daily schedules to provide an opportunity to show off their products. Those people who went to the trade show would have gained an overall picture, of the products on offer across the UK and future projects soon to be launched. The most disappointing thing about the event was the lack of attendance by the MYA members themselves. With most of the membership concentration located to the south of the country, I would have expected more people taking time to visit us at Datchet. Additionally, the location of the show made it accessible to members located to the east of the UK. I maybe wrong in saying this, but I am sure we are the only country that has an established MYA Trade Show, an opportunity for all sailors to meet and chat with the suppliers, who want to show off their latest creations. In my opinion this event is priceless and talking to a supplier is much better than looking at pictures on the internet. The MYA works hard to allow members the opportunities to be apart of the wider picture beyond our clubs. Therefore, to improve on this year, I would like to see more commitment from the membership, when it comes to attending such events like the Trade Show / AGM. JT
  4. To all concerned. We look forward to chatting to those who wish to attend the Trade Show. A great opportunity for skippers, builders and enthusiasts to see just what is being produced by suppliers across the UK.
  5. Darin and All, I agree that the race team and Birkenhead Club did a fantastic job in running both regattas (10R & M's). I found West Kirby Sailing Club also to be friendly and accommodating when it came to the debriefs and the social event in the evenings. That aside, over the course of the 4 days many skippers suffered from radio control issues. I am not sure why this was happening, a theory presented to me was because for most of the time we were not in an elevated position, to allow an easy path for the radio signal to travel to your boat. People can take that theory the way they wish. However, should I be lucky enough to qualify for next years Worlds, the radio control issue will be a concern for me and I am open to listen to other peoples thoughts on this. Did I enjoy myself, of course but my boat , my legs and feet may tell you differently.........lol!! JT
  6. Hello Everyone, I am looking to charter a yacht so to compete in the Radio A-Class Championships, Fleetwood. I would be grateful to anyone who would be willing to offer the use of their boat. I will take responsibility for the safe handling whilst in my possession. I am happy to travel and collect in July, then return the yacht once the regatta is finished. Please send a PM Thanks JT
  7. Hi Martin There are a number of Marblehead suppliers in the UK as follows. http://taylormadeyachts.com.gridhosted.co.uk/ http://www.sailsetc2.com/store/ David Creed via http://www.pottersolutions.co.uk/ http://www.robotyachts.co.uk/ I hope this helps. Regards, JT
  8. Shaun, I have sent to you a PM. Although the message seems to be stuck in the forum outbox? Regards, JT
  9. Well after some thought, plus taking in the advise from everyone, thanks to all. Im going with PDA Winches, the use of a Micro rudder servo and lightweight Lipo batteries. Loosing 100 grams is a realistic target when your just changing the radio configuration of my RM. Im sure increased sailing performance can be achieved. JT
  10. Hi Everybody I am looking for a particular winch that I saw early last year. Produced somewhere in Europe and similar in shape and style to a Titan Winch. Please can anyone direct me to identifying the suppliers of this winch. A few people in the Scottish District have switched to these winches and using them in their IOMs. I want to try one in a Marblehead. Regards JT
  11. A continued appeal to all, Over the past 12 months, I have been trying to track down the current owner of my wooden proto-type 'Drisky', 6 meter class yacht. I am trying to locate this boat, with the hope it may be returned to myself. So far, it is believed the Drisky yacht is still in the UK. However, it has not been seen actively sailing for many years. The yacht is possibly gathering dust in someones garage / shed. Nothing has been viewed on the internet or Ebay. I have appealed on other forums but so far little progress has been made. If anyone has knowledge of my previous wooden Drisky, (6 Meter Class), I would be grateful to hear from you. Regards, JT Contact email: johnmtaylor69@yahoo.com
  12. Val, Once the pictures are displayed, I am interested in possibly purchasing one of those vanes you have. Regards, JT
  13. It is not everyday that someone who is so deserving, is recognised for their enthusiasm and will to help others within the practise of Model Yachting. However, during yesterdays Association's AGM, Roger Stollery was awarded the following in recognition, for his relentless support and enthusiasm to the 'Model Yachting' community around the world. Well-done Roger! Roger Stollery's Biography, written by Derek Preistley. CHRIS DICKS AWARD 2017 Without doubt the greatest innovator our sport has ever had. In free sailing he gave us…… The means to build boats, rigs, & vane gears without having to be a skilled carpenter or engineer. Pocket luff sails & proved that it was possible to compete successfully in the A class whilst accepting the dreaded “ displacement penalty” without having to have a boat weighing in excess of 50 pounds! And to the joy of kids around the country “The Choppa” a simple baby “Bloodaxe” designed & built for kids which races every year during A week & has its own class trophy. In Radio Sailing he gave us in 1983, the SWING RIG both solid & break back, removable cassette radio installation, wire mast rings, countless simple hand made fittings which have been adapted by sailors all over the world. Indeed it’s fair to say that whatever class you race there will be something on that boat which has come from an idea from mind of this man. With an eye on the younger end of the sport he offered a Footy design called the “Bug” a minature mirror dinghy shape, the hull of which can be built from sheet Correx in 1hour and in 2000 he produced the “bottle boat” which won a Millenium Products award from the design council. Earlier this year he was invited to a 90th birthday party of Gordon Keeley from the Newcastle club (where he was a member whilst at university) Not easy to think of a birthday gift for a 90 year old so he hand made a jigsaw puzzle from a photograph of a scene from A week at Fleetwood, cutting out the parts by hand with his old fret saw. SYAN AWARD 2017 29 years of service to our sport with 14 years as publicity officer from 1967 and more recently 15 years as tech team leader. First to recognise the value of the Dinghy show & encouraged the assn. to attend. He has made a major contribution to the association administration documents, with his ideas & influence stretching across the Tech Team, Racing Regulations Team, & free sailing regulations team. Then there are the SSI’s, NOR templates, National Championship Regulations, Ranking Regulations, Sail Numbering rules, and the Free Sailing Yacht Racing Rules. The 6 meter & 36R class rules have been rewritten with his help as have the FS RR. Last but not least he has been fearless and relentless in his pursuit of accuracy & clarity in the challenging of documentation, which is forced upon us from other association that we are affiliated to. At all times he has had our member’s interests at heart.
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