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  1. Please view from the link below describing the latest update on the 'Aero' (RG65). The first carbon moulded 'Aero' was launched which signifies our continuous representation within this development class. Website Link: Here Regards JT
  2. Richard Thanks for your correspondence, to answer your question. Studying the class rules and having conversations with the US skippers who sail these boats on a regular basis, I gradually formed an understanding of the how my boat and rigs should be configured. The class rules largely supports development with only a small number of limits to be aware of. When it came to designing my US1m package, I took advantage of the development aspect of what was possible. I soon became inspired by using the best ideas from different classes when producing Pringle. For example, my hull and de
  3. Today I took the opportunity to complete 'Pringle's' final trial on the water. Taking full advantage of the weather conditions, whilst testing out the boat using its storm rig. The rig configuration is shroudless, with a high modulus carbon mast and pocket luff sails. For those skippers who may have read my previous post within the IOM page, it is the US1m class which is dedicated to the invention of carbon hulls and rigs. Therefore, there is no point in skippers who try and push for drastic changes to the IOM Class rules. I think now we can move forward by producing the full carbon
  4. There has been some helpful comments made during this post and I hope skippers have taken the bits of information which will work for them. I thank all those who have published their thoughts. Generally, if you have a competitive IOM and choose to refurbish the rigs, this will usually save money and keep you competitive for the predicted future. A skipper racing their usual IOM, with rigs in good condition will always be a tricky opponent. That said, a new and well built IOM may have the increased performance the skipper is looking for, yet some time may have to be spent sailing and
  5. Gents, These discussions provide some great reading and there is a lot of information that other skippers can take from this post. However, can we start to steer away from the idea of using carbon rigs for an IOM. The initial basic concept of developing the IOM class was to provide skippers, with a cheaper option to continue racing. At the time the Marblehead Class was the most popular and prices were escalating out of control. The IOM became the cheaper and perhaps fairer option for others to keep racing, because carbon was not allowed within the rigs or hull construction. Therefore, gra
  6. Rammer and Darin make some excellent points, to answer the question though, the theme of my initial post is purely to create discussion. So far the correspondence has been excellent, in terms of people providing an insight to their rig work and in particular mast bend information. As mentioned, if you are not confident or unskilled when it comes to building an IOM, the option of purchasing a boat from a professional builder is the best alternative for you. After some time researching the spectrum of established designs, maybe the preferred method for some skippers would be the 'One Off' heavy
  7. February Report Please find at the link the latest news of developments for this month, as we all prepare to come out of the UK lockdown. Website Link : HERE Regards JT
  8. Some great comments so far about rig work. It seems a popular choice in comparison to purchasing a new IOM. However, is there positives for those who would rather invest money into a new boat? JT
  9. Hi Mike Originally my rigs were made by Dave Potter which I have had on my IOM for 6 years. It is only now I’m exchanging sails and finished refurbishing these rigs. I’m sure Dave put the pre-bend in the mast when constructing the rigs all that time ago. Derek I am entering the Championship, but I may not use these rigs in August. JT
  10. It was once said, that putting fresh sails on your boat can be better than purchasing a new IOM. So putting this into practise, I decided to replace my existing sails, which are between 3 and 6 years old, for fresh sails (not new ones) in much better condition. Plus, after some maintenance carried out on my goosenecks, where previously I had been experiencing a loss of tension to the leech side of the mainsail, I am hopeful these changes will provide more performance gains to my IOM when racing starts again. That said and to create discussion, some skippers believe a new IOM is the automa
  11. Comment removed due to alternative interest. JT
  12. January's Report Please view the latest projects being worked on, including the opening of the new 'Seabird' (6mtr) page, now live on my website. Website Link: HERE Stay Safe JT
  13. Hi Everyone, An invitation for all, to read on what has been achieved in the way of launching new projects by Damian and myself. The review covers the latest updates on the featured yachts pictured in this post. We hope you will find the 'News Article' interesting which can be found at the link below. I wish you all a Happy and Safe 2021. Website Link : Here Regards, JT
  14. Yesterday saw the successful launch of Matrix (A-Class) Hull 2. A fantastic achievement after 2 years of work on this project. There have been some disappointments and many challenges to overcome between Hull 1 and the boat we have launched yesterday. Despite being over budget we continued pushing forward in the spirit for innovation of the A-Class. I wish to thank Ray Baker, Damian Ackroyd and David Geldard for their important contributions to this project, I really feel our A-Class challenge now has a bright future. To read more on this project, go to the building blog at the link.
  15. This weekend I was a lonely figure on the Gosport Lake as trials continue with my new US1m design 'Pringle'. Weather conditions were ideal to have a look at my top rig for the first time since the yacht's launch in August. These light wind conditions are predicted to be the appropriate scenario when I eventually race in the US. Therefore, I took the opportunity to see how my rig and yacht would perform. Obviously, I cannot compare my design to other boats but after an hour of sailing, 'Pringle' seemed to skip through the water nicely, as well as naturally pointing to windward when there was so
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