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  1. Paul D

    RG65 For Sale SOLD

    Sure this isn't a Sliver?
  2. I also have a complete package available, all three rigs plus brand new set of cat sails (A rig still rolled up), spare a rig jib. Stand, rig box, everything mins radio gear. RMG winch fitted to
  3. Paul D

    IOM wanted

    Dave, I have an IOM for sale, all three rigs, plus sail a rig jib and brand new set of a rig sails by cat sails. Rig box, stand, five boat battery packs. Can send more details and pictures if you want.
  4. IOM Lunchbox design - Sold
  5. How do we enter? Theres an update on the RG65 Class website and about the water levels and asking for people to enter to encourage others to aswell, but how do we enter?
  6. I've entered online, had the automated email but heard nothing else from anyone as per the email states? Does this mean I'm entered?
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