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  1. 3D Printed Yacht Trials. The weekend saw the launch of 3 prototype designs at Fleetwood. All the yachts have been created using the 3 digital printing technique, which is to date the cheapest and easiest way to trial new design and construction methods. 'Aero' (RG65) Designed by J. Taylor This is the 3rd generation design produced and we hope to make this available in the new year. 'Aero' features a soft chine which runs along the length of the hull, but the transom's shape changes to a more rounded section. Much of the free-board of the hull is considerably reduced in comparison to my previous class designs, therefore 'Aero' has reduced hull wind resistance when sailing. 'Remix' (36 Class) Designed by J. Taylor This design represents my entry into the class. After a successful trial 'Remix' will be made available very soon. The best feature of this design is that it can be used for both competitive radio and vane sailing. 'Remix' can be dual rated, by making the skeg and rudder removable when in the vane configuration, then by installing radio and a conventional rudder within the yacht, 'Remix' also becomes a competitive radio 36. I believe this is a cost effective and desirable option for all skippers. 'Seabird' (6m Class) Designed By D. Hollom. Featured earlier this year 'Seabird' continues its trial successfully. Damian Ackroyd who built the prototype continues to research new construction ideas, which may be included within future moulded hulls. It is too early to predict when hulls will be made available, as the pandemic has slowed trialling 'Seabird'.
  2. The construction of the Matrix (A-Class) is now complete and will be delivered to the owner, for the fitting of the rig prior to the boat’s measurement and launch. It is unfortunate this years Vane A-Class Championship has been cancelled, but now the opportunity exists for more time to trial the revised Matrix design. This essentially finishes Part 1 of the building blog, with part 2 commencing once Matrix is launched in the near future. The completion of our revised A-Class is the beginning of a series of new yacht designs, which will be introduced here in the coming months. We hope to launch our new projects within the 36 Class, RG65 and US1m Class. Included also will be a future IOM Kit for those building enthusiasts later this year. During this Corona-virus pandemic, we have remained busy in the background consistently expanding our products across the classes, which will all become available soon. Link : Here Regards, JT
  3. Wow, I have just reviewed my Sailing Calendar wish list. I've only 6 potential regattas left. I was going to hit the circuit hard this year and clock up the miles. Ended up saving money JT
  4. A further Matrix (A-Class) build update. Apologies for the delay in publishing our progress for a while. This update features the preparation when fixing a bumper in place. Please follow the link: (Here) Regards, JT
  5. April's monthly report is now online. Plus a short addition to the Matrix (A-Class) build blog. Sections 29. Please follow the news link: (Here) Please follow the blog link: (Here) Regards, JT
  6. A further Matrix (A-Class) build update. Features the importance of 'Tiger Stripes'. Sections 24 - 28.Please follow the link: (Here) JT
  7. A short Matrix (A-Class) build update. Starting to paint the hull which will be published slow time and over several paragraphs. Sections 23. Follow the Link: (Here) JT
  8. A further Matrix (A - Class) build update, finalising hull construction prior to painting. Sections 16 - 22. Follow the link: (Here) JT
  9. A further Matrix (A-Class) build update, detailing the process to install internal structures for the yacht. Sections 11 - 15.Please follow the link: (Here) Regards JT
  10. A further Matrix (A-Class) build update, detailing the process to install the fin and centre deck structure for the yacht. Sections 8 - 10.Please follow the link: (Here) Regards JT
  11. A further Matrix (A-Class) build update, detailing the start of the process, to install the fin and rudder for the yacht. Follow the link: Here Regards JT
  12. A further Matrix (A-Class) build update, detailing a short description on how to use 3D printed parts for the internal structures. Follow the link (here) JT
  13. Hello to Everyone,Firstly, I hope everyone is well during this difficult time. As the Corona-virus has suspended sailing across much of the world, we thought about creating this blog, for people to follow and ask questions. The blog is all about the 'One Off' construction of my radical A - Class design 'Matrix'. The yacht being constructed will be used as a Vane boat and in the coming months, we hope to test the outcome of this project once this pandemic is over.To follow regular updates go to the link (here) . Stay Safe, JT
  14. Mike, I think the only event I could do is the RA Championship at Manor Park on the 3/4 October. This would involve more funding to complete my boat. My wish list of races includes the West Kirby Worlds, Vane A-Class Week and an ambition to race in the US in 2020, I dunno if I can financially stretch any further? JT
  15. During this year I have done a lot of sailing, I guess making up for loss time in the past. So today I had a look at the proposed 2020 race calendar. After making my own racing wish list, it looks like I’m going to be busy for another year. Is there anyone else thinking they are going to have a busy year? 26 Jan 6m Open at Fleetwood Travelled 568 miles, Travel Budget £85 08 Mar Northern District (IOM) Open - Askern Travelled 482 miles, Travel Budget £85 (1050m / £170) 14 - 15 Mar 10r Ranking Race 1/2 at Lincoln Travelled 428 miles, Travel Budget £80 (1478m / £250) 21 - 22 Mar Dragon 65 TT Race at Gosport Cancelled 29 Mar 6m Open Race at Fleetwood Cancelled 23 - 24 May RM Ranking Race 2/3 at Fleetwood Cancelled 9 - 19 June World Championships at West Kirby Cancelled 27 June 6m Open at Harwich and Dovercourt Cancelled 11 July IOM Ranking Race 3 at Coalhouse Fort Cancelled 26 - 27 July RM Championship at Manor Park Cancelled 2 - 7 August Vane A-Week at Gosport Cancelled 23 August Northern District (IOM) Championship at Keigthley 29 - 31 August (IOM) Championships at Fleetwood 19 - 20 Sept (US1m) Championship at Sacremento, USA 27 September Tri - Services Services (IOM) Championships at Gosport 24 - 25 October (IOM) Ranking Races 5/6 at Manor Park. 31 October - 01 November (6mtr) Championships at Norwich
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