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  1. During the UK lockdown period and running parallel with our 'Matrix' A - Class Building Blog at the time, I produced a short piece of creative writing which was to be published within the Yachts & Yachting website. Unfortunately, the work was shelved and never published. Recently, with the introduction of another A - Class face book page, I have decided to share this piece of work, for those who may find some use within their interest for A - Class yachts. Constructive feedback would be appreciated. Regards JT Innovation of Design and Construction for A Class yachts.p
  2. Remix (36R), Wins first competitive race. Report by Derek Priestley. 36” Vane race for the LEVER CUP at 19th September 2020. A small but keen group of Vane 36” sailors gathered at the lake this morning to race for the LEVER CUP. Competitors racing 4 boats enjoyed a great days racing in a 12/ 15 knot easterly wind blowing straight down the lake under the bridge, and brilliant sunshine. John Taylor had travelled up from Portsmouth eager to see how his latest design the digitally (Plastic) Printed “Remix” owned by Bob Jolly, would perform.
  3. New events now on my radar. Fleetwood (Vane 36R) - Lever Cup: 19th September Travelled 568 miles, Travel Budget £85 Fleetwood (Not the DF95 Championships) - 27 / 28 September Cancelled Forfar (IOM) Scottish District Wooden Championship - 3rd October Postponed JT
  4. Richard Thank you for your comment, the Pringle development has been a 2 year project which involved travelling to the US and sailing these boats. Now I have a prototype US1m of my own, I hope to return to Florida to test sail my boat in January. Once the concept has been proven with other US1m, my intention will be to construct a carbon version of Pringle. The plan will be to return to the US later in 2021 for the class championship. Should I achieve a positive result, then the long term future plan will be to produce my design and make Pringle available for US class skippers.
  5. Good Afternoon Gents, Thanks for your correspondence, where are you located Tho? I assumed that my US1m was the only UK based boat. It would be nice to visit you and sail both boats together. After Pringle's launch a few weeks ago it was necessary to alter a few features and adjust the rigs prior to sailing again. I predict we can have my US1m on the water again in 4 weeks from now. I am located in the Gosport area, but I do travel up and down the country often. It would be a great opportunity to meet in the near future. Regards, JT
  6. A few weeks ago, saw the launch of ‘Pringle’ (US1m) at Fleetwood. This 3D printed prototype yacht is our entry into this development class and a rare site within the UK. ‘Pringle’, is not to be confused to an International One Meter (IOM), although the yacht has an overall hull length of 1000mm / 39.37 inches, the design has a reduced displacement of 2.75kgs, which is the average weight for this class. ‘Pringle’ employs 4 carbon rigs with the maximum sail area of >387096+ mm* or >600+ sq/inches. Therefore, the whole concept is a lot different in comparison to the IOM. The US1m class is n
  7. Hi Derek, Is there an entry list available to look at for the weekend's racing? JT
  8. Recently, I entered the Dutch (IOM) Open - 24 / 25th October. However, last Friday saw the government putting quarantine restrictions in place, which includes returning from the Netherlands. Therefore, it seems I cannot sail in this event anymore. Link: https://www.iomzeilen.nl/ What is left for me.... Not the (IOM) Championship, Fleetwood - 29 August. then.... Not the DF95 Championship, Fleetwood - 26 & 27th September.
  9. That is certainly something to think about, should be rather fun to create.
  10. I am wondering if we could have a Virtual Trade Show and AGM via Zoom? Trying to think how this can work, suppliers sign up for a timed slot using Zoom. It is the suppliers choice to have a number of their products on display and be available for questions from the public. I'm not overly sure how Zoom works but all suppliers may receive a Zoom Calling code once they have signed up, which is published to all the MYA Members wishing to be involved. As for the AGM, this could be achieved on one contact number for all the interested members to enter. Any thoughts or has someone thou
  11. Gents and Others, I am turning my attentions now to the Trade Show and the (MYA) AGM. Surely we can achieve those at the very least? I kinda think this years AGM would become very important, in terms of initially publishing to its members, the Council's future ideas for how events in 2021 can be run? I am sure if advertised carefully and following future distancing guidance, we could achieve an enjoyable Trade Show and fast becoming, in my opinion, a very important future AGM. A discussion for a future thread away from this post perhaps? Regards, JT
  12. At the beginning of 2020, I was excited with the amount of sailing I was going to do this year. However, today my sailing wish list is in tatters. Only the Joint Services (IOM) race is left, I wonder what the decision on that race will be? The only plus side is that Ive not burnt all my money to the fuel companies such as Shell and Esso. JT
  13. This month has been a busy period launching new projects, most notably our new 36R design ‘Remix’. This is our entry into the class and provides a cost effective way for skippers who wish to be involved in sailing these yachts. ‘Remix’ can be used for both radio or vane and is adaptable for skippers who wish to use IOM or dedicated 36R class rigs. Please go to the link below for more information. Remix constitutes the last of the series of (IX) designs which have featured over the years. The others within the series were as follows: Astrix (M-Class) 2014, Rubix (IOM) 2015, Fonix (RG65) 20
  14. More pictures uploaded of the new Matrix (A - Class). Thanks to Dave Geldard
  15. 3D Printed Yacht Trials. The weekend saw the launch of 3 prototype designs at Fleetwood. All the yachts have been created using the 3 digital printing technique, which is to date the cheapest and easiest way to trial new design and construction methods. 'Aero' (RG65) Designed by J. Taylor This is the 3rd generation design produced and we hope to make this available in the new year. 'Aero' features a soft chine which runs along the length of the hull, but the transom's shape changes to a more rounded section. Much of the free-board of the hull is considerably red
  16. The construction of the Matrix (A-Class) is now complete and will be delivered to the owner, for the fitting of the rig prior to the boat’s measurement and launch. It is unfortunate this years Vane A-Class Championship has been cancelled, but now the opportunity exists for more time to trial the revised Matrix design. This essentially finishes Part 1 of the building blog, with part 2 commencing once Matrix is launched in the near future. The completion of our revised A-Class is the beginning of a series of new yacht designs, which will be introduced here in the coming months. We hope
  17. Wow, I have just reviewed my Sailing Calendar wish list. I've only 6 potential regattas left. I was going to hit the circuit hard this year and clock up the miles. Ended up saving money JT
  18. A further Matrix (A-Class) build update. Apologies for the delay in publishing our progress for a while. This update features the preparation when fixing a bumper in place. Please follow the link: (Here) Regards, JT
  19. April's monthly report is now online. Plus a short addition to the Matrix (A-Class) build blog. Sections 29. Please follow the news link: (Here) Please follow the blog link: (Here) Regards, JT
  20. A further Matrix (A-Class) build update. Features the importance of 'Tiger Stripes'. Sections 24 - 28.Please follow the link: (Here) JT
  21. A short Matrix (A-Class) build update. Starting to paint the hull which will be published slow time and over several paragraphs. Sections 23. Follow the Link: (Here) JT
  22. A further Matrix (A - Class) build update, finalising hull construction prior to painting. Sections 16 - 22. Follow the link: (Here) JT
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